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I'm just happy for Trent man. Dude's been through a lot.
Team no red shirt. He will absolutely get burn this coming season. Love the confidence.
Father and son back again in T-Town! I'm liking the new hires so far.
Not bad of a hire. Falcons O-Line was pretty good a year ago. Top 5 in sacks allowed I believe. With the talent at Bama we'll be ok. Unlike other Bama fans I don't have a problem with the Sark hire.
I don’t think he was in any mock I saw. I’m sure he’ll get picked up or even drafted late but the kid really could have used another year.
It will be handled internally. He wasn’t driving he was just drunk or drinking in public which happens more times than we know. I’ll wait to past judgement further.
You normally don't see that. Love Coach Locks and what he's done for us. Excellent hire for Maryland from a personality standpoint. The culture their seems bad and I hope he changes it.
Surtain definitely got pushed off on some of the bigger throws Murray made to Lamb but he has to adjust. If the refs allowed that I got to think they would allowed a lil hand fighting. He's just young but I feel he's going to be an outstanding DB by the time his college career is finished.
Same disposition as Tua. Seems like a cool cat, laid back, not easily bothered. Will definitely need that coming here! Saying he has big shoes to fill is an understatement. Just hope he doesn’t get flustered by the chatter.
When Williams said "Kyler is short" I don't think he meant it to be a slight or diss to him. These articles are tough man.
As much as I love Saban, I just don't think it will work at the next level. He'll definitely get respected but there's to many personalities. You can't coach grown men the same way you do kids.....and I personally want him to stay at Bama until he's a 100 years old!!!
Most of the mocks I've seen had him at a 1st rounder. I have no problem with him staying and teaching the younger LB's but that year could in fact hinder him more than hurt him. He can always go back and get that degree, can't go back from a life altering injury.
AU has always recruited well. That isn't and has never been their issue.
Call me bias but I've said it for several years now. He's underrated and under paid. It's really not what he does on the field from a coaching standpoint either that makes him great. Any coach can call plays and yell at guys.
Would have been even more fun to get people to say his actual first name.
That’s what was first reported but I believe it’s a different procedure. Hopefully he’s good by game time.
Enos gave us fits when he was with Arkansas! I hope Saban promotes him. Love what Coach Locks has done for us. I wish him much success. He will need it.
I've seen him in some mocks as early as 2nd round. With the tough season he may slide but he's still draftable. Kid can play.
Oh I have no question the real Bama fans were behind him. I speaking to the fans who probably couldn't tell you the head coach at Bama before Nick Saban got there. These potentially last 2 games are gonna be special for us. I really hope we can get one for him as I don't expect him back next season.
They said 2 weeks but a high ankle can take 4-6 weeks. We may not see Tua for the playoffs. I have full confidence Jalen can win it all for us.
I think Notre Dame is clearly the least best of the 4 and that’s why the results. That’s not saying they couldn’t win it all but just looking at paper, and that’s what we do way to much, they just don’t match up well with any of the other teams.
I’m not a big fan of his dad or brother but if they got him to stay then kudos to them. I know I was in the minority of people not ready to throw him away after Tua got the job this season. Regardless of his decision after this season I wish him nothing but success in any future endeavors. He’s won a ton of games for us.
Cmon guys. This is a little tongue and cheek. I can’t believe this is actually a article. Unfortunately, this will be news.
Good for him. He has NFL experience and I expect him to implement a defensive mindset in Colorado. I believe he would stay around and coach the kids throughout.
I agree. Bama hasn't had to overcome any kind of adversity this year. The Citadel wasn't adversity and I don't think anybody, including The Citadel thought they were going to pull that off. I like UGA's team this year and I feel they are better this year. Outside of LSU though, no team they played has come within 2TDs I think so they have been dominant as well. They're playing lights out now.
Worth every.single.penny. It's not debatable.
Good dude. For whatever reason, injury, not getting touches, QB play, Foster didn't match the hype out of high school but I really believe he's going to be a good pro. Dude has all the physical tools to be a good wideout...and he can flat out fly!
UGA runs it well. Bama has to stop the run and make Fromm pass it. He's a better passer than he gets credit for. He played really well against us in the champ game. I'm not a big fan of the common opponent thing. I get it but teams also scheme different against different personnel so it's kinda hard to judge some things. Our keys to victory will be #1 stop the run and be physical up front.
Ol DuBose. Suppose to be the 2nd coming of Stallings. Had 1 good year and that's about it. Played for the Bear, played with some legends.
I'm sure there's a few clips of last year's game posted around in the weight room. Revenge is definitely at stake here.