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Dude had to be forcibly removed from campus,when he got fired.He tried to fight the players multiple times.He was a joke back then.
Close until the 3rd....then UF pulls away.Everybody but UGA fans can see this team is greatly overrated.They are a top 25 team,but by no means a playoff team.
On the bright least we're not bowl eligible anyways.
Georgia is definitely a step above in the East,but they won't have a prayer against Bama...let's be real.
This Alabama team is gonna go down as one of the most dominant teams ever.I hate it,but these guys aren't going to be stopped.They will roll MSU and Fitz.The playoffs will be a joke this year.F#%K Bama.
Why don't you go apply for a job with the athletics dept.You seem to know all the problems plaguing the school.
Glad to see V. Jefferson in an offense where he is the main receiver.Kid can ball.
Ole Miss will put up some points on Bama,but our defense won't have an answer for all of their weapons on offense.Bamas defense will adjust to cut off an opponents strengths.Probably by halftime Bama will be well adjusted,and in control.Maybe playing at home and our crowd will help keep us in the game for a while longer,but I doubt it.
KT played great.It should make State fans rest a little more ,knowing they have a backup/future ,capable of running the offense so efficiently.
A good win over a decent team.It was nice to see our run game,not come out of the gate sputtering.Defense was typical the first half.They did pick it up a good bit in the second half,still no sacks or turnovers against a true freshman in his first big time game,gives me concern.It is was we thought it would be,we'll have to rely heavily on our offense,and hope our D can come through for us in a big game or two.
Good try State...there's always next year.Always second rate.
We have a decent offense,but like so many years past...were very one dimensional.Cal knew we couldn't they exposed us.Shea is awesome..but he is limited by his experience,and lack of help.Defense...better than they have been all year.The flip side was..Cal's offense was lackluster.It's gonna b an even longer season,because Luke is actually trying to coach like he is playing for something.It will get worse before it gets better...Hotty Toddy.
I'm a fan plebe..not someone,who actually places my existence on a team.Just bcause I live in mommy's cellar...doesn't mean everyone else does...pathetic.
BunkerBuster=fair weather fan.FYI...I worked at UM,I was born in Oxford so I know more about this Team,than u,or ur plebes...ever will
SMH...ur the worse Ole Miss fan I know.
And when we didn't beat y'all..Clemson picked up our slack.You make it the Big Game,but...
No conspiracies needed..We Beat that ass.
I remember my first band wagon was the 85 Bears
Glad this witch hunt is over.UM loves Coach Freeze...and Coach Luke.Hotty Toddy.LMAO at the Bama fan.Even if we vacate every win under Freeze...we still dealt with y'all,at our house,and yours. are the epitome of a jealous little troll.You comment on every UM article.Hey,buddy...your little crap of a university,will NEVER be on the same level as the Flagship.Slink away,and go bite your toenails...or whatever it is you State fans do.
Ogeron is a joke...this is the same guy,who while at um,constantly tried to fight the players,and other coaches...on his own team.Remember they had to forcibly remove this assclown,from his office when we fired his sorry cajun ass.
Florida put ya'll down.It's walk softly,and carry a big stick.Not,run your mouth,and bring a twig.
Every time I feel down about OM season...I just visit " That other School's " page.Thanks for being super crappy this year dawg's.Even if ya'll want to keep Mullen,he is gone after the season,no one wants to coach a jv team,who pretends that they are even worthy of stepping on a field,with any other college football team.I heard one of the UK players say that Fitz isn't good enough to suck the sweat out of UK's punters jock strap.