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Rather be the gem of a mediocre line than a cog in great line. Can't blame him, big recruit wants big attention.
Honestly, as long as we continue dominating Florida, I can be patient for a good long while on the NC.
I must've been in the bathroom during that part. If we can't rely on beating up your secondary again, which we totally can, I guess we'll have to rely on beating you in the trenches again.
I didn't realize Clemson and Bama were joining the East. My favorite thing about being a Dawg in Auburn is the week of the UGA/Auburn game ever year.
No one takes us seriously because we keep beating you by at least 3 scores? I don't get it.
Kirby: "Do you want to be pushed to be your very best, given the opportunity to succeed, play for a championship program, and learn alongside some of the best OL in college?" Pruitt: "Do you want to play every snap for 4 years for a team that might make a bowl game twice? I coached for Saban, too!"
This is one of my favorite off-season weeks ever. OMG, like I almost didn't even read the article because I assumed it had to be one I saw earlier. Nope, just another shot. It's physically arousing how bad things are for Gators right now
Mullen knows that Colorado and Texas are outside of the state of Florida, right? Maybe he just doesn't expect to be there by the time those games happen.
Mullen is quickly replacing Muschamp as my favorite other-team coach. He helped us make the SECCG both of the last two years, he's constantly motivating our players, and now he's even helping us recruit. He does more for UGA than some of our assistants!
I remember 2008. Bush was president, the TV writers strike had just wrapped up, The Office was just reaching it's prime, and UF started what would be the last season of they're glory days. Good luck with Kentucky, Tennessee, and the other programs that are on your level this year.
Gator fans bragging about coming 1st in the alphabet because that's the only time they're ranked above Georgia!
"We can barely generate a winning season for in state games! Why do you think we haven't played a true road game that the SEC didn't force on us since the 50s?" Also, I'm still just so proud for Kentucky!
I want to dump on Alabama as much as every other college football fan, but this isn't the same thing as a player being paid to go to school. This is someone paying them while they're in school so that they'll hire him to be their advisor afterward. It's shady and dude needs to be punished, but I don't feel like this is the same type of penalty as having students be paid to go to school there.
Remember that time he had the best run D in the ACC? Yeah, TG is one of my favorite coaches when he's not wearing the G!
he blocked a guy shoulder to shoulder who was going got a tackle. It was a massive hit, for sure but he didn't get his head, didn't get behind him, kept his feet on the ground (i.e. didn't launch), and it was a defender looking to make a play (i.e. not defenseless). It's not targeting just because it looks nasty. Refs definitely "letting them play" on the no-calls in coverage. I like the pick up on the late hit OOB because it defers to the defender pulling back and at least trying to avoid contact after he was out. I think that unsportsmanlike was a bit of a "we owe you one" for LSU, though. Nothing doing on the target, though.
So you're saying that UGA didn't deserve to be in the playoffs because we didn't earn it on the field? I totally agree! But, the committee has made it very clear that it's the quality of the team, not the quality of the season, schedule, or wins. But it seems that only Bama gets that benefit when they don't earn their way in.
Idk, 3 players, same substance, all of them says they had no idea how it got there, then Dabo comes out saying they should change the rules for drug testing. Maybe they all took the substance and Dabo is just backing his players; maybe they just took the supplements they were given.
That's a solid point! UGA would be a perfect fit for him where he knows he'll get plenty of targets but the run game will allow him to get open more often and really show off.
"He doesn't want to be a back up anymore." Then get better. I thought he came here to earn the starting job? I'd love to see him earn his way to 1st team because that would mean he's even better than Fromm. Don't punish the team and players you committed to just because you aren't as good as fast as you want to be.
There isn't. Fromm is the starter. No controversy there at all.
I recall a Belk Bowl a few years ago with a certain former UGA DC coaching the best D in the ACC that year who had a few words to say about his former team. I believe we set a Belk Bowl record for rushing yards in that game. I do love bowl season so we can all hate everyone else together!
Of course they got it right this year. They gave it to the teams that earned their way in on the field. The problem is that last year that wasn't the case so they don't seem too concerned with picking the "best teams" except when the best teams are certain teams. UGA absolutely didn't earn a bid to the playoffs, but if the committee wanted "the best," then the team that took Bama to the last minute at a neutral site is clearly in the top 4. But that's not what they want this year this year is about who deserves it, as it should be.
This makes me so happy! Couldn't have happened to a better guy!
Not enough to finish 3rd in the conference and still be given a ticket to the playoffs, now they're openly suggesting that even if UGA beat them in a neutral site game, that Bama still gets the rematch. Regular season already doesn't matter for them so why not make the SECCG become irrelevant, too? Hell, just start the season with the knowledge that it's just a seeding tournament to see where Bama ranks and who earns the right to play them.
"lol, UCF hasn't played anyone to be worthy of getting ranked!" *Hard stare at #1 Bama beating #25*
Last time Bama beat a top 15 (final rank) in the regular season was 2016. SoS only matters for teams like Washington, Wisconsin, Baylor, TCU, and UCF.
Bad officiating made your offense go 3 and out on all 8 possessions in the second half?
I know! I love the comments that basically say everything Florida accomplished is because of their execution, not UGA missing something, but everything UGA did is because of Florida beating themselves, but because UGA was clearly the better team.