Hi,I`m the "World`s Biggest Auburn Fan".I`m close to 60 and have never missed one Auburn football game since I was 12!Radio,TV, you name it,I`m your Aubie!I`ve got a great band here in L.A.,John Luxury and the Ice Giants and I`m very blessed.Best Wishes to everyone!Yoursein the Stands,Johnny

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Hi,for me with Auburn-that non-penalty call before the half was a moral killer.If they had scored there,sure-it wouldn't have been easy-but l honestly believe they would've been in the game.Those dropped passes?That could be a result of trying too hard,they can fix that.However,I agree that Georgia is in another class-they don't seem to have a weakness this year.A&M seems to always play Bama tough,but what a fabulous performance from the team as a whole and especially the quarterback!Lastly,every team in the SEC seems tough at times with Georgia hands down being the best.Bama still has the potential-their second half performance was really good.Man,I love college football-its a great and entertaining season so far!
It`s a team with a great deal of heart and spirit.That will sometimes take you past a deficiency in some areas.You guys all know what I mean.Look,they were pegging Bryan and the team for what,a 5-7! season only a few weeks ago?Everybody loves a winner.Everybody wants to be like Alabama-having a legendary coach like Nick Saban-and possessing talent pool that is out of this world.But like was ponted out here,even Nick didn't find immediate success.Not at all.Let`s give Bryan and these young men our total support!War Eagle!