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We'll just copy the thank you letter Bama sent to LSU for Saban.
I'm just glad that Georgia is a complete team so when we had injuries it didn't ruin our season. Being the better overall team pays off!
This is a solid argument about how anyone's HOF accomplishments are dramatically affected by the team they are on. If Brady was in Detroit for his career, would he still get GOAT calls? Does anyone think a better QB could've produced better with the teams he's had? I'm not saying he definitely needs to get in or doesn't, I hadn't thought about it before this conversation, but HoF should be more than just fantasy value, right?
Yeah that was awful how the refs *checks notes* called legitimate penalties inside 2 minutes to go. Really screwed the Bengals by doing that.
Hey, I'm excited for y'all, been saying we'll have to watch out for y'all for a couple years now. This all could've been a simple back and forth. "Jimbo got the best class because he spent the most money" "Yep, that's legal now and he took advantage of the system" "Agreed, we'll see if he can get over the hump now that the game is changed." But then he had to throw a tantrum about how every single recruit came to play for him and bought into his program, that money did not affect them at all. So I'm laughing at the silliness.
Oh I'm not saying he did anything illegal, quite the contrary! That's what makes this all so funny, watching his overinflated ego getting threatened and his delusional fan base eating it up. There's nothing illegal about boosters straight up paying recruits now as long as they jump through] hoops the right way. No one is saying he cheated. We're all just acknowledging the plain and obvious fact that the only reason he got this historic class instead of another 280-290 is because y'all's boosters spent more than anyone else did. That's the game today and y'all played it the best, it's just hilarious that Jimbo has to spin this fantasy about how every one of those recruits signed exclusively because of the program he built.
Yeah, a 50 point swing from his best class at this school is more than a couple players
Lmao I love this shared fantasy among Aggies that the greatest recruiter in history is the current Aggie football team. Why weren't they this good before it was legal to pay recruits? Everyone is using NIL to sell their program, Aggies just did it the most and best this year, but y'all want to act like it's people who just all realized that this was the year A$M is the place to be.
Lovindagame You're saying you disagree with me while you all point out that your team has not excelled, just kinda got in range of being competitive at the top. Finished top 10 3 times in a row is impressive in its own right, but it's not "on the cusp of greatness." He's a fine recruiter but has never been great. There's plenty of appeal for top players to choose to go there. But none of those points correlate with "and then he had the greatest recruiting class in history the very first year that everyone else was able to pay recruits but the players we got all came here because Jimbo sold the program that well and none of them came because they got paid." That's dumb. It's not even kinda logical. A dramatic change occured in your recruiting class and it occurred at the same time as a rule change that let's rich boosters pay players. We can either believe that Jimbo had the greatest offseason in college football history 12 years into his career or that he was always a top 10 recruiter but being able to pay players improved that. It's obvious. It's embarrassing that he and so many Aggies pretend it's not obvious.
You left out a very important "just." He's not saying "if the decision was about money, I'd have stayed home because they were going to pay me" he's saying "if the decision was JUST about money, I would've stayed home because they were paying me the same or maybe more, but I get that and a team I want to play for" No one is saying A$M isn't a good team or that Jimbo isn't a good coach. We're all just acknowledging the obvious fact that his recruiting quality went up dramatically as a result of being able to pay players.
I've been asking my Auburn friends who their 4th biggest rival is so I can bet on them preseason. They don't like that joke at all.
I love when losers have to talk about the past to pretend they aren't losers. Congratulations on #2! Most teams would love to finish as high as y'all did!
I know that #2 means not as good as #1. I'll show you with a sentence: Georgia is #1 and that means they're better than Alabama who is #2.
We aren't Bama's equal, we're their superior. That's why we have the trophy. Y'all can try again next year, but #1 is absolutely not equal to #2.
I mean y'all are agreeing with me. Y'all have a top 10 class every year with Jimbo, sitting around 280 points every year, literally every class between 270-289, but this year when everyone hung around their recent scores with slight improvements, y'all jumped 40 points over your best class and did better than anyone ever has! And it's just a total coincidence that it happened the exact same time that recruits can be paid. Maybe an education at A$M isn't as good as it's advertised to be, judging from the ability to examine evidence the fans have.
He was cranking out top 10 classes even 2 y'all were a mid teens before him, he gets credit for being good and changing the culture, but when the only thing that changed this season was that recruits could be paid, the rest of the top classes looked pretty much the same as they have been, but suddenly a team that gets about 280 points per class sets the all time record, it's clearly not just the work they've put in. Money clearly played a big part in that. Going to the best school out of top bidders or the highest bidder out of top choices, fine, but no one outside College Station believes that the most obvious thing occurred. Jimbo didn't suddenly become elite by coincidentally the same day his boosters could buy a team.
Lmao what a clown! I thought it would change at least a little when he came to the SEC, nope. Sure Jimbo, all of a sudden a perennial top 10 recruiting class brought in the highest rated class of all time, poaching long time commits from big teams' backyards because they all realized how great the tradition and education is at A$M. The fast that boosters can pay them $65k for a signed picture this year and not before had nothing to do with it.
Lol yeah, sure, Jimbo just went from an above average coach of an above average team with above average recruits to the single greatest class of all time the first year it was legal to pay players. I wasn't aware of any other massive changes that occurred between this year and last year. The rest of the top recruiters look about the same. Exactly one thing changed this year and Texas A&M dramatically altered the quality of the recruiting class, but those are totally unrelated right?
"If this was JUST about money" Well, he said it! It's not purely the highest bidder, it's the best option among the highest bidders.
Poaching season is open on Mich cruits tonight!
You're right, win or lose, the one constant is that Bama will claim to be the best
If UGA is playing in watching. If a team any of my friends cares about is playing, I'll make plans to watch with them. If it's on Saturday or Sunday, I'll watch. If it's a team I don't care about on a weeknight and I have nothing else to do, I'll watch until I'm bored or ready for bed. If I don't already get the channel it's on, I'm sure not upgrading to watch a Monday night game. It's hard enough justifying the Super Bowl and it's on Sunday, ends earlier, and there's a party.
Thank you for reposting an article I read on ESPN this weekend.
NCAA really hoped for a non-SEC championship game this year. Imagine living in Indiana and seeing ND parked at #5 while the rematch of a December game plays out in your backyard. I imagine there's more salt in the fans than there is on their streets.
Taking at least 2 days off work, traveling 9 hours, spending over $1,000 for the travel, lodging, and tickets, yeah, those folks probably aren't looking to tone it down while they're there. I'll happily sit my poor butt in my office chair with my UGA collar shirt and smile politely all day then get rowdy at a rowdy bar, but if I was dropping mortgage payments on the experience, I'd probably carry that energy all weekend, too.
lol that St Louis is a cultural hub but Atlanta is just backwoods. Bigger LOL that there's anything not backwoods in Misery other than St Louis. Y'all were only invited to come play with us so we can get that market, just remember that. Mizzou didn't improve the SEC in academics or athletics; you're only here because you have a lot of TV watchers nearby.
It's a private business. Who in charge decided that this was a matter that needed police involvement? That's the real joke here, that there was a restaurant manager who called/allowed the cops to come in and scold their customers who are in town for a football game for cheering.
Y'all are being too harsh on that. Michigan had 11 wins total the last two seasons. They had no realistic aspirations of winning it all this year. They had beaten Ohio State once since 2004.They have commits from players who were only alive for one win over their rival. Being built to beat Ohio State was a huge deal. UGA has caught to to Bama in talent on the field but Michigan is just surprised to be here. Kudos to them for such a huge improvement, it really makes the memory of what we just did to them all the sweeter.