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This is exactly what I've been trying to tell people. Run that same play at the end of the 3rd quarter and nobody calls it a Hail Mary.
All players are still suspended except freshman receiver James Robinson but he is out with a heart issue.
The headline gets me much more excited when only the first part is read: "Jim McElwain reveals OC Doug Nussmeier will leave"
Never stopped feeling like a rivalry to me. I like that the Florida-Tennessee game is always early in the season. Creates more excitement because both teams haven't really proven anything yet and you never really know what's going to happen. I also can't wait to get up to Neyland for a game.
You're joking right? Last year Hurricane Matthew was projected to hit Gainesville on the same day as the LSU game. Hurricane Irma came through Gainesville Sunday night and we now have almost a full week to recover before the Tennessee game. It's absurd for you to compare those situations. If the Tennessee game had been scheduled for September 9th I can guarantee you it would have been cancelled and rescheduled.
I don't think any Florida fans had high hopes for Nussmeier. There is a reason he has been pushed out of every other place he's coached. I think he has had plenty of time to prove himself and if Mac doesn't take over the play calling himself or hire a new OC then people will be coming for him. It gets really old watching such a stagnant offense that has plenty of talent yet cannot move the ball.
Hey Connor O'gara- why do you continually blast Florida? You write nothing but negative articles full of hardly anything other than your own opinion. Maybe try out something different for once on your next piece. Otherwise maybe just go back to writing about the Big 10 where your bias will be acceptable.
Since when is telling students at a pep rally that you're going to beat a team considered "bulletin board material"? Connor- you continue to amaze me with your desperate grasps for topics to post a terrible article about. What do you suggest he tell the fans? "We're gonna go try our best and see what happens"? I think you need to attend a few more football events down here in the south before you're allowed to write anymore articles.
Every time I see the author's name is Connor O'Gara, I know I'm going to cringe while reading the article. Half of the crap he writes is either wrong or biased... but then again what else should I expect from an Big 10 Indiana fan who just started watching SEC football a year and a half ago?
This article is just trying to make an issue out of nothing. My tickets to this year's game are far better than what they gave me last year.