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Quick question: when a cop shoots a white suspect in the line of duty, where are you social justice idiots then?
Well, dipsh*t, rioting is a form of terrorism, first of all, regardless of your idiotic justification. They’re also blowing up buildings, you moron. And you have zero evidence this is racism other than that a black person is involved. That’s literally the only fact you look at. If you really thought black lives mattered, you would realize that abortion affects black children disproportionately to other races and that Margaret Sanger advocated for it as a form of racial cleansing. But keep wearing your fist shirt, idiot.
So because the public didn’t agree with them it’s justified to loot, rob, and commit acts of terrorism. Mm’kay. I guess by that logic, you understand why some people choose to blow up abortion clinics.
I do not understand the media stoking the fire with these protests. The first amendment does not grant you the right to block public streets and disrupt the flow of traffic. Just because you have a right to free speech doesn’t mean you can basically hold the general public hostage to force your message upon them.
What he can do in the SEC is still an unknown. People are putting a lot of faith in him based upon a couple of years at Florida Atlantic. I don’t think Matt Luke kept the cupboard entirely bare, but it’s going to be an uphill battle, for sure, especially when you consider Ole Miss’ biggest issue the past few seasons is defense and Kiffin is an offensive guy.
We’ll see. People seem to have forgotten how bad Coach O was at Ole Miss. Winning a natty will do that for you. And maybe he has matured and learned since then, but on the other hand, Les Miles won a natty, too, so it’s hard to sustain that success. The one thing I think he has going for him that Les didn’t have is time. I think Saban will retire in the not-too distant future. Les didn’t have that luxury. I think that’s the fairest take I can give him as I understand the skepticism and personally cannot stand the guy.
No offense but historically you guys have really effed Louisiana. Why can’t they be Louisiana!?
You’re league is basically made up entirely of former SBC members. Cool story, bro.
I mean I guess he didn’t say Rascal Flatts? Who literally sound like Mickey Mouse trying to sing the world’s most cliched sounds about tractors and dirt roads?
Hmm, isn’t this interesting. A week ago, you dismissed a comparison I made between Trump expressing optimism during the coronavirus pandemic and Winston Churchill’s never give in speech. Yet, here you are trying to make an illogical connection between America at war and a viral outbreak. I have a better idea. Seeing as how this is still America and (not yet) communist China, let’s all assess risk and make decisions for ourselves. If you feel the coronavirus poses a risk to your health and my choosing not to look like a dipsh*t by wearing a mask everywhere I go bothers you, then stay the f*ck home.
And this dumb@ss does? Because he such a wealth of experience in university administration and knowledge with how to deal with novel pandemics. Shut the f*ck up, Paul.
Nutt was out the door before the Cotton Bowl.
I’m just happy to see him writing something other than a “Paul Finebaum Says” article. His profile says he worked for fox sports and Kind of hard to believe given his body of work on this site is transcribing the Feinbaum show and reporting about a fake coach.
Oddly, I don’t think Coach Cal has done anything wrong while at UK...Memphis and UMass, totally different story. How Wade still has a job at LSU is beyond me.
So-so teammate doesn’t even begin to describe it. He was and is a complete @sshole. An absolutely terrible teammate and person. Look at his time in Washington. He was dirty. As if his own insecurities were so pervasive that he took every shot he could to use his notoriety to keep other players down. That’s why he laid down his own ultimatum and threatened not to play on the dream team if Isiah Thomas was on the roster. He’s not somebody worth celebrating. The only reason people give him a pass is because of his abilities and that is just dumb.
Shouldn’t think out loud regarding a global pandemic in which the medical community has no consensus or advice to offer? Are you 5 years old? Get real. And yet you listen to your Bill Gates and Mark Cuban TED talks because god knows they have the answers, right?
Obviously the media was going to jump on that comment. There we go. At no point did he say “you should inject yourself with disinfectant.” So, I retract, maybe he wasn’t joking, but good lord if you took that to mean inject yourself with disinfectant, I’m not sorry for any of the consequences.
I don’t relish any man’s death and the ultimate judgment falls with the man upstairs. But it wasn’t just Kentucky. Look at how he left OK State. He was no alter boy.
I’ll throw a few more curve balls to you. Missourian who grew up in IL, went to U of IL and Arky and Florida for graduate work. IL is dead to me after killing war chant and taking away Chief Illiniwek...screen name is mostly tongue in cheek.
Well, speaking of a lack of understanding of the English language...I would think an expert like you would be able to tell the difference between the possessive “ ‘your’ and the contraction ‘you’re’, expressing a state of being. That said, other than this exchange, I generally like you and we typically agree on things. So I will apologize for the 10% coloring my view of the other 90%. Other than that, I’m not sure what content I am missing.
Balkwyl, I understand, but how is that different from 2018-19 Alabama? Tua didn’t play in the second half for basically the entire first half of the season...I’m going to dog our guys...we have been garbage, and they got to play MS, MS State and a TN team that has not been very good in recent years. Besides LSU, their Non-con games included 2 sun belt teams, Louisville and The Citadel. Yes, they beat GA in the SEC championship, but who else did they play in the regular season?
Agreed here. Because the B1G East has Mich, Mich State, OSU and PSU in the same division. But in the West, Iowa is good, WI and IA are typically good, Illinois is improving, and Minnesota had a great year under Fleck. It’s not a terrible league. Not on par with SEC, but it’s not like the champ is playing no one all year.
Ah, yes. I’m a racist for inflaming your PC sensibilities. So sorry about that. I suppose since your name is “darth” we can all assume you spend your days locked into your mom’s basement, masturbating to comic books.
Well, BT, I actually do like you...but that’s not my point of view. Frankly I am a fan of an SEC team who many times, does not like SEC fans. The reason is that I can’t stand the constant attitude of superiority and unwillingness to accept that there’s good football outside of the league. Especially when everyone not named Alabama is really riding on Bama’s success. So to the above claims, take out Bama and what do you have? The SEC has had two teams in the playoff once. Credit where credit is due for LSU this year, but prior to this year, you basically have 13 teams beating their chests because of Bama’s success. With LSU’s win this year, the SEC has a 3-2 edge over the ACC in terms of natty’s in the playoff era. But I digress. The whole point of this article is your typical example of confirmation bias at work.
How has the SEC “cruised through the playoff?” That might have been the case for LSU this past year but not accurate in others. In 2015, the SEC wasn’t even represented in the championship game. In 2016, Bama beat Clemson by 5 points and lost to Clemson by 4 points in 2017. In 2018, which featured Bama and GA, yes, Bama won the semifinal relatively handily but GA needed two overtones to beat Oklahoma. In 2019, Clemson stomped Bama. How is the SEC “cruising” based on that history? And why do other leagues need to find someone besides Ohio State and Clemson? With the exception of this year, that’s like saying the SEC needs to find someone other than Bama.