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Auburn one of the best teams in the country? They lost to a UGA team that's still in diapers. Bama is just unreal as far as talent goes. I don't think they will lose a game this year, or next.
Your coach is an offense minded coach.,. He's surviving off the remnants of your last coaches stellar defense. UF, UT, and UGA need to make serious staff changes before we humiliate the East past redemption.
Could be worse. Could have won "The championship of life."
Too bad Butch jones can't graduate with Dobbs. The disastrous duo has been losing us games for years. I thinks it's time to go back to SEC football. Let these kiddy coaches like Jones and de'scrub go back to D3.
UF is garbage. They've been in decline ever since it came out their QB was popping steroids. I'd say UGA, and Kentucky have a better chance to win the east. You're talking about a team with an offensive minded coach who is doing a worse job on offense then your last coach, and at the time your defense is on the decline. See the Tennessee game as proof of that.
I honestly feel like I was the only fan crying about this year, and furthermore about the reasoning why UT should be good. We're not exceptionally talented, but with the exception of Dobbs we have a lot of talent. Most draft-potential players we've seen in years. Still, it was that every other team was lacking that made me so confident (speaking of the East) even having the experience factor, the plethora of starters coming back? Bunch Jones has managed to aid in the destruction of UT's program. Brick by brick. Still a fan, still love my cold but it's a shame that butch jones can't graduate with Dobbs.