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Possibly a reach, but I don't think anyone below UGA in ranking would absolutely destroy us head to head.
Never hated the kid or thought he deserved the legal reprimand, and yeah that year was bad for the Dawgs but it was also the year Chubb broke out against the hogs and was instantly and will always be better than Collins.
Wow. Hilarious. Gainesville more diverse lol spoken like a true north Florida redneck.
Correct me if I'm wrong but Malcolm Mitchell is in his 5th year and will be gone so that kind of changes how you use Godwin. That being said he is definitely a weapon.
Also I understand these rankings will all change.
Well said. Almost as silly as Iowa at #5, absurd they would lose to almost every SEC team and I'm not even a conference homer.
Notice the lack of SEC school's for a reason. We know how to tailgate, and when it's game time we're good until after the game.
Fournette seems to have a little more flash to him similar to Gurley, but you can't overlook 10 straight 100yd games by Chubb.
Riddle me this bulldogbuck55 how much does offense mean without scoring??
I mean damn we led the SEC in offense last year with a mediocre qb why not this year?? As for academics you know UGA is better right lol?
Pretty solid Athens list. I'd throw in Trapeze, and a good old Gyro Wrap.
Also David Greene won 42 games, lol give me one reason Eli deserves to be ranked above either of the two.
Eli hahaha. Murray's numbers speak for themself. Only reason he's not higher is not winning a heisman/championship. 40 MORE TOUCHDOWNS.
Funny, my father in law is a tech grad and happens to be a millionaire but he's not dumb enough to ever think that tech could blow out UGA with no returning backs and your lead chop blocker gone.
Ha, when was the last time UGA lost on the flats?
8-4 lmao sounds like a Techie if I've ever heard one.
You mean Georgia destroying auburn? I'd say UGA still looks good, and keep in mind we manhandled Arkansas and then went into "Richt mode" playing not to lose. If mizzou goes then they earned it no doubt, but to say your the better team to face Alabama is a stretch seeing as how mizzou couldn't hang a point on UGA in your own home.
I mean look at this guy's sleazy goatee he would pick Arkansas being from Carolina. HaHaha. Even if UGA loses it doesn't help that face.
Thank you ⬆. UGA will not stray from the current and historical field design, much less with that awful puppy logo we hate anyway.
Kentucky fans wanting to beat Louisville twice in a row certainly doesn't factor into a bowl selection, I know that the chick fil a bowl has thought about a UGA and tech rematch and it never happens because it eliminates a lot of people who won't pay to see a rematch. Granted that could be a locality issue.
I agree no single call lost the game. Does it sting? Yes. That was an awful holding call. As a dawg fan I'm personally not worried about not making it to Atlanta, Spurrier may be glorified for always beating UGA but where has it gotten him the past three years? Not to Atlanta.
Insane. Yeldon is great but no where near Gurley overall and the numbers prove it.
UGA with most appearances and most wins. If only one of those was for a championship.
Louisville, the definition of a great football program. Enjoy coaching with the biggest scumbag in the NCAA.