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Georgia can get to the New Years 6 bowls but can't beat Ole Nick and Alabama to win the big 1 now that's funny Bulldogs lol #GBO #VFL
Pruitt don't deserve any of his buyout a D I don't care what Finebaum says either Pruitt was cheating and still couldn't win so that says enough about Jeremy Pruitt he's a D Coordinator not a Headcoach and yes Tennessee made a mistake giving him a shot to be HC for the first time cause like I said he sucked and don't deserve any buyout he was caught cheating which was in his contract with Tennessee he was in charge of the day to day operations of Tennessee Football also meaning he was to watch his staff and everyone that had anything to do with Tennessee football which he didn't watch his staff and employees and a couple of his hand-picked staff was caught Paying recruits Neidermeyer & Felton which Pruitt picked and hired so that's why he don't get a buyout Tennessee fired Pruitt for cause that being the cause his staff was caught Paying recruits cash so he don't get a buyout from Tennessee because he broke his end of the contract. And all you Alabama, Georgia and Missouri fans can keep talking about Tennessee being the laughing stock of The SEC conference but y'all cheat as well and just haven't been caught and maybe not this upcoming season or next season but Tennessee gonna get better and start winning again and beat Bama, Georgia and Mizzou and then we see who the laughing stock of the SEC cause y'all Athletics ain't no better esp with lying Nick Saban and Kirby Smart it's pretty funny for Gerogia now because they cane New Years