Rolltide Eh?

I was brought into the Alabama fandom through my girlfriend from Alabama. I'm from Canada and probably one of the few Alabama/SEC fans here. Before dating her I never watched a single snap of football. At first I didn't fully understand the game constantly asking her questions, as the 2011 season (my first) progressed I slowly started to understand the game. I thought it was pretty cool that my first season watching football we won the championship. Now entering my fourth season watching I understand the game better than her! Very funny twist of events. Anyways, I wouldn't call myself a bandwagoner as I've done my best to learn about older Alabama players before I started watching. Joe Namath, Julio Jones, Javier Arenas. Learning about the coaches and so forth. I also support all other Alabama athletics. I've been to some Bama Baseball games as well as a softball game and one football game. I also am a huge supporter of all things SEC. I love all the teams in the SEC my second favorite probably being Ole Miss.

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I'm not claiming we're going to win, but you fail to mention that alabama is 5-2 on the road as the number 1 team.
Marcus Spears and his homerism is unreal but so is tebow when florida is involved
First let me make something clear, i'm probably one of the few Alabama fans that couldn't care less about the Tennessee rivalry. In my time of being an alabama fan tennessee hasn't done anything to make me hate them so there's that. Stating that "but it would be the sort of “Legacy Game” which would cement Butch Jones’s status as one of the top coaches in the SEC" is complete garbage. Kevin Summlin (johnny manziel) beat us a few years ago and now he's deemed 6th or 7th in terms of best coaches in the SEC and he's on the hot seat. Beating Alabama doesn't immediately consider a coach the "best" in the SEC, beating nearly everyone you play season after season and winning championships deem you one of the best. Side note, please don't think i'm ignoring you if you reply to my comment. SDS still hasn't figured out a way for folks to get notifications/emails when someone replies to a comment.
They're also out of space for plaques at the walk of champions as far as I know. Might be room for one more. Haven't been to Tuscaloosa in a long time
He'll stay with us all the way to the playoffs if we make it right......right?!
Y'all have a good future a head of you. Florida's defence is great, y'all just need a McElwain recruited class and you'll be golden
In 2011 auburn was ranked 94th in rushing defense and we rushed for 213 yards. They only had 78. In 2012 they were 97th we rushed for 267 against their 92. I think we'll be alright.
People forget that fournette still has a chance to win the trophy next season! Not saying that henry is going to leave early therefore he deserves it, but that it's not all over for fournette. If he was able to produce this well as a sophomore imagine how well he could do next year!
If throw winning probability out the window you're correct. Georgia isn't a gimme though. But good luck against them!
Because auburn will finish 6-6 at best and a&m 8-4 at best. Side note, does anyone get notifications on their account/email when someone replies to their comments?
Brandon Allen apparently plays for a&m now. Might have helped them out if he did
Hell of a game, Tennessee is obviously a lot better than their record shows. I still don't understand why we don't play as well at home than we do on the road
Had those pick 6's not happened I think bama would've still find a way to win. But it's also not fair to say "well the defence scored points so it doesn't look as good". The defence played well and so did our running offence. Ok, they might have got by a decent team. But again, the win against Oregon doesn't merit a top 5 ranking and barely getting by their team this week doesn't merit a jump either. I don't doubt for a second that the sec is slightly imploding on itself. I watched the lsu Florida game last night and honestly lsu seems to not be given enough credit by their fans around this site. They are doing very well passing and running obviously. Sure they struggled against a few inferior teams, but when you go out week in and week out you're going to struggle at times.
The favouritism that surrounds Utah is unreal. Almost lose to an unranked team and you move up a spot? Sure they destroyed Oregon on the road, but oregon looks like crap since then. That win doesn't look as good as it did then. Now coming off of two close games they hop? I don't understand. At least they're showing weakness. Someone will expose them.
So why isn't the team that got annihilated by a no 25 team not ranked lower?
I should say bama doesn't jump them. And how in the world does oklahoma jump bama?
I appreciate it, but the apps differ in canada and the us and also, you need an american provider for it to work! :(
As a fan from Canada who doesn't get espn I can't complain when games are on cbs, as we have that channel here.
So do I. It's crazy how much he's on Ohio state's cock. He always ranks teams based on performance week to week. Ohio state did not play like a number 1 team.
Auburn loses against lsu and falls out of the top 25 but Missouri barely escaped uconn and is still in? Makes no sense. I guess the voters are trying to make up for giving them no "respect" in past seasons
In regards to your comment regarding the 2013 season, they did pull out two games out of their ass
That would be good actually, it would alleviate the pressure of being number 1 and having to win everything
We are perfectly fine being number 2! Give us one week at number 1 to continue our streak of being ranked number 1 at some point in the season and i'll be perfectly happy going back to 2
You're one of the few that think that way then
Missouri fans incoming. "We deserve respect, we manage to win the east back to back" garbage
Admittedly i'm a softy, so when I saw the special on Griffith I felt for the guy. I want him to do well and kick well for us. But he's a junior, he's had enough time to be able to make kicks like the one he's been missing. I feel like it's definitely time to give another player a chance or at least attempt more 4th downs.
Well technically it slightly did, just not enough. Mississippi state jumped fsu to number 1 and so did bama after they beat them. So there's a chance