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Does he think that Alabama basketball is like football, and when they don't have a season Alabama just gets to declare that they're the champion?
Lol PAC12 feeling a little bitter about getting left out of the playoffs again and again so they're taking their revenge the best way they know how.
Yeah, I was really looking forward to Tuscaloosa with Fromm getting another shot minus Tua. I'm less enthusiastic now. Week 3...
Because of where we're losing them. Our secondary was suspect going into the season and got strong, now they're all returning. Our front 7 have a ton of depth with experience so we're losing some of that but it's not like we have holes. Swift was huge but so was Gurley, Chubby, and Michel but we still have a stable of high end RB talent with experience. The OL cycled injuries all year without much of a difference so losing the top guys there isn't particularly concerning. If we'd lost talent in the secondary or WR like last year, I'd be more concerned. Cager was our top WR and that was by default, not because he was a star. So our weakest position groups from last year are better, albeit not top notch, and our strong spots are deep enough to stay fresh. Fromm is the only real variable there. He'll be sorely missed but I would be much more concerned if we were reloading on D instead.
Auburn had 1 sack against us in Auburn. Do you really think your pass rush at it's peak was better than theirs?
Danny Kanell and a guy called Auburn Alan picked against UGA? Well, I'm convinced! I didn't realize that Fromm had been single handedly beating the Gators am these years. Florida would have to either beat UGA outright, beat LSU and UGA lose to Auburn and Bama, or have multiple huge upsets. UGA is fully reloading at RB and OL, got better at WR, and is returning the entire defense who's seniors have never trailed against UF. I'm not saying it's a done deal that we win just that acting like Fromm leaving is the ultimate game changer in Jacksonville is laughable.
I think the point is why would it be considered leaking information that's already public. If I read something on someone's Facebook page and then share it, I'm not leaking that information. I can easily see a situation where a reporter is talking to a staffer about the transfer and the staffer says "well, his dad is suing us for an incident that happened prior to his commitment, so make of that what you will" And I can also see the Mays family sharing information about their lawsuit in order to bolster the appeal for immediate playing time. I don't see any way that UGA could benefit from any type of malicious action here, though. I mean, the kid was going to be an every game starter this year, probably go pro next year, his position coach left, then his dad follows a lawsuit about something that happened two years ago, then he applies to transfer. Without the lawsuit and the conspiracy theory around it leaking, what is the claim for immediate eligibility? beyond the obvious that every player should be allowed to transfer to their school choice without having to sit out. I want to see that rule changed, but until it is, what makes him special?
So, what is the claim for immediate eligibility here? An event that occurred prior to his commitment more than two years ago? Or is it because of the supposed leaking? Because if the only claim for him getting immediate eligibility is that UGA leaked info about the lawsuit immediately after he transferred, wouldn't it make more sense that the Mays family leaked it? What does UGA gain by this? It's not like we're going to stop him from transferring. And yeah, the timing of the lawsuit is quite suspicious since the incident occurred 2 years ago and within a month of filing the lawsuit he applies for transfer. That said, every player should have the ability to transfer at will to their school of choice without having to sit out. It's ridiculously oppressive rule on students to have to make that important of a decision at 18 and not be allowed to change it.
The 2008 Florida Gator football team has killed more people than marijuana.
If he caught the ball like that in the end zone, would it have still been incomplete? Because I can't imagine that much possession wouldn't count as a catch then.
Well, that's not ideal. Can we use some of our incoming freshmen WR at least?
We didn't finish drives and didn't put up a ton of points but we moved the ball, caught passes that hit receivers, set up the run, and didn't leave the defense on the field for 59 minutes. Momentum and fatigue play a part, too.
Yeah, it's pitiful when a team can't just take the loss with class instead of having the coach complain about the refs and the clock as to why they're playing the hangover game on New Year's Day.
The UGA team that played LSU absolutely wasn't one of the 3 best teams they played. No slight there, just uncomfortable truth. With a full team, it would've been competitive and Coach O might have a different 3. Not what happened, though. Hope y'all win it all from here!
He'll certainly be missed in Jacksonville. Good luck and best wishes to you, FF!
Reading comprehension is hard, isn't it? They didn't charge him with DUI, they charged him with having an open container in the car. There's something in the neighborhood of "a huge difference" between drunk driving and driving a car that has an open beer in it. The passenger had an open container, not him. He's literally driving a drunk person home. What a horrible person, right? I don't think he should get special treatment for being a football player; I think police, especially in a college town, should apply a little bit of discretion when deciding to pull over and arrest students who aren't causing problems.
Not reckless driving, not dui, not even speeding. Under 21 with alcohol in the car. I'm glad they've solved all the crimes in Athens so they have to resort to arresting college students for being too close to alcohol.
Am I the only one who still confused why this needed clarifying? He got a first down with time on the clock. If they had gotten the call right on the field, then Auburn probably doesn't get a play but since they took 10 minutes reviewing it, Auburn had time to set up the kick team and just wait. The snap starts at the first motion from center so is it really that hard to believe that the center began his motion the instant he heard the whistle that started the clock?
Clemson will be in the playoffs without playing a single ranked team. But yeah, totally makes sense that they're ahead of LSU. UGA has more ranked wins than Clemson, Utah, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Bama combined, but yeah, Utah deserved to jump us. These rankings are totally based on a clear rationale.
Yeah, it's not like LSU beat 3 of the top 15 or anything... "Complete team" is the new metric, huh? Good to know!
So will Fields sit when we play them? I know he felt very uncomfortable being with the team and would hate for his feelings to get hurt.
Fun fact: Bama has a won a national championship in 40% of the seasons they won the SEC championship and 50% of the seasons that they did not play in the SEC championship this decade. Paul knows how to get them there.
Four turnovers on dropped balls and a fumbled snap plus 2 missed fg and lost in 2OT. We controlled the game and lost on mistakes. Ugly loss because of the team, not the game. Bama got controlled and had to storm back when the game plan changed to ball control by LSU. Good job making it look close for the voters. And yeah, of we lose in ATL then we shouldn't be in the playoffs. If you don't make it to ATL, you shouldn't be in the playoffs, either.
Reading is hard isn't it, BT? Bama and A&M have something in common this year: they've lost every ranked game they played. Maybe A&M should get the respect Bama has. Meanwhile UGA keeps beating ranked teams but our wins don't look strong like those against Western Iceland or whatever division 8 school is getting sacrificed in Tuscaloosa each week, so we keep hearing about how Bama is getting screwed. Did anyone else notice the narrative shift when Tua got hurt? It used to be that "how could anyone say Bama isn't one of the best 4 teams," but then without Tua it became "if this team can win without him then they deserve to be in."
Sure wish we could lose good like Bama instead of continuing to win ugly so folks would talk about how we deserve to be ranked higher.
It is interesting that he posted a gif of the most borderline missed call of the game. This wouldn't get overturned on review in the NFL. There were plenty of misses to be mad at, this one is just sour grapes.
Right? Injures a player on a horse collar then whines that he called penalized for it. Nick Fairley DL thought.
"It's the 4 best teams, not the teams you think earned it! If you think Bama isn't one of the best 4 just because they haven't beaten a ranked team then you don't know football! UCF is different; they don't play anybody."
Bama could have 3 losses and a bowl ban and still have people saying they deserve to be in the playoffs.
I'm certainly concerned with Coley's coordination but this was evident well before this game. Can we maybe give credit to Auburn for having a solid defense? There was some pretty tight coverage and frequently only enough time for good passes that we're short. We played field position and won because of it. I just hope we have a better card to pay in ATL to shred that soft LSU squad!