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The point of designing a helmet logo is to establish a logo that is easy to identify from a distance, and that is unique. That Vandy Battle Gear helmet is sharp, and is perfect for a close-up in a Marvel Studios movie, but totally useless in identifying who that team is playing on TV. When you see Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, Auburn, Georgia, etc on a wide field shot, you instantly know who’s playing. That’s the whole point. Not looking cooler than everybody else.
Well put.... for an Aub. hahaha Honestly, though, as a Bama fan, I would really be disappointed in Auburn if they ever changed their helmet design.
Notice that NONE of the writers suggested changing Alabama’s helmet? The schools that have true tradition of champions going back for decades know that you do not change a helmet that people instantly recognize, and that commands respect. You can come across a replay game from the 1970’s, or watch a game this fall, and you instantly recognize it’s Alabama.
So if that one guy is so repulsed by maroon, why wasn’t Texas A&M mentioned? Sounds like a bias against MSU.
Ridiculous. When they have chosen to throw to Henry, he has averaged 18 yards a catch!! That twice the average that Lacy had, and he has been by far the most successful NFL back of all those listed. Alabama simply has not thrown the ball nearly as often this year with Coker as they did previously with record-setting QBs Sims and McCarron. Naturally, Henry would not have had as many chances - but boy, did he make it count when they did throw it his way!! If you look at the type of runners that have had success in recent years - big bruisers like Marshawn Lynch and Demarco Murray and Eddie Lacy - Henry fits that mold perfectly and is even bigger and maybe faster. If someone is lucky enough to find Henry still available in the second round, it could wind up being a steal the likes of Tom Brady.
Derrick Henry has already faced - and run all over - the number 5, 14, and 23 ranked run defenses in the country. What makes these guys think their 21st ranked run defense will be the one to finally stop him? Especially after he is well-rested!! ...and you know what happens when you hit a brick wall harder than you ever have hit one before?........... It hurts worse!!
Yes, you can teach that.... by making it clear that until you prove that you will block for your teammates on every play when the ball doesn't come your way, you will stand on the sideline with your helmet under your arm. Otherwise, you get the Duke Williams types, who Malzahn had hyped to the point he was embarrassed not to put him on the field.
Then there is the Alabama model of QB recruiting: Recruit and play intelligent QBs who make smart decisions, learn the playbook, can read defenses, take care of the ball, don't try to do too much, and don't get you beat. Let the other teams have the guys that throw it 50 yards into triple coverage, are easy to confuse, and take off running or throw it to a linebacker at the first sign of pressure. They may win the ESPN Play of the week every now and then, but we'll settle for continuing to play for championships. No brag - just fact
You clearly just DO NOT LIKE Jake Coker, as evidenced by your Oct 26 article in which you found every way possible to criticize Coker's 21 for 27 passing performance against rival Tennessee, while gushing in your praise for LSU's Harris going 11 for 20. You even went so far as to drool over Harris's potential as a pass threat, since opposing defenses would have to stop the "other-worldly" Leonard Fournette. Well if Fournette is "other-worldly", how much higher praise SHOULD you have for Derrick Henry!!! And how much MORE of a threat should that make Coker (following your logic). And since you revealed yourself to be an FSU alum in that same article, I'm starting to think the reason you and Kannell hate Alabama - and specifically Coker - so much is that he had the audacity to leave FSU in favor of Alabama!! And not only that, since it was widely reported that Jameis Winston narrowly beat out Coker for the starting job at FSU, you can't help wondering if FSU would be relevant this year if Coker had stayed!! By Jove, I think I've got it!!
Well, you do describe yourself as "an ACC guy", and if Danny Kannell is any indication, you guys hate the SEC. And you probably realize bama is the biggest threat to Clemson winning the title.
No, Bama didn't GIVE Ole Miss the two interceptions.... they GAVE them two fumbles on kickoffs, which GAVE them points. (and no, they aren't "takeaways" when a player just drops the ball) And Alabama still wins that game if not for the luckiest TD since the Auburn "Miracle on the Plains" against Georgia.
Coker's efficiency rating of 44th is "far below" Cook at 37th??!! If you tell the whole story, Coker is less that 3 percentage points below Cook. That's basically dead-even. Also, according to official NCAA stats, Coker has completed 65.7 percent of his passes this year, while Cook only completed 56.9 percent. Jay Barker and Greg McElroy also didn't have the "look and feel" of a national championship QB, and I'm sure that in YOUR opinion, Geno Torretta and Colt McCoy did. But who is wearing rings, and who isn't? And if you had actually watched the Iron Bowl and the SEC Champ game, you'd know that they gave it to Henry 40+ times because Auburn and Florida could not stop him - not because Kiffin "couldn't trust Coker". He was 17 of 26 and 18 of 26 in those two games with no interceptions - what's untrustworthy about that?? You listed a couple of never-heard-of's he's listed below in NFL draft prospects, but he's listed above Michigan's Jake Rudock and FSU's Everett Gholson. But we aren't talking about NFL QB's are we? The fact is, like most of the QB's who have led Alabama to their numerous national championships, Coker has done exactly what his coach has asked him to do, and done it very well. Call it "game management" if you like, but the FACT (not "feel") is that it wins championships far more often than that gimmicky crap that Baylor and Auburn does.
ridiculous!!! here's the evidence:
a couple of things: 1. The comment had to do with Dak's passing, and as a passer he IS mediocre/subpar. He's thrown 10 interceptions this season and ranks well below both Blake Sims and Bo Wallace in passing efficiency. 2. After the Bama game, it is VERY unlikely Dak gets invited to the Heisman ceremony. Bama also has a history of ruining QB's Heisman hopes. If it had been awarded after his game with Alabama, Geno Torretta would not have a Heisman.
Are you kidding me?!? Most Alabama fans cannot stand Danielson because he seems to so obviously be hoping for Bama's opponents to win. As evidence, here is an article from the day before the game about Danielson being aware that Bama fans believe he is against them: a quote from the article: "His hyper-sensitive detractors say he's biased and wants Alabama to lose."