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Why not compete? You've become familiar with the program, you've had injury and someone has filled the what? That happens. He didn't get beat out, and had not for injury I think he'd still be the guy. Hate it when a guys doesn't have confidence in himself. Am I'm missing something?
He's most definitely gotten out coached in recent losses but who doesn't get out coached? So what are we saying here. The dynasty over? Saban gonna retire? He's going to the NFL? Do these questions sound familiar? I'm kinda glad this is coming up again. I think the last time we lost 2 games in a season after that we won a couple national championships.
Or he knows he will get a first round grade and get paid.
Lia has a live arm. I don't think he's as good as Tua at this point when Tua ws a Freshman but I think with the right development and hopefully Sark sticks around he can be really good. In that spring game he had a few good moments. He's young so who knows. We do know he will get some of the best coaching around and that's never bad.
No disrespect to UGA fans but Fields ain't coming to the SEC and do what Burrow is doing. Burrow on the other hand could easily go back to OSU and torch the Big 10.
"after a game in which he bombed a secondary full of future NFL starters for 418 yards and 4 touchdowns on a gimpy ankle says a lot more about Burrow’s excellence than it does about Tua.".. Nah it actually says Tua is pretty good as well. Burrow is 1 of the few scenarios I agree with the transfer portal. Went to a school who recognized what he could do and he's since added a ton of value to his name. Systems matter.
I thought most ppl would have UGA in front of Bama
That "extracurricular" stuff has been there for years. No excuses from us.
Guy is the highest paid talking head over there. Clearly he’s done something right. I could care less that he’s pulling for my squad. All honestly, I’d much rather he not.
He might have accomplished what he set out to do...go viral. Sadly, that's more common these days in the media.
It's all about recruiting. I doubt he's changed his stance.
I loved the Coach O hire, even as a Bama fan. I just like when guys get to coach in their home state. He got killed by his own fan base and now he has in my opinion the best team in college football. This year seems special for the state and I sure hope my Tide is up for the challenge in what should be a helluva clash.
Those high ankle sprains smh. I’d hate the biggest game of the year so far get spoiled if he can’t go.
The irony in the title is great.
Still got nothing but mad respect for Jalen. How can you not.
Cool article but shouldn’t we stop calling Tua his nationality? I mean, are we calling Mac Jones the Caucasian sensation? Or how about a black QB the African... whatever? Doesn’t sound good like that does it. I see a few writers still do this. I mean I get it but we living in different times man. Tad bit frustrating to me as a fan.
Trial by fire! Hope these young guns ready. Again, talent isn’t a issue.
I'd still take Mond over Book. Mond is slept on. He's gonna be A problem!
I commented on this article on facebook and I legit had people wondering what I was talking about. I said LB was definitely a concern of mine (thinking they would understand the depth issue and inexperienced play). I had 1 guy told me "why is that a concern" another said "we have like 7-8 LBs on the roster".....
I think Day will cater to his strengths. I don't see Fields throwing as much as Haskins. If so, OSU may drop a game...or 2
Fields and Hurts named starting QB. Good for the former SEC guys. I think they both will have some success but I also think they both will see some struggles. Both still have issues with progressions and pushing it downfield. I gotta think OSU and OU will play around the running strengths first. I don't foresee either QB just dropping back slinging it over the yard. Both teams are in the preeason top 4 so pressure is on. Hurts is a lil more equipped to handle that tho.
I think that's enough said. We'll just says they have a ways to go. I tell you though, I'm seeing a lot of Clemson news lately on this site. This is SDS right? (Saturday Down South. Not Saturday in the ACC.
I get it, Mr. Trevor is good. He put it on my Tide. But are we still sleeping on A&M? I fully expect A&M to be in the game all the way and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they won. Clemson's D-line is basically gone and I don't care how many stars you got in front of your name you still gotta compete. Zero chance is disrespectful.
I don't think he would have fit Coach Oats system. You shouldn't have to play for 3 schools to get acclimated to college ball. There's a reason he withdrew as well from the draft. Best of luck to the kid though.
From what I've read dude's legit. Grew up in a basketball region. One of the top PGs in the nation. I'm liking what Coach Oats is doing to the team.