aTm & Bama fan. STH to both these SEC teams.

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How insanely talented was the Bama offense? Just look at the awards, then think about Smith may not have won the Heisman OR the Biletnikoff awards......... if his own teammate Waddle didn't get injured vs. UT. Burrow and company were outstanding in 2019 as an elite college offense. But Bama 2020, there were any number of NFL teams that didn't have the skill position talent Bama was putting on the field at any given time. Unreal. Expect Bama offense to take a big step back in 2021.... so they will maybe only win 11 games or "struggle" to 12-0 and the SEC CG. Nick, please retire.
You don't have to, the game will happen exactly the same whether you are watching or not..... good luck to the Tigers, the more SEC teams the better.
One LB spot is in good hands with White JR. He is a good player about to become a great player. aTm needs to find another good LB and develop depth. I see 8-4 next season and build and progress from there. New QB and OL combo. is hard to see 9+ wins. I believe King will be a BIG upgrade over Mond, maybe not next season but over the course of his development.
Revisiting this as I thought it would play out better for A&M. With the way Jimbo is recruiting in College Station A&M will join LSU as the most legit threats to Bama, such as it is while Saban is in Tuscaloosa. There is no reason they can’t be a consistent Top 10 team. Not a coincidence that he is expanding their recruiting more Nationally.
Juvenile by Mullen, who I really liked and would have been supportive of trying to hire at aTm. It’s football, slightly late hit. Wasn’t targeting, head-hunting, blind-side, blatantly late, at the knees, etc. It’s not lawyer ball. Trask was fine, say something to the refs, under control as a professional, and head to the locker room. Coming back out of the tunnel was beyond ridiculous. But I would like to thank Florida for a great game vs aTm. Gig ‘Em Aggies!
Um, it was a FIRST DOWN play, correct? That is what the official play-by-play shows. If the Falcons were intent on running the clock down to kick a FG, just take a knee 3 times, why even risk a fumble. Clearly a mistake by Gurley, but it was FIRST DOWN, not 3rd down. The loss is first on the HC, then on Gurley, then on the defense. Then again old school coaches would have scored the TD and not relied on a sissy FG to win the game.... and no forward passes either!
“I will not stand for this”. Waaaaaah. What a snowflake. Take your ball back to Canada. F’n ridiculous. So now one has to censor the t-shirt they wear if it may offend someone. It’s not like it said BL DON’T M, or Kill all Ns, whatever. What if it was a Fox News shirt, or a Heritage Foundation shirt, or the quote from Abraham Lincoln where he said whites should be the superior race?! Gundy needs to stand firm and say his tv viewing or political leanings shouldn’t matter to his players. Remember, he is a man, he’s 40..... plus some years.
Logical and reasoned response, but it would likely be a 10 second runoff like in the NFL. Based on this one game I guarantee this will be a topic of discussion for rules change in the off-season and will be implemented very soon.
To clarify, if the clock operator had stopped it with 1 second, the referees would have had the ball set and wound the clock within 7-10 seconds of the play ending, not nearly enough time for Auburn to get the offense off the field and the FG unit on, set, and snap the ball. It would have looked like a fire drill with half the offense still on the field trying to run off and the FG unit rushing the field when the clock struck 0:00.
No, as the clock would have started when they reset the ball and marked it ready for play. The clock was only stopped until the ball is marked ready for play. Even with 10 seconds left when a ball carrier goes down if it is a running clock there is not enough time to get the offense off the field, the FG unit on the field, set, and snap the ball. NCAA ball has been adopting more and more NFL clock rules for a while now, and this will likely result or be the first big step in adopting the NFL running clock rule on an inbounds play. Auburn got lucky, but it's not why Bama lost, they lose due to 2 Pick-6, one a likely 14 point swing, and a missed FG to tie it. It's a luxury and an embarrassment when the fan base is in such a rampage after a 10-2 season, despite the comical loss in the Iron Bowl. On to the bowl game and 2020!
A&Ms reward for playing one of if not the hardest sked in the country??? A Top 10 Penn State team. The horror. They need to play Memphis, Iowa State, Pitt, a better match-up on paper. A&M is not great but probably better than their record, LSU game notwithstanding. Brutal sked for them, would laugh if they get the hardest bowl opponent outside of LSU (and UGA if you think Baylor really is that good which I don't). The rest looks good, though I don't think BOTH Bama and FL will get into NY6 games, even though they deserve to be.
Y’all? It doesn’t matter how many points you scored Vs Auburn when it was 40-6 at HT or whatever it was. If aTm plays the way they did at home Vs Bama will be a solid Aggie W. But given both teams are just avg. SEC maroon teams it could be a 3-3 tie going to OT.
What's not happening? An aTm win? I would expect the Aggies to win this 27-17 or something like that. aTm is average but has a decent defense and better offense than any team State has beaten to date. The spread is probably about right with aTm at home.. Pretty sure aTm is much better than UT.
He took over a 7-5 program, a little early, knee-jerk and juvenile to "onder if they brought in the right man to help lead the Aggies back..."
As an A&M alum, not interested. When A&M joined the SEC aTm said they wanted to keep playing, and the SEC said they would work the aTm sked to where the Aggies could play the cows every year on Thanksgiving. Cow was so upset and hurt that little brother had grown up and was leaving they just said no. The excuse was their schedule was full (of course with A&M already on it for the next 99 years). I guess with all their $ they couldn't buy out contracts with lower tier and FCS schools. A&M extended the olive branch and wanted to continue, TU cried and took their ball and went home. The opportunity is passed and done. In no way, shape or form should aTm play TU in the regular season. We can play in a bowl if it happens. Bama didn't play Auburn for something like 40 years, there is no law it has to happen. I'm quite content with aTm playing an awesome SEC sked and marquee non-cons vs. UCLA, Clemson, Notre Dame, etc. Don't need cow. Just don't ever let Texas lead you to believe it is aTm's fault the game is not being played, that blame lies 10000% on cow and their hubris.
You are the type of fan that gives real Bama fans a bad name. Watch the video, Sumlin did not BLAME anything, he noted 2 big play turning points that changes the momentum of the game when A&M was leading 14-13 in the 3rd Q. Learn some humility, it's a game played by kids and you have NOTHING to do with the outcome. A&M played very well, especially considering their young OL which was bound to struggle vs Tide NFL laden DL and LBs. Clemson had more yards rushing, passing, and total, but they don't give points for yards or TOP, they give points for points. Well played by aTm, good luck the rest of the way. I think Aggies can finish 10-2 and maybe 2nd in the West. Roll Tide.