Joshua Webb

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I don't see how Tennessee is projected to go bowling in one article and then expected to lose 7 games in the next. WE GONNA WHIP ALL YALLS AZZES! THE MIGHTY VOLS ARE GOING TO BE NATIONAL CHAMPS! GO VOLS! YEEEEEHAAAAW!
Mizzou was extremely lucky last season. They are not an elite SEC team and won't be any time soon. They will be lucky to win 7 games this year. Bama would annihilate Mizzou 10 out of 10 games. Fla,UGA,USC,and the VOLS will all beat MIzzou.
Personally I miss the days before expansion. The days of Bama,Aub,Uga,Fla,Miss, M St,Vandy,Kentuck,L.S.U.,and the VOLS of TENNESSEE were the true S.E.C.. I guess I just miss my childhood and the glory days of Big Orange football.