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Is SDS ever gonna move away from copy and paste articles? Literally 52%, 125 of 240 words, are copied from more astute articles written by real journalist.
I actually agree with rhapdog that he should've received half a season in the addition to the counselling. It's an unprecedented situation since he wasn't a student. For the sake of showing everyone you're sensitive to the situation, give him a substantial enough punishment. I believe this would still be heavily criticized though. Unless you kick him off, there would still be heckling. But let's be real, that doesn't help much. He'd just go to a JUCO. He'd play there a year. He'd be a stud. Then he'd go to some amazing school and no one would say a thing because everyone'd have forgotten. At least this way, he's getting counselling.
Everyone speeds, not everyone gets a ticket. If you're willing to risk a ticket by speeding, you're gonna have to pay it if you're that unfortunate soul that gets pulled over. It's the same principle. Coaches (or "boosters") are willing to pay players. They know if they get caught there will be sanctions. It what's happening here. Tunsil took improper benefits, and he was caught. It's time to own up and take responsibility. Hugh Freeze saying, "I didn't know what was going on in my program" is like saying "I'm sorry officer, I didn't know I was speeding." No officer, ever, has believed that when you're going 20mph over. There were signs. Hugh didn't notice one of his premier players keeps changing vehicles? I find that unlikely. Instead of blaming boosters or feigning ignorance , he needs to step out of the spotlight, take the punishment gracefully, and save some face before something else comes out and destroys all integrity. Take the 14-18 scholarships the NCAA will punish you. Take the hit to your reputation, it's not unrecoverable yet. If he keeps denying then something big comes at him, it won't be salvageable. I would expect Dan Mullen or Nick Saban or Les Miles to do the same if they were in this situation.
Wasn't Virginia Tech his dream job last week? Florida last year? Penn State two years ago? Funny thing, Penn State is actually his dream job and he didn't interview for it
Funny that Ole Miss lost to the same team (4-4 at the time) 2 games ago, but lets not mention that..
Not to mention that North Carolina and South Carolina aren't in-state rivals, entirely because they are in two separate states... Also NC and Clemson are in the same conference so both can't win there respective conferences... Divisions, yes. Conferences, no.
SevenT, The Big 10 has the most BCS games by 1.. Big 10: 28 SEC: 27 Big 12: 22, but nice try.... Record in those games: Big 10:13-15 SEC:17-10 Big 12:20-23
Honestly, I'm shocked that didn't get any attention in the article. Alex Smith was the #1 overall pick back in 2005. He's still starting in the National Football League a decade later...
You'll always get the whining. If you have a 8-team playoff, the 9&10 teams will complain. For a 16-team playoff, the 17&18 will whine. By adding more games to the schedule, you increase each player's risk of getting injured. And an injury in the last weeks of a season could end some players chances in the NFL. You worry about that less with D3 and high school. You're talking about possibly taking millions from kids who are playing their hearts out to entertain us. I love college football as much as the next guy, but why risk these kids chances at a career.
What do you mean leapfrog? Oregon was number 5 last week. Alabama 6.
Like I said, find one where the sock is touching the ground. You can clearly see a blue space (cleat) between sock and turf.
Then show me a picture where his sock, not cleat, is touching the ground. Until then, I will continue believe it was the right call.
I'm sorry about the injury, but you're crazy to say that wasn't a fumble. Was that other site a fan forum? That's about the only place I can imagine that bit of information came from. From every angle I've seen the play so far, Treadwell's cleat was still visible between turf and sock. This would imply that nothing but his foot ever hit the ground. I could be wrong. If you have a new angle with his sock touching the ground, I'll change my opinion. Until then, Auburn landed on a loose ball to win the game. Ole Miss is very unfortunate for the loss of Treadwell this year and the fumble caused by his injury, and I hope he was a quick and speedy recovery. But the game was a loss and will always be.
Not really, check out how many points they've allowed from the red zone and they look dismal again. Georgia's allowed 76 points in 15 trips and Tennessee 81 on 12 trips where Miss State has allowed 57 on 19 trips and Ole Miss with 53 on 14 trips. I'd much rather take the team that allows 57 on 19 compared to either Georgia or Tennessee's redzone defense. It all kind works itself out if you look at like that.
Shut up Patrick Shields
The SEC is already the nations super conference. No one is even close to touching the SEC as it stands, especially the SEC West. I don't see any point in it. I believe the SEC is fine as is. Plus it would make recruiting in Texas that much harder, players will think "Oh, I dont have to leave the state to play in the most elite conference, Ill just go to Texas A&M.