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Briles baggage is not that hard to carry, but he is a 1 year deal. He will use his next stop to clear his name as a good guy while making $1M and move to a mid major the following year to finish the laundering. Keeping him out of student affairs and away from the ability to repeat mistakes from Baylor is an easy sell with Church Bus Gus at the helm, but there is also some recruiting negatives that may be there for some parents. Not saying we don't need him, or that he is not a homerun hire, but I see as much downside as up.
I like an 8 team playoff because I like to watch college football. With the P5 champs plus a mid major and 2 at large teams would make for some great early season bowl games that could be spread around to regional sites. I think it brings more out of confernece play into the final champion as well. There are times when a one or 2 loss team that developed through the year deserved a shot. I do see the down side to expecting players and fans to travel 3 times to see a champion. The costs could be prohibitive unless the first round was done as a home game for the top seeded teams. It would be great for the home viewer though.
Actually I am guessing he could coach a game plan for Sean White that would make him a winner.
This is going to get worse with the Tunsil investigation. I am thinking it has to go to post season ban if any of that shows true. The women's basketball may get some very serious penalties beyond the self-imposed. The faking ACT is a pretty serious allegation.
Or hold onto the ball, run without a spin... He would have made a great slot receiver to use this year. Jax St. will give him plenty of exposure and mabe get him a tryout in the NFL.
So this should generate some dog gone funny comments.
Is it just me or did UGA watch it happen and decide to copy it?
Moth breather - mouth breather after sitting on the trailer porch watching the bug lite too often.
Auburn is right where they belong with all the questions about QB and offense as well as D that looks great on paper. After the Clemson game it will be easy to jump to the top 25 even with a reasonably close loss to Clemson, and just as easy to pull the shades and turn out the light if the wheels come off. Even the sports press is staying away from AU predictions, because nobody knows. Nobody has more angst week 1 than us Auburn fans, but OM should be right there with us. It is all fun and games until the SEC tears itself apart again in the meat of the season. At least the early rankings keep the click count up.
I am not sure he really has much chance, other than going to a second tier FBS school, to coach again any sooner. USC will not make him HCIW but I am sure it would be understood it would be his to lose. There is no doubt Spurrier is close to done, he has all but said it and he actually speaks his mind like a short timer. The he can step into a mid tier team with SEC clout where he will be just about maxed out.
Going to be another great year for coaches getting raises around the SEC.
I would like to see him in Auburn for sure. I think it would help recruiting on the D line. I understand it is probably 2 seasons, but that is enough time to get D established and ready to carry on another 3 years. Good coordinators are always going to be moving on. If there are good pro offers out there then that is probably a done deal. No need to step back when you can step up. Of course you can also step on your D*** too. To me USC seems like his best bet. He gets to learn some offense from Spurrier and basically be a HC in waiting and then when it is his turn nobody will be upset if he is mediocre and occasionally pops in a 9 or 10 win season.
We all said they had to stop the play to work out the bidding for the refs. This whole year has been a series of bad or no calls for and against every team in the SEC. I hope next year there are less bad calls affecting the outcome of games.
First why was the penalty not called by the ref? Is he incompetent? Probably. Was he in the wrong place? Definitely. Was he really covering for Winston? I seriously doubt it. Would Tebow get the same press? Not likely as he is not the villain for college football that Winston has become. Would it be aired and discussed? Most likely and discussions would go much more in his favor because of his perceived reputation of being a person of character. Winston stands no chance from here forward because he has created an image of himself to be a person of no character. The other side of that is that Tebow was such a "saint" everyone wanted him to fall from grace. We love a good fall for grace as much as we love to hate a villain. I know if I never saw another photo of "tebowing" or bible verse in eye black I will be fine, I personally think it got old as fast as Winston's stupidity. But we could have seen this flipped over by the rest of the country that hated him and what he accomplished. All I know is the end of the season cannot come soon enough and college football will be done with Winston . One of the few times I will say Go Gators!
Manziel got 1/2 a game and it was a cupcake. What does this mean for Winston? We all know he is not going to cooperate and Jimbo sure isn't going to suspend him.
Overall the NFL thug mentality has pushed down to the NCAA from the pros. The players are put on a pedestal from Pop Warner all the way up and nobody teaches them to behave or punishes misbehavior. There are too many examples out there to doubt it. The NFL got a big dose this year and I hope they will begin to tolerate less and that will at least make them think first. Jameis Winston is too stupid for words. He does not have enough sense to keep his mouth shut, his head down, and make millions next year. He is a great on field leader and FSU goes bust without him, but in the meantime he is really killing their reputation. Jimbo has evidently contracted the same foot in mouth disease and cannot help himself. Cam Newton was a hired gun and it is a disappointing asterisk to that championship, but everyone in the NCAA knows superstars get paid. We all nod and wink and buy more gear.