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Absolutely! Y’all’s run defense played amazing tonight.
People can hate on him all they want, but the young man definitely plays great in big games. Very smart quarterback and has a great future in the league!
Congrats, State! Good to see Hill get over 1000 rushing yards for the season!
Absolutely a great game by both teams! I know it’s painful for Florida to lose this one, but I’d still hold my head up. They could end the season 11-2 which is still better than their 10-3 season last year and seeing how well Florida is doing out of all of the Florida teams, they could do very good on next years recruiting class. It’s gonna make the East so much fun to watch!
Yeah that O-line played amazing against a very good pass rush. Great game! Good luck to both teams this season!
That turned out to be an exciting game to watch! I know Florida fans are upset, but they can still win out and get to a bowl game and finish 11-2. Congrats to Georgia and their fans. Those last minutes in the fourth we’re sure exciting to watch!
Haha, I speak the truth and only the truth! I don’t doubt that Memorial Stadium has a good atmosphere, but nothing comes close to a night game in Baton Rouge.
Heck, I even remember the painful 7 year win streak the Vols had against Bama... and it all began with a 41-14 beat down in B’ham.
sds1967 Roll Tide Me too, brother, me too! It’s going to be a crazy atmosphere, no doubt about that!
Yup, exactly what I’ve been thinking. New year, new teams, anything can happen. This guy you’re replying to seems to think that I don’t know these things, ha. He must not remember the dark times when Auburn had a 6 season win streak from ‘02-‘07 or when LSU had a 5 season win streak from ‘03-‘07. Sure, there’s been an 8 win streak, but most level headed fans who have been humbled from the past are aware that things can happen and that win streaks don’t last forever.
Well, Morris is 4-14 so far at Arkansas. Derek Mason was 5-13 during his first 18 games at Vanderbilt, so pretty similar. I can’t speak for either team, but I’m sure both fan bases are pretty frustrated, but I’d slightly give the nod to Mason, mainly because he’s been at Vandy since 2014, is 0-2 in bowls games and still hasn’t recorded a winning season.
I think it’s weird that they’re only giving the Bayou Bengals a 23.5% chance against Bama. Seems pretty low to me.
A Clemson fan was there? Guess he wanted to experience the real Death Valley.
So weird thinking that this year’s matchup with LSU could definitely look like a Big 12 game. Haha. The complete opposite of what happened in 2011. Hopefully the outcome won’t be like 2011, but either way, I’m glad that LSU fans have been really enjoying their team this year.
I don’t even want to imagine the absolute train wreck that would have to happen in the East in order for Kentucky to take that title. By no means am I down talking UK.
The Egg Bowl is my second most favorite CFB rivalry. It's truly underrated. I love how nasty this rivalry can be.
Ole Miss/MSU has got to be my second most favorite football rivalry. I feel like the Egg Bowl is quite underrated.