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The irony in the title is great.
Still got nothing but mad respect for Jalen. How can you not.
Cool article but shouldn’t we stop calling Tua his nationality? I mean, are we calling Mac Jones the Caucasian sensation? Or how about a black QB the African... whatever? Doesn’t sound good like that does it. I see a few writers still do this. I mean I get it but we living in different times man. Tad bit frustrating to me as a fan.
Trial by fire! Hope these young guns ready. Again, talent isn’t a issue.
I'd still take Mond over Book. Mond is slept on. He's gonna be A problem!
I commented on this article on facebook and I legit had people wondering what I was talking about. I said LB was definitely a concern of mine (thinking they would understand the depth issue and inexperienced play). I had 1 guy told me "why is that a concern" another said "we have like 7-8 LBs on the roster".....
I think Day will cater to his strengths. I don't see Fields throwing as much as Haskins. If so, OSU may drop a game...or 2
Fields and Hurts named starting QB. Good for the former SEC guys. I think they both will have some success but I also think they both will see some struggles. Both still have issues with progressions and pushing it downfield. I gotta think OSU and OU will play around the running strengths first. I don't foresee either QB just dropping back slinging it over the yard. Both teams are in the preeason top 4 so pressure is on. Hurts is a lil more equipped to handle that tho.
I think that's enough said. We'll just says they have a ways to go. I tell you though, I'm seeing a lot of Clemson news lately on this site. This is SDS right? (Saturday Down South. Not Saturday in the ACC.
I get it, Mr. Trevor is good. He put it on my Tide. But are we still sleeping on A&M? I fully expect A&M to be in the game all the way and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they won. Clemson's D-line is basically gone and I don't care how many stars you got in front of your name you still gotta compete. Zero chance is disrespectful.
I don't think he would have fit Coach Oats system. You shouldn't have to play for 3 schools to get acclimated to college ball. There's a reason he withdrew as well from the draft. Best of luck to the kid though.
From what I've read dude's legit. Grew up in a basketball region. One of the top PGs in the nation. I'm liking what Coach Oats is doing to the team.
"not have to juggle books and basketball".. he's gonna get killed for this. As if you can't still go to school at ANY time.
Wasn't Saban just talking about things just like this after the spring game. I'll admit, last year every time Tua fell to the ground I held my breath. I also understand this is tackle football, things happen. This was a spring game....a spring game, with a vanilla offensive scheme. I hope we are not looking to much into this now. Tua also accurately threw the ball on many occasions as well. I'd like to think our defense had something to do also with Tua's "human" performance. That's actually a very good sign for the future.
Dudes definitely a troll. Unfortunately everybody that has the team logo by their name isn’t a fan. We get far to many non-fans and it makes us look bad.
Major must have got rocked pretty good to go into concussion protocol. Hopefully Cam progresses into a TE for us for the future.
I fully expect that secondary to be better this season. Definitely has the potential to be one of the better secondaries in the country.
Saban might have a found another gem. Heck, just put all 5 of em out there, spread em out and let Tua read and react.
I'm kinda thinking Will ran him outta town and he may have seen the writing on the wall, even though its early in the spring. He was serviceable at best but Sky was terrible last season. Will maybe pulling double duty if Sky doesn't improve.
Some inside notes had Taulia working at 3rd string. I wouldn't be surprised if he jumped Mac for backup. Mac is a good QB with good accuracy but if you get a QB who is equally accurate but a much better runner, Taulia might be the better fit. I worry about this position bc Tua was so banged up and it seemed as if he was more prone to re-injury every tackle. Taulia's disposition is much like his brothers and he's not easily rattled. I could see him going in for Tua in an away game and performing decent.
This is definitely his year. He can make a lot of money for him self this season. While the loaded backfield had a lot to do with his limited carries or PT, pass pro did as well. That's something I would like to see him improve on this season. Other than that, dude has it all. Athletic freak!
Maybe he has more experience with RPOs but everybody's running RPOs these days. I don't think this hurts Bama in that category that much.
Sark can coach offense. Falcons were top 5 last year in passing. I'm not worried at all, which I assume is why Saban welcomed him back. Offense will be once again booming this year. My concern is defense again, and not just the secondary. Mack should have stayed, he won't get drafted 1st round imo but I have no problem with him bettering life for him and his family. Last year there were just to many mental breakdowns not just the secondary but the LB position as well. Guys not passing off right, not playing with eye discipline, no gap integrity. The one bright spot was Q, who will be gone. I fully expect the defense to play better at all levels, or at least to the Bama standard.
I'm just happy for Trent man. Dude's been through a lot.
Team no red shirt. He will absolutely get burn this coming season. Love the confidence.
Father and son back again in T-Town! I'm liking the new hires so far.
Not bad of a hire. Falcons O-Line was pretty good a year ago. Top 5 in sacks allowed I believe. With the talent at Bama we'll be ok. Unlike other Bama fans I don't have a problem with the Sark hire.
I don’t think he was in any mock I saw. I’m sure he’ll get picked up or even drafted late but the kid really could have used another year.