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alrighty then....anyone willing to participate in that line for LSU please DM me. haha!
You are outside your mind if you think Auburn is going to a bowl and not State....More B.S. articles from SDS
Don't see you in Boston running a marathon bud...can't y'all put rivalry aside and admire an accomplishment of another person/team?
one more time please. make sure it sticks
Why are you trolling on your ex rivals' page? go troll your "real rival" aren't on our level anymore remember??
we don't hang banners for silly made up things
don't get them started counting stars man....they know at all times exactly how many stars are on the bench, red shirted, coming in, etc....they will most likely hang another banner for beating the national champs..
38-10 or 38-27.....yeah, you're right, total beat down...
How can you say that's a joke when they waxed y'all off the field??
Yes, the next excuse would be that Grier was "jucied"...
isn't it funny how they get close to an sec title game they start talking sh!t even though Florida WAXED them earlier in the season and they had to watch Bama go again?? sad day for the rebel land sharks
Wow John Crist, your a piece of work. You, also, fall short of a SDS icon you piece of crap. You must really not like Miss State to write anything short of a positive article on Dak Prescott....I'm shocked.
Who is Chris Reif? I don't recall anyone by that name putting on the maroon and white....must be referring to TSUN and "reefer"....
pretty sure that Bowie kid just got his drivers license and is in high school still. Machine Gun Kelly won't be throwing anything to that kid.
please no multiple QB system....PLEASE
what the heck is eggs benedict? i have never seen a corndog at a tailgate in alabama either....what idiot came up with this??
Three of the best college atmospheres (cities, towns, whatever you wanna call it) are not listed....someone is smoking some ole miss grass..
This family doesn't know how to say no to drugs apparently
Looks nothing like State pal. They are Crimson we are Maroon.
Oh Chizik is the head coach of the Tar Heels??
Um...Mississippi State is not off this weekend...Who hires these SDS people?
And the idiotic comment of the day goes to you sir..three years ago yall stormed the field against us..