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He took the cash out of his car where he normally stores it... Yeah coach, totally normal thing to be storing cash in your car when meeting with recruits and players. It was a kind gesture to give this particular person money but let's not pretend that that money wasn't going to find it's way to a recruit otherwise
AJC writes a hit piece on multiple players across several seasons who were never charged with a crime and Kirby needs to say what exactly? "We'll no longer allow any of our players to not be charged with crimes" There's one great point, the line from police report to Kirby goes through another person. Adam Anderson raped that woman Thursday night and was on the bus to Jacksonville the next morning before anything made it to Kirby. Gantt was right there with Kirby Monday morning and immediately booted Anderson. I remember a hack writer on this website who thought then that Kirby should've been checking the local Athens news from Jacksonville before turning in his starting lineup, what a terrible writer that guy is.
Oh God, I was feeling pretty confident that Bobo would be great with Kirby and the team he's built but if Matt Hayes thinks he'll be good then we're screwed!
The HC could, idk, say no that's not how I'm going to run this team. Administrative control used to be a thing. Looks like NIL is hurting teams that are trying to launch themselves to the top with one class or player and the teams who are building a unit are still able to provide for their players but aren't getting forced into these situations. NIL isn't bad for the sport, it's bad for bad teams who think they deserve greatness without work. I think that's good for the sport.
He's already the top paid assistant. If he left it wouldn't be for a dramatic pay raise, it'd be like 20% or so. I feel like the only question would be if he wants to move on to a new challenge or stay locked in. Hopefully some NFL team just gives him a number to take to Kirby to get his well deserved raise and gets back to work
Stetson finished his career with back to back titles, 1 loss in 2 years, and with a 17 game win streak. Carson comes in with a very gentle schedule but that's still a ton of pressure and expectations to pick up! South Carolina, Florida, and Ole Miss should be wins if we are who we expect to be, but those will certainly be tests for him. Tennessee is the play in for ATL so he'll have all season to sharpen up and create his own legacy.
Winning back to back is crazy hard, just knowing that the other team has very little risk and you have all the pressure. TCU wins, it's ecstasy for them, a championship out of nothing, 2010 Auburn. If they lose, NBD what a great run! UGA doesn't have the luxury. Win, and it's relief, lose and it's agony to have come this far with the target on your back all year then come up short. Repeat bids have typically been a bit tougher than this one, though. Oklahoma faced a phenomenal USC in 04, USC faced a great Texas in 05, Bama and Clemson were juggernauts 15-18. Bama against LSU in 11, the rematch, was a tough championship to win but then in 12 the true gut check championship was in the play-in game against UGA. Facing off against ND after the 2012 SECCG was a cakewalk. This year's final shapes up a lot more like 2012 repeat than it does those other recent years. Go Dawgs!
That's silly, UGA looked nothing short of dominant against LSU. Piled up yards and points after the fact in a blowout is not something I'm concerned with. Getting toasted down the field at the end of both halves against OSU and being pretty much 50/50 on other drives, those are things that concern me. But I've watched a lot of TCU and OSU games this year. We saw a really solid performance from OSU, everyone stayed in motion to give Stroud developing options, Ringo was 50/50 and was the only one effectively defending Harrison. Duggan is less of a pocket threat with less dynamic receivers. Georgia's strength in the secondary is keeping the roof closed, Duggan to Johnson will happen but has to stay in the field, there just isn't the talent on TCU to consistently drive without mistakes against that UGA defense. Our offense is built for flexibility so flipping from a developing play down field to a quick out to the flat when a surprise blitzer shows up plays to our strengths. Collapsing pockets around Stetson like OSU was achieving aren't things that TCU is particularly good at. Minimal blitzing and super effective when it comes, irritating pass coverage forcing 10 plays of perfection to score, and a grinding offense that punishes the blitz and coverage with 6-8 yards at a time. 41-24 with half theirs in garbage pick ups
It shouldn't be hard to point those teams out. You're sure they exist, who are they?
OSU also has a dramatically better OL than TCU! Duggan to Johnson will absolutely be something we see but all those plays were Stroud got to direct traffic until his receiver has got open aren't things that will happen Monday night. A softer line, referees who were willing to call offensive penalties, and a soft defense that will let Georgia's run game grind out rest time when needed will be huge differences
This is a bad narrative. George's defense went into the second half of the SECCG up 35 to 10. Everything after that was garbage time. It was a bad performance against Ohio State, but they were also the most complete offense we've played by a lot. It's like the narrative early in the season that we had a bad game against Kent State because we treated them like a cupcake game. The defense against LSU did everything that was expected of them
"We like being the underdog" favored in every game he's ever played in until this one.
UGA has trailed 93 seconds in 6 weeks. Outside of the Mizzou game, that's the only amount of time anyone else has had a lead. In 9 games, UGA has not had a lead for 65 minutes. There are 4 quarters that UGA didn't finish with a lead and 3 were in 1 game. Eight times the game winning point was scored in the first half, six times in the first quarter, three times on the first possession. I guess it's not perfect but it's better than anyone else
Imagine winning 45-19 on the road at night and the headline calls it imperfect. That's the level of expectations for UGA now.
Not sucking helped a lot with beating Bama, too. Bama is 3-2 in games that require the other team to not choke on the game winning play
I don't care, if they aren't going to make a rule against it then any team who doesn't do this is dumb. I hate it as much as anyone but it's effective and legal.
I feel bad for him because he was expecting greatness but it turns out that playing partial teams all of 2020, then having 2 1st round NFL WR gave a false impression for him. He's a fine QB but that's far below who everyone has said he is
No one rushes the field when they beat Georgia, but that's for a very different reason
No one rushes the field when they beat Georgia, but that's for a very different reason ?
That's been my thought with y'all. I'm looking back at Michigan last year who were ecstatic to get past the hump of OSU and win their conference so losing the playoffs were already so far beyond expectations. Is Tennessee back? Are they having a Moment? The future will tell but right now already slaying several demons, there isn't really a bad finish for this season. They're playing with house money here on out
I feel like I see this kind of play east too often. End of the game, emotions are high, throw the ball to the flag. The play looked rushed and like it was never really designed to be the go-to TD play. Maybe catch them off guard and walk in but if not expect the flag and try again. Wasted opportunity and the better coach won.
Check it out, it's the new guy who looks like the old guy who used to play for Florida State and say asinine things to get attention
Man y'all get awfully mad when your unpaid entertainers make decisions within the rules based on their wellbeing. Don't worry, schools will learn soon enough that they have to be somewhat honest with their recruits or they'll just leave. Just a few years ago Roquan Smith picked UCLA on signing day and got a late call from UGA telling him that the coach who recruited him to UCLA was leaving right after signing day. He didn't sign and came to UGA but if he had signed that paper that didn't really give him any benefits, he would've been stuck at a school who straight up lied to him up until the last moment. Forcing programs to be honest with their athletes and giving kids the option to bail on situations they don't want to be in is a benefit. There will be divas but for the most part the sport and athletes will benefit. Y'all find some chill, if a whole team wants out, there's a reason
I'll have it on while playing cornhole and if LSU puts up a fight I'll watch the 4th, but it's some small market blowout ball. 3:30 would've been a good spot because we really don't know how good Tennessee is and it might go the distance unlike UGA/Auburn.
When they aren't named after a rapist and pedophile, I'll care about the students who choose to go there experiencing discrimination.
Yeah, that's how you shut down the passing threat, but running a dime set against a 2 TE run attack is how you give up 400 yards on the ground. We have 4 healthy RBs plus a mobile QB, it's not like to run game will wear out before the D line
"Remember, there were times last season they won in spite of this offense.” Lol, you mean the Clemson game? The one with JT? I might've missed that Stetson game.