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Yeah, I know. That's why I brought it up because it didn't make any sense. The problem was my screen didn't load the last 2 game dates. When I refreshed, they were there. I can see them now.
Uhhhhh... does Arkansas not play Alabama next season? Did I just miss it?
Love the improvement. Thanks for putting these stats out there, and for taking the time to spend some time on the air with sports talk radio stations here in AR (I heard you on the Buzz after the Auburn game). I do feel like we are finally in good hands and I really look forward to the next few years after the Pittboss has had time to recruit his O-Line.
Jerry Jones, The Walton Family and the Hunt family might have something to say about that. There's a lot of money backing that football program and I think they would be willing to pay for the continued success.
Love this Clark kid. He seems to have a nose for the ball and is a hard worker with strong UofA ties. Hoping he has some great years on the Hill. Great start so far.
Tell Jerry Jones to send the Money Truck. We gotta keep Odom and Briles as long as we can.
Well deserved. Especially while playing with an injured arm.
Birmingham Bowl? Heck yeah, I'll take it.
We might have to start referring to him as the "Air Traffic Controller."
Well you ain't wrong.
Yeah, that fake punt was well played and made me yell a lot.
It would probably be a good idea to be a realist this season. I am optimistic though, and would love to see some real progress on both sides of the ball. Showing some fight would also be considered progressive.
You are not wrong in that thinking. Most rational Hog fans know that this is a complete rebuild and it's going to take time to get us back to the same level as the Petrino years when we were more formidable.
No Rakeem Boyd? What is he, like 26 or 27 on this list?
I agree with TK. 4 wins in his first year is significant progress. Beat the guys you are supposed to beat. That's all we ask. Losing to Colorado State, San Jose State, Western KY and North TX isn't acceptable to any SEC team, much less Arkansas.
"First, that has to be the coolest name in the SEC. Go ahead, top it. " Easy: BUMPER POOL. Please try and top that.