Roll Tide Forever

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only LSU would root against another SEC team. Sore losers...emphasis on LOSER.
Coach Yeah was great for 13 years. He will continue to do good things but he is older and slowing down a step or two....Good luck to him and I think we have the future SC Coach now that will help Bama cut down on injuries.. Coach Yeah's pushing players could have led to OVER conditioning...only time will tell.
If Alabama and Saban don't start making these contracts IRON CLAD the turnovers will be every freaking year.....
I would if I were him....makes for some fun in the SEC again...
Georgia would know a whole lot about being Butt hurt. 2nd and 26's worth....LSU 46, GA 24
Until Saban changes the way Contracts are drawn up this will continue to happen.....Make the buy outs HUGE!!!
Get another Offensive Coord next year....this experiment has failed or will fail...i.e Auburn