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Based on how UGA has looked the last three weeks, it'll be a long time before you can say that to someone else.
Hurd likewise doesn't owe Jones a damn thing. He doesn't owe the AD a damn thing. He doesn't owe the fans a damn thing.
If I was working on a project for free while my boss made $4 million dollars, yes. Hurd doesn't owe Jones anything.
Butch Jones makes $4.11 million a year off the labor of Hurd and his teammates. Hurd makes nothing. Jones can get hired by a better school and get replaced by someone who could cut any player he wants. If you don't want players who are just looking out for themselves, we should start making sure that coaches and ADs are looking out for players.
If the quarterback going forward is going to be a pocket passer or a mobile quarterback, the offense needs to be built around that. Deciding what the offense is going to be is a decision that should have been made in August. The fact that we could apparently plug in two true freshmen with different playing styles without creating any problems is not a good sign.
That we need this sort of gamesmanship against a 1-6 school that should be an FCS program is a little dispiriting.
They should have postponed the game to the weekend of the SEC championship game. It's not like USC or UGA will be busy that day.
To be fair to Muschamp, Muschamp isn't the idiot who made the decision to hire him. He's not the one who didn't fire Lorenzo Ward, causing USC to squander its best offensive performance under Spurrier. Muschamp isn't the one who thought having two defensive coordinators would work. #firetanner
He had a chance. His chance was when he was the head coach at Florida. I have no idea why Ray Tanner gave him a second one.
And it shouldn't take too long after that to back to four wins per season.
I don't see how this is an unfair advantage. Lattimore is more of a cautionary tail about why players shouldn't play for free than he is an enticement to play for free.
Kirby Smart had even less time.
I'm not arguing that recruiting ranking and final ranking are always 100% correlated. I'm saying that a worse recruiting ranking than teams we play every year is not something to cheer about. I stand by that.
"Florida who ended the season 4-8. Their recruiting ranking? 3rd in the NATION. Should I keep going?" That would make me feel better about recruiting rankings not mattering for USC except for one little detail about Florida and USC. But you make good points. Muschamp is capable of losing with a good recruiting class, so maybe he can win with a bad one.
gamecocky88, If these recruiting rankings don't matter, why are you trying to pretend that Muschamp finishing 26th is something to be happy over? Either recruiting rankings don't matter, so we shouldn't cheer about how well Muschamp did under the circumstances, or they do, so we shouldn't cheer about having a worse ranking than Clemson, Texas A&M, Florida, UGA, and Tennessee.
And having to fight and claw for everything is all the more reason not to pretend that this recruiting class is a big success. Hopefully, a lot of these players are under-rated, and hopefully, Muschamp and his staff will do a good job of developing these players. But we should no longer accept "impressive given where [USC] was." As a fan, I no longer want to see USC be impressive for the circumstances. I want to see USC be impressive period.
"Point being, those 5 teams that we play every year that had higher recruiting rankings have also been recruiting those players to that same university since they were freshman. Our coaches have recruited these players for a month." I don't care. I don't care at all. When Muschamp goes home at night after losing his fifth of the game of the season, that might make him feel better, but it won't cheer me up, and it shouldn't cheer you up. No more moral victories. No more grading on the curve. No more "it was closer than the score says." No more excuses. We should start expecting the team to win, not to do well under the circumstances. The AP doesn't care about the circumstances, and neither should the fans.
If Muschamp was so essential to Auburn's recruiting class, how did they finish with such a good class? I'm sure Muschamp et al. helped recruit them, but they obviously weren't essential to those players' decision. Sure, maybe these recruits will exceed expectations. Maybe Muschamp learned from his mistakes at Florida and is secretly a good coach. I hope that happens. Failing that, I hope USC hires a better AD* and then a better coach. But that doesn't mean we should pretend a class outside the top 25 and worse than 5 teams USC plays every season is a big success. This is not a success. There is nothing here that should make USC fans optimistic. *I'm assuming the AD was the genius behind having co-defensive cooerdinators instead of firing Lorenzo Ward outright a year earlier.
If you keep dating crazy women because they look good, it isn't the women who are superficial.
You can grade on that curve. That's fine. You know who won't be so generous? The AP, the coaches' poll, the playoff committee, and the rest of the SEC. I want to see USC do well. This doesn't mean I'm going to pretend that a failure of a recruiting class was a success.
This is USC's worst class in years. I don't know how we're supposed to improve on the last two seasons with worse recruits.
And the worst recruiting class in years isn't exactly a step towards rebuidling.
This is a worse ranking than last year. Or the year before. Or the year before.
Even with all those "ace recruiters" Muschamp added to his staff, USC finished outside the top 25, behind 5 teams USC plays every year.
Is it a joke about students writing more than one thesis?
I didn't know that "Cautionary Tale" was an official coaching position. USC doesn't need to remind players what they can lose by playing for free.
USC is probably better off without a player who decommits because USC got rid of Lorenzo Ward.
If by "okay," you mean the best years in the history of USC football, Spurrier was "okay." I will be thrilled and surprised if Muschamp is "okay" by the standard.