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6'3 200... gonna have to put on some lbs to play LB in the SEC.... safety maybe?
I'll save the obvious joke for others. Pretty telling that he choose Bama. They are absolutely loaded at his position which tells me he isn't afraid of competition and he also may feel his coaches didn't have his best interest in mind.
Love Pat. He’s definitely a breath of fresh air to the network. If u don’t know him you probably only a casual college football fan if that.
If he's doing what he loves more power to him but man this pains me to see and hear.
I don't think I've been this excited about Bama basketball since the Antonio McDyess days. If there's one thing these kids love these days is scoring and shooting the basketball from deep and that'll definitely bode well for Oats to get some really good kids down here. It also helps to have one of the premier football programs in the country and arguably (I'm being kind here) the greatest football coach of all time next door.
For whatever reason he just couldn’t put it all together. He came in with Mack Wilson during the ‘16 class I think. I thought they both would be outstanding. Of course Mack was but Ben had issues. I hope he balls out in his remaining eligibility.
Like some of the other hires, this was more about recruiting than coaching. Young energy, relatable to young kids and building relationships.
I'm not questioning Saban on anything. He's more than proven he makes good decisions. If he thinks O'Brien is the guy I'm good with it. I just hope with Saban's help he makes better decisions if or when he comes to T-Town and lead our offense.
This guy was a All-American. I saw nothing wrong with what he said. Sometimes you're gonna get beat and sometimes the guy in front of you is just better. Also, DB is probably the hardest position to play in football, college or pro. He'll be fine.
" could return to Alabama to compete with freshman sensation Bryce Young this spring?".. Yeah that's not going to be a competition. Mac would have to be hurt to not start if he comes back. I mean he did just win a natty. I for one hope he comes back. He's graduated and he has ample time to get familiar with whoever Saban brings in to adapt or learn the playbook. And overall it could actually help his draft capital. I'm just being biased, if he leaves I hope he balls out!
These are not real fans for the record. These people are more similar to the people who stormed the capitol...and I'm not even trying to be funny in the least bit.
I picked Miami but man are they inconsistent. Wouldn't be surprised if OKST won. 2nd game I got Texas easy.
UGA is gonna be pretty good next year. They are loaded with talent and now they have a decent QB. Defense will still be good. UF will NOT be this good next season. I like UGA easy in the
Kool-Aid is gonna be special. I'm calling it now! I can only imagine the article headlines....
Also, Saban has been saying "aight" for years now!! Never knew Saban had so much........"urbanism" (that's actually a word)
I fully expect UF to play their best game against Bama. All that "game manager" stuff was took out of context in my opinion. Mac's track record speaks for itself and I'm gonna assume Mullen has watched the tape.For whatever reason though I still believe Mac doesn't get enough credit for what he's done this season. Yeah he has a ton of weapons around him but against air there's some Qbs who can't make some of those throws. Oh and he's pretty good against the blitz. I could argue his footwork is better than Tua's. He probably takes what the defense gives him more than Tua did as well. If this is his last year I hope he takes us all the way and I certainly won't mind if he comes back another year!
At times it might not look like it, kinda like a Bama team but they got elite talent across that defense. They recruit really well and that roster is filled with 4-5 star talent. You've got to be able to bring that out of a kid though. Development is paramount in the SEC or any conference for that matter.
I think Arik could be special. Dude's a freak! Hated he didn't come to us. Can't get em all though.
I take that back about the kickers. Coming out of high school they were actually some of best in the country but for whatever reason that curse got em. Here's hoping it leaves Will alone!
You know it has got to be a good year (playing or watching football for Bama that is) when our kicker hasn't missed a FG OR an XP. Think about it, we've literally won Nat'l Championships with below average kickers in the past and now we've got one of the better ones in the country. I like this feeling about this team. I was talking in other forums about the team. Sacks are not as good as previous championship teams but that D-line is starting to catch fire. Multiple bodies rotating in and out. The double A batteries of Allen and Anderson are charged up off the edges!! Mark my words, this secondary is gonna be special. Their young but they communicate well. I don't see as many mental errors as earlier and that's just an indication of maturity. Lil Minkah, Malachi Moore is gonna be a problem and my early predication is he will be a all-american multiple times in his career if he stays healthy. Battle is a thumper, and will come down hill. Unafraid of contact (check that play in the Iron Bowl when he went toe to toe with that monster TE from AU J.J. Pegues). Surtain will more than likely leave after this season and I'm not mad at that which will make room for a very talented group of DB's to work out. I know this article is about the offense but that wasn't a worry of mine really this year I was more concerned with the defense and by the look of things they are starting to find their way.
Gotta feeling this one will get postponed or possibly cancelled.
Here's the safe word that is and will be used in this investigation: "Believed" .. That word applies sometimes in jest of a situation given the people involved. That's what I "believe" needs to change about a lot of things. To make it clearer... Joe Burrow ain't getting guns drawn on him in Baton Rouge bc they "believe" he got guns and drugs.
Definitely helps to come from a two parent household. Good kid. "Mini Minkah" is what I call him. I think he's going to be a good one for us. Says a lot if Saban put him out there as a true freshman. He's getting better and better. Getting more comfortable with the defense. I really feel this secondary in a year or 2 is gonna be great.