MSU, here to enjoy football
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Arkansas is a good job. Don't be fooled by the Badyear(s) Blimp coaching the last few years. Wasn't that long ago they were contenders. I think Gus might do well there.
No, John is correct. The Big Bang Theory does indeed suck. Also there are 4 good teams right now in the NFL, 6 average ones and the rest are fighting it out for that 1st pick.
I hear ya, we stopped there twice to eat when my brother was at UGA. 1st time stopped at a Sonic @ 0830 and we were 45 mins late for 1130 kick, 2nd time at a Waffle House at 1030 for a 1530 kick, and we were...45 mins late also.
I have seen crazier things, was there when the Croom Doggies beat them.
He's got the worst WR corp in the SEC, along with being in a primary running scheme. Not real happy with the INT's either, but it is what it is right? Now bring on BAMA!
If you stop to get a free sandwich in Lanett, AL, be prepared to miss the game unless you are there at 0800
This team needed a game like this. Get behind and battle back, first time we have done that this year. Our secondary is very questionable though, we should be blitzing the hell out of everbody cause the front 7 are good.
Please let it be Stephen A. Smith, biggest blowhard in sports media
I agree with the lack of media coverage in the comments posted above, not just from SDS but all non team based sites. For those not paying attention yet, this will be a good game to catch.
I doubt it. Even with the turmoil revolving around the program, he has the best WR group in the SEC, possibly the nation, most of whom are underclassmen. He can ride this train to a very high 1st round NFL draft pick.
I don't know about that, Thompson missed all 4 of his passes also. he did run the ball well, but also fumbled. We just don't have the QB's nor the receiving corp to stack up against these elite Defenses. Long season ahead...
Integrity is something shown and earned, not given.
ND could be on his list, who knows? He was a GA there for a bit.
In all fairness to last years game Nobleman69, Miles didn't shut it down. They ran pretty much the same playbook as in the first, including going for it on 4 and 1 in the 4th quarter. Key for MSU to last years game were the 2 fumbles and onside kick recovery. LSU is for sure the more talented team, but I see turnovers from Etling, or the WR's keeping State in it. I say 35-28 State.
That's a tough argument. Bo might have been the greatest football player who ever lived.
Pro style needs to come to Baton Rouge. I'm just saying, it's 2017 already.
Guice will win from the SEC, if not look for Chubb. Both way better tha Darnold from SoCal, but this a better QB class....
Moulds is my favorite MSU player of all time, you missed out not seeing him if you didnt have the chance. Those Bills teams he was on however, sucked. Got to give Biscuit the nod.
I thought Fletcher Cox might be, but guess not. Just got back from PA and every adult male over the age of 15 was wearing his jersey there.
Not to be crass, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking.
MSU has the largest percentage of African American enrollment in the SEC by quite a wide margin, quit looking foolish Col. Sanders.
Is it just me or doesn't this high school put out major prospects every year? i could be wrong but for a smaller area it seems to produce a lot?
Never will understand why people who never played baseball feel the need to pitch from the set.
An NFL team would be crazy to grab Dobbs in the 1st, even with a weak group of QB's. It would be betterto grab one of the high profile WR's, TE's or OL players from this draft. Still I don't think I would see a problem on taking him maybe 3rd or 4th round, he's a good player.
Really hope MSU holds on to Heath. We desperately need some good receivers coming in, also hope they focus in on some more OL help.
Don't know about MSU on this list. Fitz should be improved but who is going to throw to? We just lost one of our better receivers due to a ACL injury also.