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Exactly. There are so many questions that need answering to make it make sense. A few of which I asked in my other comment.
So much more to this story for this to really make sense. What was the donations for? Was the high school coach working with any of the universities to set up the donation thing? If it was just the high school coach, and depending on what the donations were for, then why would the universities be in trouble for something they weren't involved with? Would they be in trouble for continuing to try to sign him (and going ahead and signing him) for him picking a school that way? I get that, even though he clearly would have been trouble, they would still go after him anyways since he probably still would have helped on the field, and most importantly in the university's bank account.
You would have thought that the out of control covid numbers in the state of Tennessee would have gotten it cancelled, or at least moved.