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Hurts still, but at least it's not a program issue that's pushing him out. DGD and wish him well.
It's friggin cold out there! I think she kept it together well, considering she's usually in a dome
Great player, hard worker, he'll make a hell of a defensive back!
Good for Lane! It's BS that we all see every week and then listen to apologists about how it was legitimate but there's no rule for it. Lane has the balls to be like "hey, lay down a minute so we catch a breath" then good on him for owning it. Either make a rule to fix it or just deal with it happening.
Congratulations to Florida for being the Co-champs in the East!
Adding two teams to the national championship picture didn't break the bowls, letting every team with at least five wins be eligible to play in empty stadiums did. Bowl games became their own version of a participation trophy. It's hard to get excited about going 11 and 2, losing your conference championship, and then getting the same reward as a 5-7 team who has good academics. It used to be a reward, a vacation, a chance to present your brand to a national audience. Bowl season is like the early game on NFL Sunday, there's a game or two that's worth watching but way too many to be able to care about all of them. We want the bowl season to matter again, stop overlapping games. Cut the number of games back so that when I turn the TV on it's the only game on and I'm going to watch it. You're still going to get guys who opt out of the game because why risk injuring yourself a few weeks before getting paid for being healthy? Bowl season is a cash grab for anyone who can afford to sponsor a game. Start cutting the players in on that. It's an exhibition game driven purely by profit.
Sorry Tennessee, I wasn't listening. I was busy looking for a place to hang our 4th consecutive East Champ banner. Y'all have one of those somewhere, don't you?
Yeah, bitter. JT is clearly better than Stetson and was cleared before the Florida game. He didn't get the reps in practice because Kirby didn't want to move off his chosen starter. It's a psych move and I get that but hindsight shows that it was wrong. JT has done nothing but outperform Stetson since his first snap. I'm saying I'd feel a lot more confident if Kirby could acknowledge that they made a call before that game and see now that it was wrong instead of brushing it off. His 25 years comment tells me that he'll make the same mistake a 3rd time out of stubbornness. I don't know what goes on in practice and trust our coaches to make the best decisions. Being unwilling to acknowledge a mistake when it's plainly obvious doesn't boost that confidence.
Cool! So UGA beats Vandy next week and we're co-champs in the a East while not having to play Bama again!
They'll show him this game, say we did this to demonstrate what we can do with a TE, and we only did that for you. If we'll change our game plan in game around recruiting you, imagine what we'll do when you get here! Then we'll use him heavily in 4 games towards the end of the season.
I wouldn't be as bitter if Kirby would just be like "my bad, we didn't think he was ready in practice but we were wrong." This whole "we did no wrong" tells me he'll do it again. Defense is back next year, OL is still strong, WR are as good as they are now, RB for days, and get another shot with JT. Just don't blow things with Brock...
Took the words out of my mouth. Bama and Ohio State manage to get into the playoffs on reputation no matter who they play. "You saying they aren't one of the four best teams?" Hell, UGA should go to the ACC so we can go undefeated, maybe 1 loss, and claim to be the best because of "all that NFL talent." Prove it on the field or why bother with the regular season at all?
It's a really fair point. I don't think an undefeated G5 team is as good as a 2-loss ISU but if G5 teams can't play they're schedules well enough to make the playoffs then they deserve to have a separate championship.
Your signature win was against UGA without a QB and you have the single easiest schedule in the SEC this year. Beat Bama and go to the playoffs. Lose and go home.
DGD, hope he finds a great fit for the rest of his college career and beyond
Run it up that middle, run it up the middle, incomplete pass, punt. He got so much credit for taking players with great talent and coaching them as the way to to good. He peaked as a QB coach but has no business running an offense, let alone a whole team
Offensive PI correctly called for the first time and it gets an article whining about it
"Florida swagger" = starting fights when calls don't go your way. Yup, that's kinda how I remember it, too.
#2 absolutely, but I thought that was an NFL rule that didn't exist in college? Unabated to the QB being the exception, I thought they called FS on D in pros but you could still get back before the snap in college. If not, 100% agree with you. #1 though, just no. Why? What does that make better? "Teams design plays to work within the rules so those rules need to be changed" for what purpose? It wouldn't make the game better in any way, just change what is and isn't a catch for the sake of changing it.
They already have all those rules, you just have to wait until Sunday to see them... Why would anyone want college football, a game twice as old as the NFL, to suddenly change every difference to be the same? 2-4 are just hard no, 1 and 5 are meh at best but there's no reason to change other than to be like the NFL. 9 is an embarrassment. College football OT is the greatest achievement a rules committee in any sport has ever accomplished and you want to ditch that to turn it into just more of the same game? Booooooriiiiing! 7 and 10 are decent. I would love to see a little more transparency in selecting playoff teams but taking 12 teams would totally destroy the whole premise of "every game matters" that makes college ball so great. Lost 3 games? NBD, congrats champ! Hell no. Fixing onside kicks would be nice, though. As it stands now, it's just random chance, very little skill. Either fix it or ditch it. But the rest of this is garbage.
It made me think that maybe he's not super confident in having a big season and maybe he's leveraging the offseason hype instead of risking having a mediocre season and losing the start. Or maybe it is purely a health thing. It just strikes me as strategic to be this close to kickoff. Oh well, less QB controversy now at least.
"To me it's common sense. You want your son to transfer so two years later you sue the school after his coach leaves and create a hostile environment so you can demand special treatment" Fixed it for good ole JP.
By nature of playing in the East, we have an easier schedule in general, but saying that Auburn and @Bama are easier than LSU and @A&M is ridiculous. The only way we have an easier schedule than Florida is because they have to play UGA and we have to play them.
I definitely think it's hypocritical to cancel games but not practices, looking from the top down at the season it still makes sense. With an already shortened season and no breaks, if one team has an exposure or outbreak then at least their next two games are going to be canceled. So there would be a huge financial incentive to cover up and potentially risk infecting the entire conference or there's going to be missed games throughout the season. It basically becomes an exhibition season when you end with some teams playing eight games, some teams playing four games, etc. To be a little conspiratorial, what if the schedule was such that the last two games of the season were the two hardest and so a team reported a positive case after going 8-0. Delaying the season to the spring doesn't prevent any of this, but it just makes it a lot more likely to get a complete season which I think is more of the point. For my money, I'd rather start the season in January, play 12 games, and finish up with a slaughter against tech rather than start play toward the end of September, get as many so we can, and play for an asterisk trophy. Plus how much is it going to suck come February when the NFL is over and suddenly Big ten and pac-12 games are getting all the coverage? No thank you.
"This small portion of athletes are being very outspoken about their desire to play sports in the fall so they absolutely should be able to play sports in the fall!" Ask them if they want to get paid. "No!"
I'm trying to figure this one out. Two of the power 5 are delaying the season. No one else is playing outside the conference. Even if there's a NC from the fall, it's going to be a little spoiled. Those other conferences are likely to play in the spring with the same issue. If there's an outbreak on any SEC team, that's at best a huge wrench in the season, at worst we could end up cancelling half way through. The best case scenario is that we play our 10 games, do a conference championship, and watch the other two do the same in the spring. Why is that better than just waiting until the spring and shooting for a full season? Don't get me wrong, I know the answer. I'm just genuinely curious if anyone is going to torture some logic or just stick with politics.
It's a solid point and a gamble either way. Playing the season in the fall is clearly not a decision made with player safety first. Maybe things are better in the spring and we could have a fairly full season started in January. Maybe things aren't better by then. It just doesn't feel likely that if we start a season in September that we're going to play all the games. Baseball is struggling to get their games in now and they don't spend the entire afternoon running into each other. I want to do whatever is going to give us the best chance at a full season and pretending like everything's fine in 6 weeks doesn't appear to be that.
"quickly reporting information as it comes out even if that information changes very quickly changes this white people don't trust immediate anymore." "If I was working with the media, I would just straight up lie to them" You're so close to figuring it out...