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Would @3YearLetterman be willing to comment on this post?
Specifically Buckeye World. Your team has done nothing but be absolutely humiliated by the SEC and Clemson. Don’t tell me that just because you managed to beat Alabama way back when means you deserve to have CFP talk every year. A cupcake schedule and way too much hype every year is the only reason y’all even get consideration. Please make your way back to the Big Trainwreck page and post your comments their. Oh wait, you can’t. LOL
If I’ve learned anything from this article, it’s that I now know the reason why the Big 10 site has comments disabled from the Big 10 “fans” on this comments page. LOL (Personally I love calling them the Big Trainwreck cuz that’s what they are. LOL)
Can’t tell if this is sarcastic or genuine?
I feel for your mother as she would’ve no doubt had to put up with your foolish babblings about nonsense.
Well said, although he’ll just say 33-18 again and not be a civilized human.
Rent free in your head 24/7. Tell me, does Saban display his natty case up there or is it just a permanent image in your brain?
Inferiority complex. That’s the only joke you use and it’s gotten rather old real fast. Our natty case is still more full than yours.
You have a severe case of an inferiority complex. It’s really obvious in case you didn’t know. A lot of the Alabama fans are okay with Georgia winning as you can’t win it every year. So don’t judge the fan base off of a few people on a website. Injuries are a part of the game and it’s unfortunate but i’m really looking forward to next year when we meet in the SECCG. Roll Tide!
Negan, it wasn't the head official that made the call. He apologized for the other official making the wrong call. There are 0 asterisks on either championship. Sure, the penalty might've helped Georgia win in 2017. Sure, not having key players might have helped Alabama win in 2017. Fact is that we won in 2017 and you won in 2021. Only difference is our natty case is pretty full compared to yours. Roll Tide!
Dude, please know the difference between a sarcastic comment and a regular one. Then again, 41 years between nattys has a HUGE effect on a fan.
Excuse me I don’t know if you are mentally insane or just dumb for the clout. Either way you have 0 idea about what you are talking about. The only thing that’s in your league to be reporting about, is the local kindergarten writing class.
Neggie old boy, I’m afraid the insane asylum called and they asked where you ran off to. You are expected to return back.
Y’all were gifted a natty that y’all didn’t win in 2021.
The only division, Negan, is the one between your mothers legs that attracts all the Georgia recruiters to town. Nobody reads your drivel anyways sweetie.
People are always looking to nitpick into Saban and Alabama because of jealously knowing that he’s the best coach to ever live and they just don’t wanna accept that.
I get amusement from his replies, not the posts as I do not want to have permanent brain damage and possible corruption of my brain permanently.
Oh dear Lord, here comes Negan and his trainwrecks of posts that normally ensures insanity by Negan and his followers.
Nice transition for him. Hope he likes it there and doesn’t regret retiring after he does next year.
Rent free. 1-6 against Saban. 41-24, 2nd and 26, Jalen Hurts 2018. Any of these ring a bell? 1 natty in 41 years really does have a little man effect on the clown Georgia fans. I much prefer 4 in 8 years. Alabama literally lives rent free in your head
Negan, 200 pounds ain’t nothing to me, just ask your mother.
The only thing that’s vicious, Negan, is your mom at the local club going to town with Kirby and the recruitees.
The Georgia one was quite a bit underwhelming. Every honest fan knows SBIV is gonna start every game unless he absolutely tanks and singlehandedly loses a game for Georgia. Don’t see that ever happening though.
Atlanta is literally the best spot imaginable for the CFP championship. All kinds of tourist destinations, other successful sports venues, and pretty dang close to almost every SEC team.
Maybe stop the SEC from reaching the natty then maybe they’ll talk.