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Hey hey hey!!! Easy on Towson! That’s my second favorite Tigers! Actually, Towson is one of the best FCS programs in the nation. Their coach Rob Ambrose continues year in and year out to field competitive teams in a state where kids hold lacrosse sticks before watching their first Ravens game. And the men graduating from that program have their heads screwed on straight. I’d rather see Mizzou play Towson than just about anyone in the LIL XII. (This message brought to you in part by a grant from the University of Towson-kidding but it sounds like it!)
I’m very happy. There are just some things in the game I didn’t like seeing. There were some wide open SC receivers that got missed badly. I love BO but I don’t agree that this was a dominant defensive performance and it bothers me a little that he thinks it was.
Am I the only one that sees an undisciplined team that commits a lot of turnovers, a lot of penalties, and has caught a lot of lucky breaks to be where we are? SC played really poorly tonight and we did everything possible to keep them in it. I hope I’m wrong, but nobody left on the schedule is a guaranteed win.
I’d like to see some Rountree Left, Rountree Right, Rountree up the middle. Make it a war of attrition and see who’s stronger up front. Good luck Cocks.
I love being in the SEC, but my heart is in the BIG8. In my mind, that is our true home. But we can’t do anything about the UT invasion, we can’t do anything about the ‘Skers defection, and we have to make the best with this unnatural marriage. No, we’re not Southern gentlemen. We’re Midwest red necks. I can never hate SC as much as I hate Kansas—they never raped and murdered our people in the name of abolition, blamed us for it, and the wrote the history books to make Quantril’s retribution look like the original crime, and then had the nerve to glorify the murdering rapists by naming their university’s mascot after them—but the cocks ARE irritating and they DO keep beating us. So I guess I could see my way clear to hating them enough for the rivalry.
I disagree. Need to pressure with front 4. Maybe the occasional blitz. We’re not talented enough in man coverage to not have one or two high. Elliott is talented enough to be disruptive. Sit back and keep them covered and stop the run.
Can we talk for a minute about a couple of no-calls? Including the late hit out of bounds on Kelly in the first quarter that wasnt called, the facemask on Badie that wasn't called, and the borderline targeting in the second half that wasn't even reviewed. Not sure why we get these calls against us and then have to listen to 1/2 hour by the commentators about how there's no place for that in football anymore, but then when it happens to us, crickets. Mizzou lives matter! (LOL) We need to get rid of some of these player safety laws since we can't apply them universally.
Looks like at least for a week they figured out the whole ball security thing. I was holding my breath a couple of times in the red zone, and the sack that wasn't a sack was still a bad decision by Kelly, but by and large that looked much more like a college football team than the 5th grade pass punt and kick effort we got last week.