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Gotta feeling this one will get postponed or possibly cancelled.
Here's the safe word that is and will be used in this investigation: "Believed" .. That word applies sometimes in jest of a situation given the people involved. That's what I "believe" needs to change about a lot of things. To make it clearer... Joe Burrow ain't getting guns drawn on him in Baton Rouge bc they "believe" he got guns and drugs.
Definitely helps to come from a two parent household. Good kid. "Mini Minkah" is what I call him. I think he's going to be a good one for us. Says a lot if Saban put him out there as a true freshman. He's getting better and better. Getting more comfortable with the defense. I really feel this secondary in a year or 2 is gonna be great.
AH the ol "thug" comment. Least now we know the handle and can put a face to the user name.
And people get mad at these kids for transferring to another school. (smh)
Man that's a shame. Doesn't matter what happen with us that someones kid and a very serious situation. My prayers go out to him and his family.
He'll put about 10 pounds on that frame in year one so I'm not to worry about size especially if he's fast. I assume he'll play corner I don't know. A lil undersized for Saban's liking but he's a ATH so they usually find a spot somewhere. Punt returner, maybe WR slot.
It was stupid of Garcia to say. As if the way he dresses has anything to do the way he plays. Kudos to Cam for taking the high road.
Finley looked huge! I don't even know his measurables but on TV dude looked like JaMarcus Russell big!
Baker and Holden are 2 to watch. Both guys are big receivers as they both are about 6'2 and could used a lil more but they are still a tad green. I expect them to get more looks. Bolden will be fine. He was a really good athlete in high school and probably gets judged unfairly bc he's white but he can ball and I think we'll see him thrive in this offense.
UK is playing lights out right now and if the UF game happens that’ll be a good one as well. 2 tough games for UGA upcoming but if they win out their in.
No question Smitty breaks the TD record this season. Waddle is a for sure draft pick after this season if he do chooses to declare. It’s been a pleasure watching these guys catch the football. But can I brag on The Joker for a min.This guy has been disrespected by some (most) Bama fans. People called him a game manager, which is code for you’re not that great of a QB. Some said he was a placeholder for Bryce. Dude is a baller. He has excellent footwork in the pocket and very bright when making decisions. I can argue he’s a smarter QB with the ball than Tua. Rarely takes unnecessary contact and when he takes contact by standing in the pocket he’s usually money! If you give him time he’s surgical and that’s been proven actually before this season. Deep ball accuracy is next level. People forget what he did to a very good AU defense. So why we talk about our great wideouts, let’s respect the guy who’s throwing to them.
Have to get your head around. You have to find ball. Ball was thrown behind DB and DB looked lost unfortunately and he impeded Smith to ball. Personally, I feel it could have gone either way. By rule, it’s a PI.
Both teams still has to play the remainder of their games, and win. Hate early predictions like this. It’s tough to play defense now a days. Offenses are a step ahead now and that’s why fundamentals are crucial these days. Offensive PI is rarely called, runners are allowed to lead with the crown of the helmet (or it’s rarely called). In the future you’re gonna see more prolific offenses put points up against great defenses.
Stick with your veteran. Bama fans know a lil about having a incoming 5 star that's suppose to be the best since sliced bread. All 5 stars ain't built the same and none of them has any experience.
Maybe people looked way to far into the comment. Trolling at this point, after a loss? Says what about you...
If there's one guy on the SDS staff deemed as "extra"'s Mr. Wasson. Those analogies and ad-libs are similar to a rapper (take that as you may). I think Bama will be ok. Lane definitely schemed the crap out of us. I don't foresee any team remaining on the schedule getting that many yards against us again. The win was a sour taste but ultimately it was win. I like our chances of moving the ball against UGA's defense, which is probably the best in the country. Mac's been playing lights out and he does a phenomenal job in the pocket with footwork and taking what the defense gives him, even more so than Tua did. I think this one will be far from a shootout and more in the trenches type stuff. I don't think Bennett has threw over 30 times yet and I think there's only 1 receiver with over 100 yards receiving and 10 targets so far which tells me he's THE GUY. Stopping the rush attack will be paramount.
Man I'm loving Mac out there. One thing he does, in my opinion better than Tua did was take unnecessary contact. He usually takes what the defense gives him, doesn't really try to force (maybe one time against Mizzou), and throws it away. One thing that really surprised me was his footwork in the pocket and his pocket awareness. And dude is tough! He's looking good so far given the small sample size. I'm anxious to see how he fares against probably the best defense in the SEC in UGA. I really had no doubt that Bryce would come in and take Mac's spot. Given the history of Saban and QB's we know he's loyal, sometimes to a fault. I think we're gonna score a lot of points this year under The Joker!
I'd recommend people in my state of Alabama download the guide safe app. It's a free app and similar in terms of contact tracing. It will detect thru your phone's bluetooth if you've been exposed to someone who test positive. I mean it's a free app and you enter no personal info. I think the skeptical part and the jokes are pretty much lame at this point. People should get serious.
I hate that for him. A lot of people thought he would come in and start right away given his experience. I predicted him next to Pat at corner when he first got there.
Sopsher at 3rd string? Shane went form starter to 3rd string! C. Harris is gonna be a star. Hope Will stays healthy. Secondary is young! O-Line will be awesome. D-line will be DEEP. RB once again will be stacked, even w/o K-Rob. Lastly, Ben better ball out this year darn it.
Could this game be interesting? How will Franks play in a new uniform. Will Boyd run for a buck? Will UGA's D be ready for QB runs? Can Arkansas move the ball efficiently? I think I may have to check this one out.