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"There's consequences for breaking rules I disagree with!? Typical leftist BS." Stupid rule is stupid. Whiny Trumpette is worse.
Obviously he was never going to pay off his debt but that doesn't excuse him from making payments. He basically pays whenever he has to then ignores it the rest of the time. He's not in jail on condition that he make payments of restitution. This was never a fine; it's money that was spent as a result of damage he caused.
This is an article about a show that's about sports. It's like the E channel but for sports.
So no more play action passes? No more juking for sure. I kinda feel like pulling guards are a but deceitful, too. I guess all fake kicks are absolutely illegal now.
Lol that's cute. You had a pick six and a 40 yard td. You scored on one actual drive. Your secondary shut us down, especially when it mattered most, but don't act like if even one of those turnovers hadn't happened that you would've been in the game. The pick six was fully caused by your D but the other 3 were a mental mistake on a snap and two tips from the WR that went right to a defender. Yeah, UGA wiped the floor everywhere but the scoreboard and SCar capitalized on every mistake to do exactly enough to win.
Another ripple from the Jake Fromm effect. Glad to see Ole Miss improving!
Sooooo, UGA played a top 10 team and was *so* much better than them that we used a limited play book and still won. Yeah, sounds really unimpressive. Could it possibly be that we were in from Bama and 2017, don't show your best stuff until you have to.
I truly love that "Tennessee is actually handling Chattanooga" is article-worthy. Thank you SEC East. Thank you all so much.
What a privileged POS! Wow, "I'm a millionaire who came from an upper-middle class family so o don't understand why a player should have a right or need to make money off of themselves while in school. If you want to get paid, just go pro." I didn't like his smarmy attitude before but begrudgingly respected him for being an all-around good guy and ambassador for the sport. Now I can feel good knowing that I'm a better person than him. Let's flip this to a similar idea. Let's say you get a music scholarship and one night you're playing your instrument outside a bar and people are tossing you a couple bucks here and there. Boom, college revokes your scholarship.
He is a record-holding DC! No one has ever given up more yards on the ground in the Belk Bowl than Grantham.
Can you imagine the pressure on this kid and the level of scrutiny he's going to deal with? What if he's just pretty good?
As a Falcons fan, I wouldn't cry if he crashed another motorcycle. One of my favorite teams every week is whoever is playing against him.
The mice ran because they could never have saved the ship; only the captain could've done that. You can stay blindly loyal and go down with the ship out of pride or you can save yourself and your future prospects by abandoning a captain who steers you into icebergs.
I want to see our D playing lights out and our O to be boring as watching paint dry but still get reps to the young players. No need to show the goods in a meaningless game. Score a few early, then just play catch a little and let the defense do the work. Let ND wonder what we have until they see it in person.
He's clever enough not to say UGA isn't a top team, just that we weren't impressive. Yet he lists teams who played payed games and won by the same margin. Let's remember this later on the season: according to him, a 24 point win at home against a G5 team is more impressive than a 24 point win on the road against a P5 team.
21-0 to start the game against a conference opponent on the road and no TDs the entire game, 30-6 is unimpressive. 27-14 at halftime against Middle Tennessee, at home, 40-21 is impressive. A 24 point win at home against a "cupcake" is impressive; good job OSU! As a matter of fact, didn't UGA play a tougher opponent than any of his top 8? Isn't he the guy always whining that SEC teams play cupcakes, yet a road game against a conference opponent without giving up a TD is less impressive. I'm truly surprised at his restraint to not list FSU and just finish out his fantasy rankings.
Lol UGA scored 3TDs on the 1st 3 drives and kept Vandy out if the end zone all night. Dialing back the attack, not giving up film, and working on weak spots isn't exactly the same kind of struggle as squeaking out a 4 point win against an unranked team. Y'all didn't "struggle" so much as you nearly lost. Our game was never I doubt. The rest of the East is garbage this year, though. Anyone without a G or a K tag talking trash to Florida is delusional.
He remains my second favorite QB in college football. One TO per TD via the same method, NFL celebrates after he scores, and then brags about being humble. You beat an unranked, middle of the pack ACC team with a new coach and you're talking about how you achieved your goal instead of how you can get better from this. I wish this man could stay a Gator's QB for the next decade! And the QB guru deigned that he's better than Emory!? I love the new look Florida team so much! Another recruit decommitted while I was typing this.
Poor kid. He had such a bright future.
So no one told this kid or his family that you can't just leave one school for another and start playing right away, or did they think he'd get special treatment for being good at sports?
I've truly loved watching the UF program fall apart this off-season and can't wait to see how they stack up against a middle of the pack ACC team in the only game worth watching in week 0! Franks always has my support for starter! He's completed more passes to UGA players than Joe Cox did in the Cocktail Party.
He went against our o-line and couldn't make out of 3rd on the depth chart. I'm truly worried about what he'll do as their starter
Proposition to henceforth refer to these schools exclusively as "THE" and "OF" whenever mocking them.
As a lifelong UGA fan, I see it. While on the road at a few rivals in particular, I've asked fellow Dawgs to chill tf out with it. The more casual rivalries, Athens is welcoming and we usually travel well. Some of the more heated rivalries... But the list got it right; Bama and Tenn fans have been punks no matter what team I've been there to watch.
His first pass against UGA last year went for a TD! That's impressive in my book.
Rather be the gem of a mediocre line than a cog in great line. Can't blame him, big recruit wants big attention.
Honestly, as long as we continue dominating Florida, I can be patient for a good long while on the NC.
I must've been in the bathroom during that part. If we can't rely on beating up your secondary again, which we totally can, I guess we'll have to rely on beating you in the trenches again.