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David Andrews is UGA's biggest loss. Gurley was one of a kind but between Chubb, Marshall, Michel and Turman I don't think we will have any issues replacing him.
First Let me say that I would much rather play Bama than MSU if we make it to ATL. So while I was in no way rooting against them, I have noticed this...I perhaps noticed it more in the LSU game when he referred to one of Amari Cooper's drops as an "almost catch" and you would have sworn he and Verne were wearing Cooper's letter Jacket in the booth. Also, while I'm not sure he is in love with Alabama, I am sure that Verne is in love with Gary. And will go right along with everything Gary says. On a whole, I think Gary knows his stuff...and let's face it it's easy to be a fan of what Alabama has accomplished in the Saban era. But it is annoying...none the less.
What? SDS is finally off the Driskel bandwagon? Oh cmon...y'all don't bail on him now...I'm sure a the new coordinator he will undoubtebly ...oh wait...haven't we said that before?
Exactly. Gurley averages over 8 yards per Carry and can take it for 6 at any given time. Not a lot to discuss here. He Clears, He plays. Chubb does his thing and towed the chain. And while impressive is no more impressive than what Sony does out of the backfield and on special teams. We have 4 studs behind TG3 that if healthy would likely be starting at 75% of the other schools. This is a good problem to have and allows for fresh legs.
I'm not sure I would go as far as to call any of the eastern teams "very good". The consistency just isn't there and it is hard to put value on the wins. I mean we got beat by a SCAR team that looks horrible against everyone else. Florida looks like hot garbage but will likely give us a fight. We beat UT but that win doesn't look like much now. I like the steady improvement our defense has shown and hope that continues but until we actually line up against the west and beat them I'm not convinced. Our passing game is still pathetic and we will need it to get better soon in order to compete with the upper echelon.
Props to the entire team as a 34-0 road victory without the best player in the nation is undoubtedly a team effort. Chubb toted the chain well but my game ball goes to the Defense. Constant pressure on Mauk forced 5 turnovers and only allowed 147 total yards. The Pruitt effect is certainly starting to show.
Yeah I'm with ya on Ramsey's accuracy. I haven't been real impressed yet but if he's our guy next year we should get that figured out now. I was hoping to see bauta get more snaps too. i mean if we're gonna have issues throwing the ball anyways then at least he provides a running threat for defenses to worry about too. Hell the kid could be Dak Prescott for all we know.
I like the idea of a rotation that involves Mason holding a clipboard and signaling in the plays to Ramsey/Bauta.
Park isn't even listed on the depth chart dude. If anyone replaces Mason it will be Ramsey or Bauta.
I'm not sure what you expect from Bobo. We don't run an option offense. For the system to work we have got to throw the ball too or at least make a decent attempt. Can Mason get the job done? It doesn't really look that way and if the return of Mitchell and JSW does not make an immediate impact I say go with Ramsey or Bauta. But I guarantee that's a CMR decision and while his loyalty to players and coaches is maddening at times it is just part of who he is. I just hope his loyalty to Mason does not end up costing Gurley a legitimate shot at the Heisman because there isn't a player that I have seen that is more deserving.
Bobo also signed most of those guys... What plays would you run?
Kudos for recognizing this call. And there have been plenty of others as well. This guy gets so much criticism from Dawg Nation but rarely ever gets credit.
I give the RBs an A+, OL a B, WRs a D, and the QB an F- the receivers haven't been able to get open much but Hutson Mason just looks horrible. I just don't think he has it in him. Gurley isn't human and is the best player in the country but even he cannot do it all on his own. How long CMR takes to pull Mason for Ramsey or Bauta could determine our season.
Did you see the Clemson game last year? Gurley had a monster game against them too. And when did Taj Boyd and Sammy Watkins start playing on Defense anyways? Again...this isn't about's about Gurley. Read the article.
Haha upset? Nah...just bored with most of you and your arrogant comments. Voice a real opinion on the topic and support it instead of just trolling for opportunities to be a prick.
did you have an argument to make? Or are you just here to be a douchebag?
Of course they would...because Bama is the bestest dang ol team that ever existed.
Listen before any more of you Bammers go nuts realize this: I am not taking anything away from Cooper. I would say the same thing about AJ Green. He's the best WR in the game but Gurley is more dominant in many more ways. Period. No WR can beat you up in more ways than Gurley.
Overhyped?!?! I have no words for this.
Well I know it's hard to think about anything but how awesome Bama is but Clemson actually has one of the best defensive fronts in the country.
So...using your logic, Tavares King is a better WR than Cooper because he had 20 more yards in that game? Hmmmm First: our 2012 Defensive issues have nothing to with Gurley. Second: Your Defense was ranked #2 that year I believe so TG3 breaking tackles for 122 yards and 2 TDs as a freshman behind a mediocre OL was just alittle more impressive than Lacy going untouched through our 61st ranked defense behind an NFL OL. Third: Marshall only ran the ball twice...and alabama ran the ball twice as much as UGA did.
Cooper dominates opposing DBs....Gurley dominates entire defenses and coverage units. Then he takes their bikes and lunch money. Ask opposing Coaches and would be tacklers who they'd rather play.
WoW! Holy crap give me some of what the SDS crew is smokin...y'all need to quit hangin out with Garcia and watch a few games. You're penalizing Gurley because he has more competition? Shouldn't that be a reason to credit him? And all this just because bama lit up Florida in the 4th quarter? Did you forget the last two seasons? For three years TG3 has put up his best numbers against the best teams. Bama, LSU, Clemson, ScAr, and yes the same Florida team that you're goin nuts about. Plus With today's rules that promote the passing game and protect the receivers it's MUCH easier for a WR to stand out. Teams are bringing 8 and 9 man fronts to try and stop that thourobred In Red and they still can't do it. Plus he's probably the best pass catching RB and in the country too. And you're acting like Cooper doesn't have any talent around him...really? We talking about Ala-freakin-bama? Top 3 recruiting classes for the better part of a decade and no talent? Please.
Never set your QB up for failure? Seriously? That's your logic? don't believe the "recruiting thing" ? Top targets for 2014, 15, and 16 all signed for bobo. Chubb, Thompson and Eason (all 5 star) Not to mention Stafford, Murray, Mitchell, Rambo, Drew, Samuel, Bennett, Butler, JSW and 2 guys named Mett and Marshall who went on to start for other teams. This from the guy who also managed to put up 37 points per game last year without most of his studs for half the season. And had averaged at least that for the last 3 seasons. And name one damn team that has won a championship on play calling? It takes defense, offense, special teams and yeah a little luck to win it all. And We have been damn close without three of those four things. Can ya guess what they are? Hint: it ain't offense.