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He isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The problem is that bunghole, wannabe "journalists" like Colin Cowpatty try to come up with a sensational angle like this to get attention from viewers. He is the equivalent of Geraldo Rivera (now I feel bad for Geraldo). Roll Tide!
I am a die-hard Alabama fan and work at the University of Alabama. I go to an away game each year with a group of friends and have been to pretty much every school in the SEC for a game. BY FAR, Georgia has been the worst. Getting cursed at and spit at was common place. I saw grown men yelling and cursing at children just because they had Alabama gear on. This was the year that Julio Jones played for Bama and Georgia "blacked" us out. It was awesome to see them all shut their mouths when we destroyed them. The verbal abuse was even worse after the game as we tried to also get the hell out of dodge.
Shaw looked better than all the other Browns QB's tonight!
Super excited to see that Derek Kief has committed to play at the University of Alabama. I liked the video. A little corny but it shows that he is a family guy. Roll Tide!!!