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"Mullen arrived in Gainesville talking about restoring the “Gator standard,” not only on the field, but off it." It's pretty clear that Dan Mullen is restoring the "Gator standard" — just the Urban Meyer one.
I see no problem with mentioning players who position coaches or coordinators specifically coached. I agree that Jimbo Fisher shouldn’t take credit for defensive players if those defensive coaches aren’t with him anymore, but it’s fine for a running backs coach to promote running backs he coached before. This is nothing new and it’s not a problem.
Greg Schiano doesn’t want to talk about something? Never thought I’d see the day.
He'll have his opportunity to put up or shut up on September 4. Until then, he can say whatever he wants. It's just more bulletin board material.
In his defense, it's bound to slow you down when you're full of crap.
It looks like Hugh Freeze is having trouble recruiting top players now that he can't pay them. Jim McElwain is likely about to have the same problem now that their scandal has come to light. RIP, Florida and Mississippi.
Agreed. For his sake, I hope he doesn't end up likes Tyler Bray — undrafted and unable to come back to UT. It's a sad situation for him, because had he done things the right way, he had a promising NFL career ahead of him.
Any true Vol fan knows Butch has done a ton for this program and we're much better off with him than we were before. I'm guessing you're a Bama fan trolling, but if not, you might see if they have an open spot on their bandwagon. You're welcome to jump back on ours this fall.
If he goes to Ole Miss, it's probably because money talks. Laremy Tunsil ended all doubt there.
This was my thought as well. UT can have Vandy as its new crossover game, Auburn can take Missouri, and Alabama can have Ole Miss. then the only game lost is Auburn–Ole Miss, which frankly isn't a big deal at all.
I've had the Kiffin to UF theory in my head for awhile. Kiffin is a good recruiter, so I could see it playing out this way: - Kiffin flips several high-caliber recruits from Florida to FAU - Florida struggles in recruiting, ends up falling to a middle-of-the-pack team, and McElwain is fired in 2018 - Kiffin sees his opportunity to once again be a head coach in the SEC Zane bolts from Boca Raton faster than I can say "I told you so."
One less turnover against A&M and Tennessee is in the Sugar Bowl instead of Auburn. Do you think Auburn had an underachieving season? Because 2016 Auburn and 2016 Tennessee are virtually identical.
I wondered this from the moment he announced his intention to transfer. Even if you're upset with the coaches, why not push through it, finish the season, and go pro? Then you wouldn't tarnish your reputation and NFL scouts wouldn't have a red flag. Something tells me he actually got kicked off he team and the transfer story is a cover-up.
I'd prefer 8 teams over 6 — 5 conference champs, 2 at-large teams, and the top-rated Group of 5 conference champ. Western Michigan would probably get destroyed by Alabama but they deserve a shot.
I agree — and really, the defense has been troublesome because of injuries and the fact that Shoop hasn't been able to bring in his own guys as position coaches. The only changes we need to make are linebackers and secondary coaches and overhauling the strength program to get rid of all of these injuries.
You'd be amazed at how many ridiculous, unrealistic hires our fan base is suggesting right now. I've read several people suggesting we fire DeBord and hire Chip Kelly as OC. Because every NFL head coach's dream is to become an assistant coach in the SEC.
Let's be honest here: the hatred for Kiffin is based on both. Yes, the way he ditched us was brutal, but he also created quite a mess. Numerous recruiting violations. Banners of USC players like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush in the locker room. A recruiting class that completely fell apart. Probably more that didn't get uncovered. I liked Kiffin while he was here because he said all the right things, but he also did all the wrong things. Once the truth came out, I was glad he left us, because I realized our program was better off without him. I'm all about second chances and I hope he gets another shot at head coaching somewhere, but I don't think we're the right place for him. He ignored our proud tradition, tried to bend the rules, and wanted to make us into USC rather than Tennessee at its best. His best shot at success is a mid-tier ACC or Big Ten program where the competition isn't as fierce and the tradition isn't as strong.
Says the guy whose team beat Vandy but got thrashed by UT? 😂😂😂 UT will be fine.
If that's how you feel about this team, it's probably time to find a new one. The truth is that we've improved every year under Butch. It's not his fault expectations were set too high this year and we played without almost half of our defensive starters during the hardest stretch of the season.
So doesn't that make your team even worse if they lost to a bunch of pretenders? It's funny to hear Georgia and Florida fans trash Tennessee because it just makes your team look worse.
Injuries have taken a huge toll on this team. You should understand that better than anyone — after all, that's why your AD chickened out of playing LSU and had the game moved back until your QB could get healthy.
This says a lot more about Kiffin than it does UT. Orgeron isn't saying he regrets picking UT over LSU; he's saying he regrets picking Kiffin over Miles. He's not wrong.
It makes sense to only count division games because those are the only ones in which all things are equal between teams. However, they should also change the "highest percentage of wins" to simply "the most wins." That way, a game cancellation counts as a loss. We wouldn't see teams trying to dodge a reschedule like this if that was the case.
I love a Gator fan talking about the team everyone supposedly hates. Uh, look in the mirror?
Look out for those UK fans… they're getting cocky now that they've defeated mighty Vanderbilt!
The next three weeks are going to be crazy — it's essentially a round robin of the top 3 teams in the SEC. It'll be fun to see what happens!
The tweet says Kirkland could be back. The article says it's Sutton instead. Which is it? (I'm guessing SDS made the error and it's Kirkland.)
If coach says he's injured, I see no reason not to believe him. He played after the fumble — in fact, his last play was when he scored a touchdown.
CBS games are televised nationwide. It should've been on there too. Check next week since we'll be on CBS again!