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Do they even have a tide in colorado? I smell band wagon fan
Joe Burreaux won’t be stopped and LSU defense will quiet all the hype vs a lackluster GA offense. If GA had its 2 top receivers and a guarantee that swift is healthy, id say 45,38 LSU still on top
LSU 45 GA 21. Don’t forget you heard it here first!
You mean the same kind of way that Saban comes into louisiana and picks up verbal committed players to LSU to go to Alabama? You mean that kind of ripping off? GTFOH
Your a true buffoon. Miles has been the problem at LSU for at least the last 5 years. He overworked the players in practices week in and week out leading up to games and had no imagination offensively. Your the f*cking idiot dude. And LSU will not become irrelevant, have fun eating your words next year. LOSER
Nobody gives a sh*t if the rest of the country can understand him. Louisianians can understand him, thats all that matters. Joking about the way the man talks has been played out already.
A two year tryout? This isn't high school varsity we are talking about. Coach O had an 8 game tryout.
According to Ross Dellenger, LSU offered Herman $5 mill and he told Alleva "I want to wait and see what happens at Texas before I make my decision" to which Alleva said "go f*ck yourself." Perhaps not in those exact words but you get the point.
Do you have that much hate within your soul over college football to follow every SINGLE post that is LSU related and come troll like you always do? Grow up dude
Typical bammer response. Facts are facts! 1. Saban and kiffin have had struggles on the sidelines to the point of yelling at each other. 2. Saban makes every decision at Alabama, not his assistants. Not talking play calling per say, but sometimes that also. Talking who plays in which formats and which downs etc. 3. Kiffin wants to be in full control of an offense which he would get at LSU under his good friend Orgeron! 4. Kiffin won't leave Alabama for an HC job unless it's at a power 5 school. None will offer him that spot in power 5 due to his past chances and failures. 5. Kiffin may opt to go to the NFL as an OC which would pay similar or perhaps a tad more than LSU may offer him, but is he willing to move to the NE, that's the main areas needing an OC. Like the jets? The Giants? The Browns? The Bears? The steelers? Perhaps more south in the Chiefs? West in the Rams? Well south in the Texans? Are any of these teams going to throw shrimp over a good steak to bring him in? Doubtful! 6. LSU is a prestigious NCAA program that will pay big money to rebuild after piss poor decisions in the past few years. If you think passing LSU for a team like Houston is plausible, you have no football sense! In closing. Kiffin may one day be a great HC, but he is young and has a lot to learn as a HC. He is an offensive mastermind and a builder of talent! I feel he will spend another 4-6 years as one of the highest paid OC's in the country before he tries to jump to HC again. If he does, the next time he might be great. He may not come to LSU, but if you don't think he's considering it, your naive and have 0 football sense!
Personally I don't think o is a good choice for a head coach. In saying that, the loss to Florida is due to us not having a good OC. O let the coaches in place make the play calls, not calling them himself. So who's to blame?
To compete against Saban. It would be the only reason he would leave FSU for LSU. Personally I don't want him to come to LSU and immediately start replacing staff
I think Herman will come to LSU, despite all the rumors floating around. I don't know that he's the best fit, but Alleva has to make a big hire and pray it works or he will lose his job next.
LSU never reported they were "closing a deal" with Herman. It was a longhorn column that announced this. I believe LSU knows who the next coach is going to be already, but as Herman said, don't believe everything you read.
That was this idiotic Governor that somehow got elected that said that. Nobody in the LSU administration ever said anything about shutting down the football program due to a lack of money. LSU is in the top 10 for sports revenue, they have the money and the alumni with deep pockets to back anything they need to do.
Showed us how to play big boy football? Are your really serious with that comment? It was a well played game defensively on both sides of the football, but be real... LSU didn't capitalize on how many scoring opportunities? 2 turnovers on top of that. Florida didn't show anything to LSU, they capitalized off of LSU's mistakes the way a team is supposed to.
Appeared that there may have been some banter going on as the florida coach was walking very very close to the LSU person in front of him. Who knows what or if anything was said? I didn't like that O decided to let him play because of the exchange either way. Your either gameday ready or your not. A good coach makes that decision, not the player.
Neither of them are good. It will be a mundane performance if they can't get the running game going on both teams. I look for the deadly duo to put up major yards against Florida in this game. 400+ yards rushing for LSU is my prediction.
Andrew Olsen. Put your money where your mouth is and bet on Florida winning this game or LSU not covering the spread. I know where my money is going. LSU!
he said before the season he would stay through his senior year. I seriously doubt he will, but wouldn't that be great? A seasoned veteran fournette for 1 more year!
the ankle injury happened in spring camp. Miles should have sat him out the 1st 3 games so he could heal up and the rest of his season would have been much better. Instead he played him in the 1st 4 games and almost ruined his entire season. He is still running on a gimpy ankle. He hobbled off the field in the arkansas game.
Why does the defense get credited with the 7 points ole miss scored off a pick 6? Shouldn't "defensively" the ole miss game be counted as 14 points?
That was a scary hit. Those are the types of hits that paralyze collegiate athletes
The video of them dancing was way before the arkansas game.
All players say stupid things during post game interviews, SDS just likes to keep stirring the proverbial pot by taking tid-bits from certain teams. Neither running back is better than NFL backs, yet. Once they get in the NFL and receive pro caliber training both coaching and strength training, that may be the talk of the town then. Fournette has the chance to become in the talks of one of the best to play the position of all times barring injury and being stuck on a bad team like the cleveland browns.
Miles used to be able to do the same thing. Not sure what changed with him, but wish him well in his coaching future.