Roll Tide, Chop On, Go Jackets, True to the A. Heart is in the south and the SEC.


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Sure I do Negan! 2nd and 26, 2020, 41-21. Have a nice day Sir!
2nd and 26, 42-21, 2020, shall I continue ma’am?
Well, I guess someone was right. Standings don’t matter until May. Roll Tide! 3-3 major sports and the state is all Crimson! The real #everythingschool.
Racer that kills a teammate and girl says what?
Your mother must be thrilled that you turned out to be an idiot.
Got any other unfunny, overused, and idiotic jokes? Cmon surely you can do better.
I’ve won as many as Nick Chubb, Jake Fromm, Sony Mitchell. Keep on coming!
Will be praying for your family. Nice to see y’all finally break that 0-16 losing streak ma’am. Winning every year got kinda boring lol. Cant wait to watch the game!
Ah that’s nice. Glad all is well with you and your family. Welcome back.
If you’re gonna cry about a play, at least get it right. It’s 2nd and 26 LOLOLOL. Also, if UGA was robbed in 2017, Alabama was robbed in 2021. Moral victories I guess.
LOL commenting first again on an Alabama article. Rent free The Dawgs of War!
That’s what I’m thinking. Please Lord let the defense improve this year!!
Come up with another unfunny, overused, and idiotic statement. I feel so sorry for you.
High maintenance… been to 3 schools and 4 years and is the opposite of Bryce Young in character. Arrogant.
No Bijan but Texas has receivers that torched us last year and praying the Alabama 2ndary can contain them this time.
An UGA fan commenting on an Alabama article first? And you call me out for being so late to the UGA one about a commitment. GTFO
Mighty impressive. Heard he comes with some baggage though. High maintenance and all. It’ll be fun to see how he will react.
When a Tennessee and Alabama fan agree on something you know sh!ts gone downhill. Dude is so fragile and bangs his little drum on “1998”, “Chumps”, and “Little Nicky”. Also nice to talk to you again ma’am.
My bad, I’ll try not to make such a foolish mistake next time.
Can’t wait when Sayin turns out better than Raiola!
Uh, I responded to my own comment. Not to yours. Your reply had no effect on mine.
You mean the 1-16 hump? Notre Dame didn’t even play UGA, go back to your trailer KirkM.
Negan, I don’t listen to Slimebaum. And Alabama isn’t staring up at nobody, can’t wait to bookmark all these comments!