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I'd recommend people in my state of Alabama download the guide safe app. It's a free app and similar in terms of contact tracing. It will detect thru your phone's bluetooth if you've been exposed to someone who test positive. I mean it's a free app and you enter no personal info. I think the skeptical part and the jokes are pretty much lame at this point. People should get serious.
I hate that for him. A lot of people thought he would come in and start right away given his experience. I predicted him next to Pat at corner when he first got there.
Sopsher at 3rd string? Shane went form starter to 3rd string! C. Harris is gonna be a star. Hope Will stays healthy. Secondary is young! O-Line will be awesome. D-line will be DEEP. RB once again will be stacked, even w/o K-Rob. Lastly, Ben better ball out this year darn it.
Could this game be interesting? How will Franks play in a new uniform. Will Boyd run for a buck? Will UGA's D be ready for QB runs? Can Arkansas move the ball efficiently? I think I may have to check this one out.
It's gonna be weird looking at the stands on camera and not seeing a stadium full. Wonder how the kids are gonna react.
I second that. Bye Bye. Oh..and lose that user name. You're definitely not a fan of Alabama football.
I concur. I saw what he did to us. I thought our players were just taking him lightly but I realized dude got some skates! I think he ran for over 100 on us at about 4 per carry.
I'm surprised the comments aren't disabled. Really hard to have those conversations that shake up normal thinking. The monotony is real for people, unfortunately.
If you don’t understand, which a lot of people don’t, you need to educate yourself or continue to be ignorant. I’m glad Dabo is becoming aware. Especially in the profession he participates in.
Ol Dabo ain't been looking to good as of recent. I'd assume a recruit or to may opt to not go there given all this that's going on. Not a big deal but overall, and what's going on in this country at the moment, puts a lil stain on ya name. He's profiting, the university is profiting off these players, who quick frankly don't share some of his views (past comments). It's ok to be uncomfortable. Shout out my coach who usually nails it on the head with matters like these.
2020 can kiss my ass man. It's not even been half a year.
You’d be surprised at the people that actually agree with this guy. I’m certainly not one.
I don't see that comparison. Jackson is a burner and more a deep ball threat. I think Jeu moves the chains. Extra crispy route runner.
Stafford's individual stats are amazing. He just hasn't produced team wise and I assume that's why Tua slides in at 3 with the Lions. I frankly don't care I just wanna see Tua suit up and play in his first NFL game...whether that's preseason or regular.
This simply stinks and will be used against him in recruiting.
I predict he'll withdraw his name. He's pretty much penciled in for the RT starter spot.
I'm thinking this confirms Najee coming back. RB depth will be crazy this season. Super talented backfield!
Yeah I have no concern at RB. Ford is gone but with Najee supposedly coming back we may have the deepest RB room in the country. QB I'm gonna assume Mac. As good as Tua was in practice (read insider notes of what Tua did to the 1's as a true Freshmen) Saban still stubbornly keep Jalen at starter. Young is no Tua, as far as we know. I'm giddy about our LBs man! If we can stay healthy that middle will be 1 of our strongest traits. There is battle that didn't get mentioned. Perine Vs Bernier at P. I like Ty even tho we didn't see him in the bowl game. I believe he was averaging over 40 a kick during his time.
I hate to hear of injuries during this time so close to the end of the season. Well wishes to that young man. He’s a helluva player.
We're starting to hear rumblings like these now as well with the new story that broke yesterday. For selfish reasons I would love for Tua to come back along with those receivers. But at the same time I wouldn't be mad if they left. Some of these guys come from really bad circumstances that we probably can't relate too. Either way I appreciate the time they gave us as a fan.
Why not compete? You've become familiar with the program, you've had injury and someone has filled the what? That happens. He didn't get beat out, and had not for injury I think he'd still be the guy. Hate it when a guys doesn't have confidence in himself. Am I'm missing something?
He's most definitely gotten out coached in recent losses but who doesn't get out coached? So what are we saying here. The dynasty over? Saban gonna retire? He's going to the NFL? Do these questions sound familiar? I'm kinda glad this is coming up again. I think the last time we lost 2 games in a season after that we won a couple national championships.
Or he knows he will get a first round grade and get paid.
Lia has a live arm. I don't think he's as good as Tua at this point when Tua ws a Freshman but I think with the right development and hopefully Sark sticks around he can be really good. In that spring game he had a few good moments. He's young so who knows. We do know he will get some of the best coaching around and that's never bad.
No disrespect to UGA fans but Fields ain't coming to the SEC and do what Burrow is doing. Burrow on the other hand could easily go back to OSU and torch the Big 10.
"after a game in which he bombed a secondary full of future NFL starters for 418 yards and 4 touchdowns on a gimpy ankle says a lot more about Burrow’s excellence than it does about Tua.".. Nah it actually says Tua is pretty good as well. Burrow is 1 of the few scenarios I agree with the transfer portal. Went to a school who recognized what he could do and he's since added a ton of value to his name. Systems matter.