Go Gamecocks!

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Auburn bowling but SC not? C'mon guys, this isn't really life. Lol
That's how they beat us for two years. Why not wonder if the same will happen. Boom and Jojo have been giving us serious issues
Your defense you were just raving about gave up 44 points to southern miss. Sit down and wait for basketball season.
Mississippi St isn't winning that game. Sorry.
I think our first half woes had more to do with having 20 freshman in the 2-deep
That's what I was looking for. There were some funny Vandy fans. I didn't look much of the first half, so I didn't see Carolina fans.
He left because his family lost everything in the Louisiana floods.
Lol. I know we were bad, but if Perry Orth can throw for 276 yards on Vandy's defense last year with the anemic offense we had then, I don't see us losing that battle. I also don't see our run d being worse that last year and we held Webb to like 51 yards. It's okay SDS, I understand you have to go with what's popular for views.