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Perhaps this is an opening for Shyheim Carter to get more minutes. This is an opportunity for him to prove himself.
Ridiculous. Half a game against a team USC will dominate? That's not a punishment. He'll probably get someone to write the letter for him.
Ridiculous. Half a game against a team USC will dominate? That's not a punishment. He'll probably get someone to write the letter for him.
I understand you have a nuanced definition of valuable and this is not a list of the 50 best players, but it's still hard to reconcile placing Chad Kelly ahead of Ridley.
I would take Evan Engram and OJ Howard ahead of Sprinkle.
Boise St. is not going to be in the playoffs. Neither is Ohio St. - they lost too much in the draft - it's a rebuilding year for them.
Maybe, but it would screw the country if a Democrat were elected. The country as a whole is more important than SEC football.
They're both quality guys, but the problem is depth. What if one of those two guys gets injured?
Leo Lewis (Miss St.) and Kendall Sheffield (Bama) will also have big RS freshman years.
The NFL should refuse to hold the Super Bowl in blue states with ridiculous confiscatory tax laws. The NFL could put pressure on these states to change their greedy thieving ways by threatening to withhold the Super Bowl. If the states are going to rob from the players they don't deserve to host the Super Bowl. Cam Newton is not a resident of California - he owes them NOTHING.
What about Josh Rosen? Blake Barnett will not (and should not) make any preseason lists, but by the end of the year he may well make quite a few postseason top ten lists.
247 has a class calculator app you can play with to try to project classes. Bama conceivably could be #1 but they would basically have to draw an inside straight. They would pretty much have to get Derrick Brown, Mack Wilson, Ben Davis, Mecole Hardman, and Demetius Robertson. This is assuming they are out of the running for Rashan Gary. If they get all of the aforementioned (excluding Gary) they probably would be number one (if LSU, OSU, don't reel in more 5-stars), but what are the odds they get ALL of those guys? They'll get some of them (my guess is Wilson, Davis, and Hardman, but it's very unlikely they'll get ALL of them. My guess is Bama finishes #3 or #4. That said, would you rather have the #1 class and lose Allen, Foster, Howard, Jackson, and Williams or have the #4 class and keep those guys? The fact that Bama had so many 5-stars pass on the NFL for one year is probably better than landing a 5 star who may or may not pan out.
Why is Marlon Humphrey wasting his time with someone nobody takes seriously. Marlon Humphrey is a champion. Colin Cowherd is a blowhard spewing hot hair on the radio. Marlon Humphrey and his teammates do their talking on the field.
Saban showed real guts calling that onside kick. If it was not successful he would have been roasted and vilified. The guy has a pair of stones. That's why he's great.
You have no idea who will even be on the rosters - how can you possibly make any projections? At least wait until spring games before getting into this.
Nope. W Virginia beat Arizona St. Big 12 was 3-4
Independents are 0-2 - not 1-1. Notre Dame lost to Ohio St and BYU lost to Utah.
He's just doing this to get attention. This is a guy who said the Pac 12 South was the best division in football.
Kentucky would definitely beat Indiana and LSU would beat Wisconsin. LSU beat Wisconsin last year and I predict they will meet in the Outback Bowl and LSU will beat them again this year. 11-3 (SEC) sounds about right to me. If Ohio St. played in the SEC West they'd have at least three losses.
I'll probably watch Ole Miss - Auburn and then Florida-Georgia. Beyond that, there's really nothing. The evening looks pretty dead.
Not exactly the greatest slate of matchups. I don't really see very many good games in any conference for week nine.
Iowa would go 1-7 if they played in the SEC West. They might go 3-5 if they played in the SEC East. If Vanderbilt played in the Big Ten West, they'd go 4-4.
If Alabama wins out (to go 12-1) and LSU wins every game except Alabama (to go 11-1) I would think that both teams would be in the top four. If you can play an SEC West schedule and lose only one game you're one of the top four teams in the country. Would Baylor, TCU, Ohio St, Clemson, or Utah go 11-1 playing in the SEC West? I somehow doubt it.
Did this guy ever attend classes? Is that the standard of grammar that most Auburn students use?
I have nothing to substantiate this other than my own hunch and speculation, but I get the sense that Kirby Smart is basically just biding his time until the Georgia job eventually someday becomes open.
I'm just glad that the Alabama-Tennessee and Ole Miss-Texas A&M games are not on at the same time so I can watch both of them. The weekend of the 24th has a terrific slate of games.
I disagree about the ND-Clemson game. ND plays other difficult games this year. It is entirely possible they will lose both the USC and Stanford games. Clemson on the other hand (with the exception of FSU) plays absolutely nobody. If Clemson wins this they only have to beat FSU and they will go undefeated. That likely gets them into a playoff (very likely ahead of a one-loss SEC team). A one-loss SEC champion would go ahead of an ACC team, but I don't know that a one-loss SEC NON-champion would go ahead of an undefeated ACC champion. Notre Dame has multiple other opportunities to lose - Clemson does not. Therefore, SEC supporters should root for Clemson to lose.
Vandy would go 7-5 (maybe even 8-4) if they played in the Big Ten.