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Sorry for ya Oskie, but you really don't know anything about SEC football staffs. Tennessee's Coaches are the cream of the crop in the SEC. Saban is of course better than Pruitt... so far...., but he has no Assistant Coaches that are better than Tennessee's. Not one.
Hey Gator, watch us sign the Top Offensive line class in the country, then a Big Time APB, Quarterbacks already on staff, another hot one coming in this class,and already another big timer for next year. And we are offering a starting position for the Number 1 receiver in the nation! Our trajectory is almost straight up!!!!
You can tell by the Articles that Tennessee has closed the shop to the Media on their Coord. search. Reporters have no news to report.
When Alabama played a Bowl in the past, all the SEC teams rooted for them. Not the case any more. Everyone including the other SEC teams now root against Alabama in their Bowl games. Bama is so over.
I certainly don't have a problem with any normal person using homophobic slurs.
The brother is not nearly as good as the Traitor to his home. So it not a big deal if we don't take him.
Not sure how I feel... it is a FACT that his brother, and Father dissed his Home state, it's people, and it's flagship University in a really derogatory manner, in public... several times. This is not a case of choosing another out of state school, but the way he and his father did it is what I have a problem with. Personally I am very surprised the family still resides in this state, as they have nothing but disdain for the people here, and the state itself.
Kamara is a better running back and team player, and always has been. Hurd is an egotistical LOSER! No where he has tried to go has wanted him. The word is out....he is a quitter.
I think he would be a great addition to the staff.
Very bad decision. Now he has to live with it.
Hurd, is that the kid that goes down easy at the first hint of contact? The QUITTER....
Wow! That says everything about his perception of Florida's title hopes = non existant....
Don' consider Tee as OC material, much less HC material.
Another chance to upgrade, he did well with the Defensive coach hire last time, so lets hit for the fence with this one. We certainly have talent at QB so I am looking forward to change.
So you're saying A&M has no defense, we can just scheme Garrette and be done with it?
Wonder who his coach will be in 3 years?
Mississippi State 27 vs South Carolina 14 No wonder he's on the Tennessee site, He wants to see a winner!