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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that assaulting a woman is a little worse than making phone calls on a school-issued phone, but that's just me.
Guess you forget their fans, coaches, and AD all scrambling to find a way to let that POS take the field by spinning it any way they could. "He'll go somewhere else." "They said something about his dead sister." "He's changed." It's garbage, and I would denounce him every time his name is spoken or published, if I were in their shoes. Nobody would be okay with it if he was a 2 or 3 star, but him being a 5 star recruit suddenly makes it worth the backlash and pushing one's morals aside. F that...I want this dude's actions to follow him forever.
Already have mine. Always will, too. My family and I don't jump ship when things get tough.
Anything to take your minds off cheering for a scum bag
Because he's better than Fitzgerald, and will likely still get to play this year. Tua isn't immune to being benched.
Show me where Ole Miss has turned a blind eye to something that severe and disgusting...I'll wait. You can point to the laughable investigation that just took place, that includes your own player admitting to taking money from a MSU booster. That's about it. If you cheer for Simmons after what happened, you're a scum bag. Plain and simple. Keep clinging to the "second chance" and "he regrets it" arguments all you want. We've all messed up...this is far beyond that. This is a 300 lb grown man throwing a girl to the concrete and pummeling her. Not a push out of anger, or even one punch out of anger (still would be grounds for dismissal) but a long, horrible beating.
Hurts would start over Fitzgerald in any offense
Don't take the bait...we're better than that
I'd hope we wouldn't. De'Andre Johnson was booted from FSU, for God's sake. He hit a woman AFTER she hit him first, and even Jimbo Fischer said that's too much to turn a blind eye to. Mullen looked at the situation from a business perspective, and not from a father's perspective. Would he give him 1 game if that was his daughter? Would you? It hasn't been long since then, so saying he's "kept his nose clean" is a very weak argument. Be better, MSU.
They have an all-state woman beater in Jeffery Simmons anchoring their D-line. If he uses half as much force on opposing OL's this year as he did on that 100 lb girl he pummeled, he will have a lot of success. MSU = all class, ladies and gentlemen.
Do the writers on this site have anyone edit for them? Commas are very important, SDS. Fix your opening sentence.
There's actually a study on that logic that recently came out, and it disproves that theory. I'm too lazy to search for it, but it was tweeted by some sports writer I follow. I used to believe the same thing
Wouldn't be a fight...he'd be on the bench. Ta'amu is better
I honestly doubt it's anything like the past few years. With Mullet gone, this rivalry will go back to a normal, somewhat healthy in-state bragging rights game. That's a breath of fresh air after how venomous it's been.
That's a big "what if" there, buddy. We were doing very well against Fitzgerald before the injury. He is a great runner, but not a QB that's going to consistently torch you through the air. We took our foot off the gas after going up several TD's...the end isn't even remotely close if we keep on the pressure and DK doesn't get that 15 yard penalty.
I can't wait to see what bowl we make. Our year, baby.
I think they will be an 8 win team. Very similar to last year. Fitzgerald is easily beaten by defenses that sell out to stop the run, as long as you have the help over the top. We caught a few breaks with TO's last year and our offense thankfully put up a lot of points to help us win in Starkville. I see a similar game playing out this year.
5.5 games, not that it matters. He was very efficient. Guess we will see who turns out better.
He's the top SEC QB this year. Our defense will be bad as usual, but he's great with his reads, stays strong in the pocket, throws a beautiful deep ball, and rarely turns it over. Can't ask for much more. Sorry you felt the need to go out of your way to trash him...sad life.
This guy is an embarrassment to LSU...even more than Coach O lmao
Let's not give this trash bag any attention. He's not a good person, he flamed out in the NFL, and fights bums now for small purses. Any real MMA fighter would make quick work of him on the ground.
If he was a run-heavy QB, that would be a concern. He has mobility, but him having torn his ACL a couple times is not the same as someone like Deshaun Watson tearing his. He will be a gun slinger at this level.
You could tell this was coming for awhile. He was never solid on his commitment. Big loss for us, because LB is a major sore spot on our defense, but it is what it is. Kids are fickle.
You don't need a trio of RB's when you have an all purpose back like Wilkins, who is going to start and take the most snaps for the Colts this year. That says it all. Only thing going in his favor after the move is the drop in competition. He won't have to worry about the big boy SEC defenses anymore...just a loss to MSU, OSU, and PSU each year
He couldn't get it done with the best WR's in the nation, a 1,000 yd RB, and good OL. Newsflash: he is not going to do better in Ann Arbor with a power O and less WR talent. I don't wish bad upon him...just sick of seeing his name pop up. He's the KD of CFB, minus the elite part.