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Shouldn't Georgia be right behind Ole Miss, 3 5 stars out of 11 is 28 %
Yep, also Rankin will be the one missed the most. He had a great year, and will probably be a high draft pick.
Sweat had a great year but Simmons is truly one of the best D-Linemen in America.
When the Memphis market watches football like that, take note.
I don't know if Mullen leaves if Fitz didn't get hurt. He had a good thing going and the guy behind him was an untested FR. True he had been looking for quite awhile at other jobs, but wasn't top of UF list according to sources. We shall see next year what Mullen brings without the "you can't bring talent to MS".
I think everyone outside of Bama and the Cocks are ranked too high. So many questions on replacing guys on LSU, MSU, and Auburn. LSU and Auburn replacing talent on the field and LSU and MSU's coaching changes. UGA just lost the best duo backfield it had and some key defensive players. Wildcards- Jimbo's aTm team and Florida with Mullen
Lol, saw that Rankin story the other day on here. Got quite the laugh out of it.
I think expanding the playoff is also a bad idea, but simply for the fact of rick of injury. Sure lots of people are upset about the Bama inclusion. They lost one game to what was the #2 and now #7 team in the country. OSU lost by 31 to Iowa State, not exactly world beaters. What I did think was interesting is that the committee thought the close game vs MSU was them playing a garbage team?
Oh and also, go ahead and hire a coach. That will settle down the fan base, provided he is up to their expectations, which at the moment seems a lofty at best.
UT has been nothing short of a disaster since he left, and all UT fans talk about is tradition and the past. Give him another shot at making them legit, after all he has been hanging around the program for 10 years since
I dunno, 1 team won a NC a few years ago and the other 20 years ago. I don't think TN is the garbage job everyone else does but I'm from TN so maybe just somewhat of a homer.
I am not an aTm fan but he was there 5 years right? Surely for Aggie fans it felt longer, well... if he sucks this is twice as long.
I've been saying it for 2 days, don't know why he would change but 75 Mil helps to tip the scales. I heard Fuente is in the running, he would be a good fit.
Oooh, now I see. Fuente would be a minority hire, that would be a steal for FSU considering.
I think it's a double edged sword. He could have the best O line in America on scholarship and 2 get hurt during the season and it changes the dynamic. I mean Little was under scholarship and was like the 3rd highest O line recruit in the country. I honestly feel bad for the kid, 2 years wasted. 1 by Ole Miss Coaches and 1 due to injury
Then that's just nuts. If he sucks in Year 2, just ride him out for the next 8
Not sure yet on his aTm buyout, but he will owe FSU between 5-7 Mill depending on if FSU keeps any of his assistants
Lol, Sounds like a party! I'll wear my JNCO's
Really that just got a 1 year bowl ban, they did the 1st one themselves. Time to shut up and get to moving on, not stirring up more BS
Bye Bye Jimbo, just broke on ESPN that he has resigned
I don't know about the UCF and TCU game, but I'll take USF over Tech every year
Holy crap, can someone read BossMan's post and give me the Cliff notes please. I only get an hour for lunch.
I see no way around him not being the UT or FSU coach next season now. He will make some serious bank in this whole deal.
I still don't understand his logic here. Bowden hands him the keys to the kingdom, he wins a NC, constant top 10 recruiting, 10 wins seasons and has only 1 real contender in the conference to deal with. To go to aTm and compete with 3 top tier teams in your own divison, not just conference, for a job that needs some work. At first I thought he might be sitting back just to see if FSU bumped the money, but now I don't know....
Something is lost in translation apparently. Bama, LSU and Auburn have won 7 out of the last 14 Nattys, they play in the SEC West which is where Texas A&M plays. FSU and Clemson play in the ACC Atlantic now, as you said once a year, just like all the teams in the SEC West. I seem to remember however that FSU did not join the ACC conference until the mid-90's? After that FSU won the conference championship almost every year. So Yes in a NC hunt, give me 2-3 years of great Clemson ball vs whomever the SEC West decides to throw at you. Really nothing revolving around MSU in my post, only I cant understand why he would leave that for something much more difficult.