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It's Will Muschamp's burner account
Yeah I'd agree. Until UK & UT can prove they can keep up with UGA, Georgia is in a tier of its own in the East
I think that UK's starters have the ability to go step for step with UGA, but if we want to have a chance to beat you I think we gotta limit the number of plays by running the ball, cause we just can't compete with UGA's depth
I feel like South Carolina fans should be more concerned with how the offense played than the flop
If you would have done your research, you would have found that Kentucky had checkered end zones on Stoll Field in 1930, 34 years before Tennessee used the checkered end zones. So UT is the real copy cat. Next time don't be so ignorant.
If you guys would have done your research, Kentucky had a checkered endzone on Stoll Field in 1930, 34 years before Tennessee used the checkered endzones.
I like that Kentucky REALLY wants him to stay but I do agree that the extension might have been rushed
The amount of ignorance from this comment is unbelievable. How can you make a judgment on someone's character after watching a 90 second clip?
These players forgetting their names was because they played with concussions genius
You obviously haven't played football before if you call that indecent
not trying to be biased but he clearly hit him with his shoulder/arm, but the fact that he launched himself at him is dirty based on the targeting penalty