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This is strictly for recruiting.
The biggest threat to the SEC not playing football is cowardvirus.
The coaches do not need to wear a mask, especially out on the practice field. SMH
Paul Finebaum is full of crap. If the season does not start on time, it will not be because of any real threat. Paul, stop drinking the Democrat/propagandist media kool aid. We do not need to take orders from China or some foolish doctor who has a conflict of interest in the outcome of current events.
Bayou Buford, that was the stupidest thing I have ever heard anyone say. You sound more like a Bubba Gump than a Bayou Buford. Stop trolling and go back to rolling your tide. There is no curse. We just dominated the entire country and spanked every team in the cup on our way to a championship that illustrated our team was arguably the best of all time. Go lie down and fantasize about something else.
You left out the Bluegrass Miracle. What??? That was up there with the game where Stanford ran a return back against Cal and ran over the band. After reading this, the writer should feel stupid. The Bluegrass Miracle is listed in Wikipedia and is one of the shockers of all time. Who cares about losses to Florida. That is a common occurrence. Kentucky thought they had won against LSU and had poured the Gatorade and were running onto the field. No way any other game was more painful than that for Kentucky...
I think all you gator fans forgot about Emmitt Smith...very surprising...
I think you forgot about Devin White. This omission, in itself, indicates the author has no credibility.