John Henry

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Don't sure so sure Alabama won't win the West. Saban always has a few tricks up his sleeve!
Would serve them right if the university did away with the football program. Ungrateful jackasses!
Has nothing to do with arrogance. Just pride in our team. Bye the way, I was a fan way way back before I bought t-shirts at Wally World!
Very classy act from LSU, but win it all? Nah. Roll Tide
He's an idiot! Ohio State is a joke. Got Baylor right. TCU needs to go at top. LSU is a way better team than Utah and Clemson. Way to early to predict yet. At week 8, we'll see who really deserves to be there.
Not a fan, but this is sad. Condolences to family, friends and fellow team mates.
Guess you'd rather listen to Jay Z or Beyonce?
OSU doesn't deserve number one spot just because they remain barely undefeated against mediocre teams. Indiana gave them fits today and Ohio St. won by only one td just like last week with a cupcake. Down to number 4 or 5!
Well let's see here Jimbo. Other conferences including your's may have one or maybe teams who does extremely well, but face it the SEC has several power teams. Get used to it!
Exactly! 12 spots is way to many to fall back for losing by 6 points. N.D. over the Dawgs? Come on. Don't worry. Ohio State will run their cupcake schedule and win out, but oh man I hope they meet up in NCG with one of our strong SEC teams. Look out!
Winning by one touchdown is hardly killed. I'll say this though. Ole Miss is a top contender here lately and can't be overlooked. Great game.
OMG people grow up! What's obscene about this?
What I love about the SEC. We pull together when our teams play an out of conference bowl game. Wished ya'll could have stomped FSU in the mud last year. Hopefully Bama will get that opportunity this year. RTR.
Maryland hates Bama?? Since when have we played any of their teams?
Only one of them will go to the final game.
Oregon is going to play Bama for a spot to go to the NCG.
#3, NO! Should have been TCU followed by Ohio State.
Mizzou earned respect? Yeah, by playing dirty Herb! I think FSU should be out of it and Baylor in. Have barely beat in conference rivals. Not impressive wins.
Agreed. FSU barely eeked by Ga Tech. Again, another close call. They need to drop out of playoff picture, period!
It was a cheap shot and he knew it. Wanted to take Sims out early but it backfired. Screw Ray. Glad his Tiger's lost!
I believe the Bulldogs can pull it off next season, but the Rebels will probably go back to being just a mediocre team.
Tide's coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid!
Haters gonna hate no matter how you try to appeal to their intellectual being.
Good choice of actor, but was it necessary to point out the bit about racial tension? You know, there were more states than Alabama that were bigoted! Thank You!
Roll Damn Tide, geez! No real Tide fan says that.
Yes Harvey get your a*& back to Louisiana and don't come back. It's people like you who give "true" Tide fans a bad reputation! Good riddance.