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Never thought I'd be congratulating LSU, but they did what needed to be done, even with half of their defense absent. I think this should clear any lingering uncertainty about the best team in Florida now.
If I hadn't been there myself I wouldn't have ever believed it. It's as surreal as the wins over LSU and FSU. Congrats to the team on an amazing season!
His statement would carry a little more weight if FSU's team and fans weren't some of the biggest and most offensive braggarts in college football. I honestly cannot name one FSU fan that doesn't make a point of sneering about their football team's most recent victory over the Gators whenever I see them. Or how about the graffiti left on various UF facilities... I guess that's fine? Disrespectful is when you continue to mock a Native American tribe in the name of 'school spirit', even after its leadership makes statements like "I am nauseated that the NCAA is allowing this 'minstrel show' to carry on this form of racism in the 21st century."
Well, call me surprised. I just went posting comments on other articles about how terrible the Gators have been, and how they were going to lose this game (in all fairness, it was looking pretty bad). Seems whenever I post negative comments I'm pleasantly surprised, so maybe I'll keep doing that.
The problem is largely the QB; Franks just isn't consistent enough to be any good. Mullen has tried to cover that up with offensive trickery, but that only works for so long before the other teams figure out how to expose the weaknesses that are still there, namely, Franks's inability to make plays under pressure. Of course, the rest of the team appears more out to lunch with every loss, but if there were just an okay but consistent starting QB then the rest of the team wouldn't have to prop him up and there wouldn't be this downward spiral of morale.
When the Gators are being beaten miserably by yet another unranked team, it's hard not to boo. They should be ahead by a double-digit margin right now, and instead they're in the process of turning in another unwatchable, inexplicable loss. At this rate, they're going to end the season struggling to win the Cure Bowl.
Don't you post something like this almost every week? The footage from the game shows a nearly full stadium.
Not really. Maybe for this season, but long-term no way. Under Dan Mullen, effectively the same team that went 4-7 last year has beaten LSU and five other teams already this season. If there's one thing everyone will agree on, it's that Florida has nowhere to go but up.
And so begins the annual losing streak for the Gators. Normally there's some sort of reason why we suddenly get so bad, like losing the entire starting lineup to injuries or not having a coach, but not this year. How does a team go from beating LSU one week to losing to an unranked team another week? Nothing's changed in that time! Clearly the talent exists but just isn't being used, for reasons that are beyond me.
Not seen in this picture are the thousands of fans inside the concourse, avoiding their actual seats because it was just too damn hot... Believe me, I was one of them. When the heat index starts to climb into the 105-degree range, there's not a cloud in the sky, and the sun is beating down on the stadium like a heat lamp over a metal bowl, you start to care less about football and more about not dying of heat stroke and sun poisoning/skin cancer.