Born and raised in TN. Bled orange all my life. Live in Beaufort, SC

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Why is this even a UT feed? We don't care what Satan's gopher is interested in. Enough SDS. Just keep kickin us while we're down. After 10+ years, I'm used to it.
Please put the site pics back to the way they were! All I can see on a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 is an orange box. So rediculous.
I'm glad to hear my fellow TN Vol fans treated you with respect and welcomed you to our beautiful state. I'm sure you enjoyed the game much better than I, but hey, what can I say but... Maybe next year. Go Vols! Hope we flush the commodes this Saturday!
You can park at Farragut High School off of I-40 just west of KTown and ride the KAT shuttle for $20 round trip per person. Free parking and buses run every 20 minutes up to an hour after the game. Start 3 hours prior to kick off. Let someone else do all the driving. They drop you off and pick you up right in front of the stadium.