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Play every snap you can, every second of the game. Take a knee if it's beneficial to your team but if you can score and you're behind, tell your team you want the points. Respect.
Blep, I love it, you're literally saying that it's more important how a team looks than if they win or lose. It matters more about hypothetical games they would win than the actual games they lose. "Records are less important than the eye test" is literally saying that the games don't matter if everyone knows you're good. This isn't comparing two teams with a mistake game about who is better, it's comparing a team with a loss to 4 P5 undefeated teams and still saying that loss is better than their wins. Only Bama, man, only Bama.
Agreed, they're trying to find a process but they're gonna keep erring on the side of protecting players until they have something solid.
She was just looking for a place to party every two years before the rush since the west is about to own LSU.
That would be a step down for him at this point. He's got a top 10 team, undefeated, and is a rising star Why in the world would he leave to go to a program that fired they're championship coach 17 games later? Mich St has deep pockets, too, he's not gonna get bought. Unless he's just always dreamed of coaching in the SEC or living in Baton Rouge, I can't imagine how true conversation isn't just him laughing.
JTF, there's not a way to make s clean comparison between schedules and it's kinda absurd to just say well this team is in a weak conference so they aren't eligible for a championship. But it's even more absurd to say that a team is from a championship-eligible conference and is undefeated but doesn't deserve to go to the playoffs because Alabama only lost one game. Play it by ear, of course, to see who earns what as the season progresses. But we have got to stop pretending that rankings are based on the field and not the perception of the team. I like watching sports a lot more than reading about them and it's kinda dumb that what's written about them matters more than who wins and loses.
I remember seeing that first Kentucky guy and laughing to my buddies that I imagine that guy went to the bathroom a couple minutes ago tied and full of hope, then comes back to see 2 TDs
Would they be ranked if they hadn't played UGA? Cuz it kinda sounds like you're saying that getting beat makes you less likely to be ranked, which I guess a Tennessee fan knows a lot about being unranked and getting beat.
Oh, I'm sure Bama will be back in the top 4! They manage to make the top 4 by virtue of losing a game and coming in 3rd in the SEC. I'm saying that I think what happens on the field should be more important than what happens in recruiting or media discussions. I understand why a Bama fan would disagree with that, though. Like I keep saying, if all that matters is "who is the best team, really?" Then why play the games at all? The best team wins the game, right? But then we have a team with an L against an unranked team and suddenly it's "that was a better team than these undefeated teams play" so that L doesn't matter? Y'all want ANOTHER participation trophy in a sport that used to reward perfection until Saban started losing regular season games. We wouldn't be having this discussion of Bama hadn't lost and now we have to hear how perfection isn't good enough for other teams. You guys are a laughingstock with this "our loss is better than their win" mentality.
Wow! Who are they going after? That's 2 champion coaches fired, couldn't go find a solid replacement after Miles so kept the interim guy, who only brought in a Heisman and 15-0 season, then gets two years and allowed to finish the season. Who would be dumb or desperate enough to take that spot next year?
I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed that y'all get to crush their spirits before we do this year. At least we get to do it in front of their own fans. I love Tennessee football so much! I hope they never change.
There isn't a rule against faking injuries. We all complained about that loudly in the off-season but it is what it is. Don't get mad that someone uses the rules in a way you don't like, get bad at the rule for next year. Also it was a good spot as evidenced by the replay. I thought the guy making the spot was ridiculous but he was short. Maybe don't get into situations where you need a 4th and 24 conversion to be able to maybe get the go ahead score before you start blaming the refs for not giving you an extra couple inches.
84-14 the last two years we played in Knoxville. And that was before we were this good. Y'all have a 1st year coach. The stadium will be empty except for red shirts after halftime.
I don't get the outrage here. He ranked undefeated teams over a team with an unranked loss? Debate who is more deserving of #8 between Bama and Ohio State, but top 7 looks right. I'd put Oregon at 8 since, ya know, they beat Ohio State, but it's absurd to keep forgiving Bama for their losses when everyone else has to be perfect to be considered. "But teams like Wake are just gonna lose when they play real competition" then what's the problem? Rank them based on what they've done, not the perception of what they could do. Wake is winning, Bama lost, that's easy. If being undefeated isn't better than having 1 loss then why play the games at all?
LMAO! Florida overlooked an undefeated team who beat them the year before the week before playing Vandy. Maybe Kentucky is just better than Florida and UGA is 17 points better than Kentucky. I love the delusions of a fan base coping with their mid December bowl acceptance in mid October.
See, that's kinda my point. Losing to an unranked team *is* proving otherwise, but that's forgiveable. Bama gets rematches and bye weeks when they take losses whereas the rest of the country is out. They're ranked 5, probably higher tomorrow, not because of who they are this year or the quality of teams near the top, but because of who they've been. No undefeated P5 team should be ranked behind a team with a loss to an unranked team. They proved otherwise. When it's time to compare 1-loss teams, compare their resumes, who you beat, who beat you. Bama isn't best in that category this year either. But when they get the benefit of the doubt, when we start talking about how good they really are, when people say how they would beat this team or that team, then we're saying that the games played don't matter nearly as much as the perception of the team and that's the dumbest take possible in sports.
Exactly! Mullen only throws his players who chose to play for him under the bus after a loss, never the coaches that he hired.
Remember when Louisville had the best run defense in the ACC the year after he left UGA and we set a bowl game record for rush yards against him? That was fun
In fairness, today did nothing to change my perception of Grantham, either. He's exactly as good as I always thought he was.
Yeah, Iowa beat a top 10 team and lost to an unranked team, Bama lost to an unranked team. That's a pretty huge difference unless you're more concerned with commentary and stats than you are with wins and losses.
UGA already beat them once this year. Maybe catch them in December and beat them twice in the same calendar year.
Here's this crazy idea that went out the window years ago when Bama lost to LSU at home but still got rematch for the championship: let's determine who the best teams are on the field instead of in the commentary! You lose to an unranked team? You aren't the best team! There are P5 undefeated teams and you have a loss? Not the best team! This ridiculousness where being hyped preseason means you can yeah take a bad L and still win the championship but being a preseason underdog with a tight loss to a good team means you're out ruins any legacy these championships have. They don't play every game 10 times, they play once. There are 4 undefeated P5 teams, Cincinnati and a couple others not in P5. There are two teams whose only loss is to those undefeated teams. Oregon beat Ohio State. Penn State only lost to Iowa. But somehow none of that on the field matters as much as how good Alabama *looks* even when they lose to an unranked team. The games don't matter if the commentary is more important.
Lost to an unranked team, huh. Last week, that takes you down 4 spots. Oh, but you aren't Bama... I'm afraid we're going to have to take this loss seriously, then.
2013 Auburn had every right to storm the field. The other two times, not so much. 2019 was just cringy. They won 3 of the last 4 at home and rush the field all 3 times? C'mon man...
The difference in the game was a Florida mistake, not a Bama success. Better?
You saw what we did to Vandy in retaliation for canceling on us twice last year, right? You think Kirby is going to come into Jacksonville anything less than 100% after last year's game? I was more worried about our focus going into Auburn than I am Jacksonville. If y'all pull off the huge upset, it'll be because your team got a lot better and plays their best game, not because we come in overconfident and make mistakes.
There was what, one PI called? And it was obvious before the ball was in the air on the one that was called. And there was an absolutely textbook targeting call. They didn't call iffy penalties. Those two were obvious. I think the 4th down play was a PI, but it certainly wasn't as obvious as the other two calls. Sour grapes by a mediocre QB who's tired of losing
The DPI was holding but he kept it after the ball was in the air. Ticky tacky for the PI? I think so, but not ridiculous. The targeting was textbook. He knew he made the mistake. It's a bad rule all the way but he knew he did it and the review was obvious. Complain about your drops, not the two legit calls.
Also, let's entertain the idea that both teams could have their playoff tickets punched before December and just think about the ridiculousness that they might both show up to ATL playing soft to not give away their best game until the final. Watch the 2nd strings duke it out for the SEC Championship!
"Bama won 4 games by at least 21" UGA won 4 by at least 27. Bama is undefeated because of a missed extra point, UGA is undefeated because of a defensive score. Face to face, UGA is the better team but these two are closer to each other than anyone else is to them. Three losses with championships on the line that hinged on one play that all went Bama's way. UGA is the better team but Saban knows how to beat the better team. We just need that one play to go our way this year and probably need it to happen twice.