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The problem is the precedent set a few weeks ago with Denzel. To make matters worse it's his own brother. If he isn't suspended from the Sugar Bowl or kicked off the team it makes Freeze look like a huge hypocrite. Do I agree? No, I would let him play at least a half. However, if Freeze does let him play it opens him up to a lot of shots at his character. All things said, the Nkemdiche's are the biggest idiots.
Yeah, and who leads the series for the past 25 years? I'll wait.
Ekinggill88 Yeah we don't know anything about quarterbacks. Why do we even play football?
Freeze couldn't develop a QB if his life depended on it. Your best Ole Miss team has 3 losses and loses all of its stars. GL BOL.
How is Chris Jones not #1? Read his and then read Nkemdiche. Doesn't make sense.
And this team is shaping up to be the best team Mullen has had at MSU. Let's remember that UM's only ranked win came against LSU. Other than that, who did they beat?
I'm sorry, but UM did not score one offensive TD in the egg bowl. Not one!
The point was that every loss we had was to a top 20 team. The only real blow out loss was LSU and that happened in the 4th quarter.
You didn't score one offensive TD in the Egg Bowl! Not one!
20% would be around $4.00. Special place in hell for bad tippers.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hail State!
Freeze a better coach than Malzahn? You are not only rude, but also unintelligent. Did you see what he did with that program compared to what they were last year? Apparently not.