Houston Nutt

Disclaimer: I'm not really Houston Nutt. Branson's nice but that's about the only thing in Missouri that's worth a damn.

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Hogs gonna roll and win out BEAT BAMA BABY
Woo pig! Tech up 5-1 on the gayturds. I’d rather play Florida Tuesday tbh.
Excited about the new staff. Brings hope to the program and the fan base. Hopefully Chavis can have some of the same success he had at Tennessee.
Not true my man. I live in Hot Springs Arkansas and its always full of tourist. Arkansas got the hillbilly rap when we had a dumb ass governor in the 50's prevent the integration of central high in little rock. Our states reputation never really recovered from that. In reality Arkansas has some of the prettiest land you could ever see and some pretty great small towns.
Auburn may be the better program but Arkansas really isnt that far from competing in the sec. all it takes is a good coach and were back in it. look at the bobby p years. Speaking of patrino, i hope auburn gets him. That would make beating you guys next year even better ;)
jimmy, you must be an ex Arkansas fan that flipped to an easier team to root for. You sound like that guy that tries to bully other people because he has his own baggage hidden. You always have a stiffy for arkansas for some reason and i get tired of you running your mouth all the time. sorry for the long comment but its important to me that you know how much of a jack ass you are.
Mitch mustain?? Who cares bro! Ask someone who matters because this fool is irrelevant he's just mad that he couldn't live up to his hype. It's not arkansas fault you couldn't play football boy.
After these last 6 years I'd be happy with 7-5 right now. but I think Gus will do good here. 8 or 9 wins a year with a shot at a conference championship every once in a while would be just fine with this fan.
Keep at it tlove! See if you can make Arkansas look even worse.
Wasn't that bad. Football is changing though so can't hit anybody.
I dont know if youve been watching any ARKY games but Allen isn't what he was last year. No receivers or O-line.
The calling of the hogs is sacred. You better watch your mouth.
Why yall gotta do my boy cole like that. He didnt do nuffin.
I've been on the fence about mayfield but this does it.. I'm a Mayfield fan.
I think they get the paper work mixed up with Bret's. I liked Jeff, he reminded me of Kermit the frog. Not sure why he got fired.
This is freakin embarrassing.. I'm sick and tires of the way our program is playing. If it dont work it dont work. Get rid of Bielema.
Karma for how Bobby was treated here???? Bobby got exactly what he deserved. He hired an under-qualified woman because she was his mistress.. He then lied to the police and his boss about having her on his motorcycle when he crashed.. He completely embarrassed the university. Long couldn't just let that slide.
Does SDS consider it good form to insult the readers at the beginning of a bad article to discourage negative feedback in the comments. Boring content as well.
It takes depth from our most unproven position. He may not have caught a pass last week but he could have put up big numbers tomorrow. You never know. So I'd say losing depth = tougher matches unless your Alabama and your 2nd and 3rd strings are better than everybody else's starters.