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BINGO! SDS will be WRONG AGAIN! They're always down on Miss State, smh... Auburn at home, Kentucky, & BYU will be wins. Book it. Arkansas is a toss up, and the Egg Bowl is one of those rivalries where you can throw out the records, any team can win. Miss State: 6-6 at worst, 8-4 at best.
KJ Wright us good...but Obviously, this dude had never heard of Fletcher Cox or Pernell McPhee!
Honesty, as a State fan, that breakdown of the Bama-Miss State game by Christopher is pretty excellent. I'm just hoping the final score is wrong, and we can pull out a win against a really hot team right now. Bama's front 7 is nasty against the run, but State doesn't run much anyway so no difference there, and like Christopher said, Bama sometimes struggles against dual-threat QB's. Henry's gonna tough to stop though. We'll see at 2:30pm on Saturday!
Miss. State is gonna shock the world (again)!! 12-0 or 11-1 is my prediction. Toughest games (Bama, LSU, & Ole Miss) are all in Starkville. All the toughest road games are winnable (Auburn, Tx A&M, Arkansas, Mizzou). Certainly no worse than 10-2.
Should be...#1: Treadwelll; #2: Duke Williams; #3 De'Runnya Wilson; #4: Cooper.
TOTAL JOKE!! Miss. State picked LAST in the West AND LAST Overall?!? Terrible. State has a good chance at going UNDEFEATED this year! Three toughest games are AT HOME this year: Alabama AT HOME, Ole Miss AT HOME, LSU AT HOME. Should beat Auburn, A&M, & Arkansas on the road. AT WORST, maybe a 1 or 2 loss season!!!
This is complete B.S. "Best Case Scenario" is 12-0!!! Like you said, the toughest games this season (LSU, Bama, & Ole Miss) ARE ALL AT HOME. And we beat LSU AT Death Valley last season. The loss of "starters" on Defense is overblown due to our "1A/1B" system last year where the "backups" played about 30-40% of the time. Worst case should be 9-3, Best case should be 12-0. PERIOD.
Lazy/Bush-league analysis of Miss State's schedule... The Bulldogs ALWAYS are backloaded, cause they ALWAYS play Alabama, Arkansas, & Ole Miss in the final month of the season. Yes, that is the toughest stretch, but Alabama & Ole Miss are both IN STARKVILLE...."GULP", yeah whatever.
I think the thing people don't understand, is that MSU's starters (the 1A unit) and the backups (the 1B unit) split reps in games, about 60/40. Sometimes alternating drives, or even within the 18 "starters" leaving doesn't mean as much on the Defensive side of the ball. Richie Brown, the backup to McKinney, for example played in all 13 games with 50 Tackles & 3 INT's, and was Defensive Player of the Week against Texas A&M. And the stud DT Chris Jones was also on that "1B" unit, so he'll be considered a "new" starter as well even though he played a lot.
I think McKinney is gone, he should be a 1st Rounder. Dak & Josh should be back, in my opinion. Dak could use another year to develop, and Josh slowed down toward the end of the year.
I don't know if they WOULD have, but they SHOULD HAVE! If that happened, you compare Miss. State's 1 loss by 5 points to Alabama IN Tuscaloosa, to Oregon's loss to Arizona at home, and Ohio State's loss to Va. Tech at make the choice.
Ummm...I seem to remember a "Bowl Prediction" article on here that had Mississippi State going to the Liberty Bowl or that Birmingham Bowl... Was that not a SDS prediction?
All their losses were against teams that lost to OTHER SEC WEST TEAMS. I believe the SEC West had ONE loss against a non-SEC West team this year (Georgia over Arkansas). And Auburn beat #9 Kansas State, and LSU beat #13 Wisconsin.
I think the BCS is more accurate. Alabama should be #1, and despite looking pretty crappy at times this season FSU is still undefeated & should be #2. Miss State should be no lower than #7 after losing AT #1 Bama & AT #11 Ole Miss. The committee has K.State (who lost to Auburn) above Miss State (who beat Auburn)...right.
Miss. State will go 10-2 this season. Only losses will be @LSU & @Alabama. Florida will go 9-3, with losses to LSU, Alabama, & FSU. Aggies will go 7-5 with losses @SC, @Miss State, @Alabama, @Auburn, & vs LSU. Miss State then should be no less than Taxslayer/Outback/Capital One Bowls.
So...Jones gets the edge Vs. Run and its a Push when it comes to Pass-Rush, but Nkemdiche gets the edge?? Riiiight.