Josey Wells

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Unless our entire offensive scheme changes with our new OC which I don't think will happen because of COVID 19,I don't think Nix or our offense is going to make any drastic changes.. Steele's defense has carried our offense for these past few years and it probably will again this year.. Nix's cieling isn't as high as a lot of people think it really is.. Roll to the right and throw the ball in the dirt after 2 handoffs up the middle hasn't worked and will never work.. We need a new direction at HC in my honest opinion.. War Eagle everyone!!
Losing Dylan Moses before the season started was a huge blow to Bama's defense..That and the sheer number of defensive players lost to the NFL last year made them rely on a lot on Freshmen to get the job done..They're very young this year at several positions and will rebound next season