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Yeah, let's not take another QB. That way, if our starter next season gets hurt, we can be in the same situation we were this year without a suitable back up. Good plan!
Agreed. I believe injuries played some role, but the "Let's get away from what we do best" game plan in the second half cost us the game. Four 3rd and 2s, and we through the ball on each one. F*cking stupid.
I can not wait for the Iron Bowl this year. Not because I "know" Auburn will win, but because it's just going to be a knockdown, drag-out grown man football game of epic proportions, and whoever walks away the winner from that game will deserve it 100%.
@RT819 Not sticking up for him, just stating what I know, as I hear people, especially referring to the SEC, say "the league" all the time.
Bama only has to lose once. Either to LSU or Auburn. They don't have to lose both. aTm has to lose one more, which is most likely to happen against LSU.
Which is likely, whether you like it or not. LSU has turned a similar corner to Auburn, Ole Miss can beat them if they don't crap the bed (which, to be honest, is more likely than not), and even Arkansas could end up beating them. One thing is always certain in the west: Nothing is certain.
@RT819 The league = SEC. No one's saying he's the most efficient in the country, but when they say "the league," people are usually talking about their conference of choice.
What are you talking about? The defense had a monstrous night, but were on the field for 80+ plays last night, and were just too tired to stand come late 3rd. The offense is what needs the most work. The o-line couldn't do anything to open the run game, which cut the pass game in the achilles. For Gus to win, he needs a legitimate dual threat QB and good offensive line that can properly block and open lanes. He's been missing that since 2014, unfortunately, and keeps trying to fit square pegs in round holes.
At least Auburn lost, barely, to the #2 team in the country. Nearly getting beat by App. State is much worse than losing to Clemson.
Good thing you guys have a nice staidum, cocky, because the rest of Columbia f*cking sucks.
This would be much better than what we currently have, and leagues better than eliminating it completely.
This is stupid. Maybe change the rules to overtime, so it's not this 25 yard line crap and actual extra time, but eliminating it completely is asinine.
Exactly. I think it's silly that they commit so early sometimes, but whatever. They're kids. I wouldn't be surprised if TAMU drops Moorehead after costing them at LEAST two recruits.
I'm not even a Cowboys fan and I've yelled at the TV watching him. Some of the crap he does is just plain inexcusable for an NFL QB.
Tell us about this dead horse you all keep beating on.
I agree. That defense was stout as all hell today.
Uhhh, there are no links to click on? Every one of them are embedded tweets. They either didn't fully load, or your browser has a problem displaying them.
I would love to see him back as DC. BUT, I very seriously doubt he would come back to work as an assistant to one of his former assistance who left him.
@AUFan Yup. I'm going to try to get some pretty soon just so I can upgrade them next year, or sell them off if I don't care for the teams going.
Weagle, I agree about White. I honestly feel like he should transfer. I like the kid, and he's an awesome QB, but not for Gus's offense. Espeically since John Franklin III has committed to AU.
I've been saying this for awhile. He's a good coach, great, even, but his offense doesn't work without a QB that is a threat with his legs. It's like when Chizik tried to run a traditional style offense his last season, but with a lot of HUNH style players. Now Gus is trying to run a HUNH offense with pocket passing QBs.
He can run. He's not super fast, but he will run the ball in a read option play or if he has to scramble. That was a huge part of the offensive issues, I feel. JJ wouldn't run. If he DID run, he was very hesitant and scared, even with that big frame. Had JJ run some more and not turned every zone/power read/option play into a regular ol' dive play, it would have opened them up some more. That's where Sean differs. He's not afraid to run, even if he isn't the best runner.
So, it's okay to run away from an auto accident, rape, steal, and punch women in Tallahassee as long as you play football, apparently.
Except when there's a good backfield on the other side of the ball. Auburn put up 232 yards against you in a LOSS. GEORGIA TECH put up 452 yards with 6 touchdowns...
They deserve it, and congrats to you all. I love Auburn to death, and still believe they're one of the 4 best teams in the country at the end of the season, but the state of Mississippi is on fire right now. I hope you guys can keep the head of steam you've built up throughout the year!