Hi,I`m the "World`s Biggest Auburn Fan".I`m close to 60 and have never missed one Auburn football game since I was 12!Radio,TV, you name it,I`m your Aubie!I`ve got a great band here in L.A.,John Luxury and the Ice Giants and I`m very blessed.Best Wishes to everyone!Yoursein the Stands,Johnny


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I saw a few quick interviews with Stetson.I`m a die hard Auburn fan for over forty years but you really have to admire this guy.He has a lot of guts,he`s sincere and he has a good head on his shoulders.I wish him and Georgia the best,except when they play Auburn!
Hi,some very insightful comments.I personally believe its the nature of the game.So many factors figure in,it can be hard to isolate them.My only two cents would be if one man isn't having a good day,put another man in.That defense is really playing well,no doubt about that.T& team certainly has the capability to win the rest of the games.The m as in thing is they need to keep their spirits up.That falls a lot on the the coaching,so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
Hi,for me with Auburn-that non-penalty call before the half was a moral killer.If they had scored there,sure-it wouldn't have been easy-but l honestly believe they would've been in the game.Those dropped passes?That could be a result of trying too hard,they can fix that.However,I agree that Georgia is in another class-they don't seem to have a weakness this year.A&M seems to always play Bama tough,but what a fabulous performance from the team as a whole and especially the quarterback!Lastly,every team in the SEC seems tough at times with Georgia hands down being the best.Bama still has the potential-their second half performance was really good.Man,I love college football-its a great and entertaining season so far!
It`s a team with a great deal of heart and spirit.That will sometimes take you past a deficiency in some areas.You guys all know what I mean.Look,they were pegging Bryan and the team for what,a 5-7! season only a few weeks ago?Everybody loves a winner.Everybody wants to be like Alabama-having a legendary coach like Nick Saban-and possessing talent pool that is out of this world.But like was ponted out here,even Nick didn't find immediate success.Not at all.Let`s give Bryan and these young men our total support!War Eagle!