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Feel like you gotta actually win a damm game to have it be a rivalry. Hope we do that this saturday
Youre just gonna stay salty? Trayveon Williams had more offensive yardage than Kentuckys entire offense combined
One of the worst games ive ever watched. The coaching, the officiating and the production were absolutely horrid. How does Tuberville even have a job? I never thought November Texas A&M incompetence could be matched but Ole Miss not only managed to match it but even exceed it...
Offensively we played awful...defense looked the best it has all year
2 feet were in bounds when he caught it. Good thing Alabama got a fumble that wasn't even a fumble and they scored because of it in the second quarter...you Bama fans are ridiculous.
Coaching staff has to go. Team was so unprepared and made so many mistakes. The only reason we were even still in the game was because Hurts seemed a little rattled for some reason and our players played their hearts out. Its one thing losing to the number 1 team in the country its another when you never give yourself a chance. A well coached team doesn't make as many mistakes that we do...
i get you dont like A&M Crist you never have but you don't have to go out of your way to right an unfair article. Ya neither team is gonna win the SEC west but at least show some respect to the players who played their hearts out. They shouldn't hold their heads up? Really? Sabans lap is pretty empty right now without his dog being there...
I wanted him fired last year. I wasnt even excited for this season and to begin with the most heart wrenching loss I've ever watched one of my sports teams have...I'm not wasting my time or having any unnecessary stress in my life. Especially after the hurricane took my car and the first floor of my home.
Wow im surprised she even got up afterwards. Not the brightest bulb provoking someone much bigger and stronger than you. He shouldn't have responded that way but self preservation isn't something she seems to have
Man if it was a 6 team playoff the Big Ten would have half the teams this year lol. Still dont think any of them would win it though.
Lol how embarrassing maybe it was embarrassing enough to fire Sumlin. One can hope
And the hits keep coming. Ole Miss vs A&M battle in the backup bowl...
Well seasons over boys. Guess we fighting for a decent bowl spot now.
This game is a nightmare. These refs should never officiate again. Terrible missed calls on both sides
Vanderbilt isn't gonna let Auburn run over them like Arkansas and ole miss but Vandys offense is putrid so the defense will be on the field a long time. It'll be a relatively close game till the 3rd and then Auburn will take over probably go up big and vandy will score a garbage touchdown late.
Jeez Leinart called Ole Miss defense highschool level? What kinda highschools does he watch play? But seriously though J. Allen is a beast
Lol i don't get all the anger. If A&M wins out and Washington wins out and wins the PAC 12 they'll get in. Why would washington get the benefit of the doubt right now when A&M clearly has the better resume through 8 games.
Texas Tech is horrible. Ole Miss would win by 40 just saying.
Well if they were naked they would be breaking the law so they would be removed. Free speech is a part of this country if you don't like go to Europe even if it involves something as offensive as this
Vegas isn't gonna favor A&M when it's clear they have had our number the last 5 years. Just win
Exactly and now i see it as targeting why do you think i said it
Just wait till this exact play happens to a Bama player. Then some people will change their minds
Also the media like leaped all over the Clowney hit almost immediately. I haven't see much of this sack even though it's arguably more unique. Poor Prater though lol he tried his best blocking him, but a true fish that is outweighed by about 10 pounds and going up against a senior who is arguably gonna go in the top 5 had no chance this game
Lol love the superman music. I still don't really understand the physics behind how he made this play.
I still don't see how Bama fans dont think that was targeting. It's clear cut targeting and he should have been ejected. D. Wilsons was also targeting but he did get ejected.
Meh penalties were not the reason A&M lost and you can pretty much find holding on any play if you look for it. But that was indeed targeting it wouldn't have effected the game but speedy has already been targeted multiple times this year and this was the worst one. At some point you gotta be more concerned about players health than the outcome of a game. Should've been called I hope Saban gets on that player this week because he went high on two plays like that. Saban is a good guy though so I know he'll address it