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This team is going to make me hate football. If they can they can play with the intensity and sense of urgency we saw in the last half of the fourth quarter, we'll be tough to beat, but it can't take Bentley 3.5 freakin quarters to get his head out of his butt and make a throw
No way Carolina loses to nc state and Missouri
Williams has elite size and speed but his vision is just not good enough for a spread type offense. He may do better in the power style running game Arkansas uses but he just could not find the hole ever for us
NC state is considered tough mainly because of their dline. Which will probably be 3rd best in the acc for whatever its worth, but will be tough in the opener. Wofford, btw, is a fcs school which usually runs the triple option to near perfection, why we continue to play teams like them, the citadel, navy, I have no idea
On one hand it's kinda dumb, but I don't mind at all seeing a coach tell the media to screw off, over coverage of some things gets old
I don't get why we play ecu so much anyway. We have plenty of old acc rivals that make sense, is much rather have a bigger game like va tech or Miami, somebody that could help out recruiting. Nobody wants to come to the sec for big games against ecu
Something isn't right here. He's been adamant about not obviously leaning one way or the other or announcing his decision till December, then he randomly throws that out the door? I'm just as biased as the next Carolina fan but something doesn't feel right here. Oh well hopefully there are some violations and they get the death penalty lol
Lol students are doing the same thing in Columbia, SC right now for a slightly different reason
Hayden Hurst, aka Garnet Thor, also has the best hair in the league. Seriously though Hurst and Crosby are a really nice combination. Both have really nice hands, speed, and block well. The rest of the depth chart appears to have a lot of potential as well with Pollard, who was a four star receiver, and 3 stars Hinson and Register.
Guess saban will have to put his offense through choking and grabbing drills. Boulware did the same thing against Carolina too. pathetic
Just hope the 3 running backs coming in don't our chances at getting zamir white next year
A lot of people have been frustrated with him but he's done a lot for Carolina. His lines have struggle lately but he has the personality to lead a program for sure, good luck to him
Uga has some bad ones to me mainly because of their large fanbase. They attract some bad ends of the spectrum for some reason. Most people I know who went to uga are great people honestly. Clemson? Most arrogant group out there. The class they talk about so religiously? Never seen that. Never heard a non clemson fan talk about it. I'm very biased but clemson fans are unfathomably arrogant, they refuse to think anything they do up there in cowtown may not be the greatest thing ever. It hurts
Who knows if it's true or not. That's pretty off the wall if not true. where there's smoke there's usually some kind of fire. True or not, Clemson and their coach are such clowns it hurts. One thing for sure, and you can say what you want about muschamp, but he has some extra motivation now. They beat us down and insulted us. It's personal from here forward. It's easy to say after a loss like that but swinney and several of their players, boulware and Williams, are complete ass clowns. Unfortunately there's not much Carolina could do this year. In my completely biased opinion, that will change at a fast pace
Man on one hand if like to see Bentley in there and compete for next year. But it'd be hard to him back there behind our offensive line
This guy arguably could've added his name to list that includes Hershel, bo, George, etc. and has no regrets. Carolina owes him whatever job he wants
Most reasonable fans are pretty excited about muschamp and realize spurrier left us with no experience especially on offense. Muschamp has at least 4 years. He did a good job of getting a staff together and all can recruit. My only real complaint at this point is that Sean Elliot doesn't not have an offensive line. If they don't come together hell be gone at the end of the season.
I'd say muschamp has a solid 5 years. Roper may not have that long. I expect roper to get it going next year at the latest, but I think if our offense isn't very strong by year 3, muschamp will have no choice but to look elsewhere. Sean Elliot likely has 8 more games.
This will be the best thing to watch play out
LSU got restless. It's understandable. Les miles will be able to get another job if he wants one.
Dantonio is to close to the end of his career for lsu. And also I think they'll go offensive minded. It'll be interesting to see though. I could see them reaching out west somewhere.
The names that make sense are fisher, kiffin and Herman. But I'm not sure Herman wants to leave, and kiffin is a massive gamble. Fisher would be a very logical choice if they could get him. Bob stoops is a name I expect to come up at some point
Monday morning news, Steve spurrier accepts head coaching job at science hill high school
And now we see why ole miss recruiting is on the rise recently
A joke that truthfully should no one is not as bad as defending a rapist
We've got to generate something more on the ground. Bmac turner and Williams all have exceptional speed by any standards. Since we have no oline to speak of roper has to be creative. Maybe get some more two back sets. Something, anything. Mcilwain will develop as a passer but we've got to have a running game to fall back on when he struggles
I really think Bentley needs to get in. Try as hard as we can to win 6, but most importantly we need to have our guy going into next year weather it Mcilwain or Bentley. I also would like to see Nunez get some wildcat action. We've got to get a running game going. As far as I'm concerned kc Crosby and hurst need to see every snap. They were the only part of the offense I was actually very impressed with against msu. Deebo and Edwards have to become monsters. We are a pass first team, we need those two on the outside with the tight ends as check downs.
I think a white helmet with the usual logo would look a little better. Like what they wore against Carolina last year. Overall not a bad look though. Lsu does a nice job with their alternates. Much better than most teams