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Michigan in 2007, Tennessee in 2016... what other big schools has App State been known to play well against?
Misspell alert: Next to Hugh Freeze you misspelled "5"
Alabama fans have "16" stickers on their cars, but Bama doesn't have 16 football National Championships. What's up?
"McKenzie was a terrific return man. It doesn’t get talked about enough, but UGA’s special teams have been woeful lately." McKenzie was a playmaker, no doubt about it, but probably wouldn't help much with kick/ punt coverage. The correct answer for Georgia is Maurice Smith.
I think that's a photo of Saalim Hakim, but I'm sure it's not Sanders Commings.
News flash: McFadden was not better that Bo, and Tebow was not better than Herschel. Herschel and Bo were the best two players in the history of the SEC and third place is an ocean away.
The “Champions of Life” trophy would make anybody feel better.
I know this will (unintentionally) ruffle feathers, but why not clean out the 1941 (9-2 record, AP #20) trophy case to make room for 2015?
I know what you mean, but, seriously, Kirby's crew is shaping up quite nicely. There are a couple of questionables, but EVERY program has them. The key to a successful staff is leadership- how well can Kirby manage these coaches? The proof is in the pudding, as they say, but I am optimistic.
So, Nick, you'd rather have Paul Perkins in the backfield than Jonathan Williams or Derrick Henry? I think I might take Alex Collins ahead of Perkins.
Here’s some boring math: As true freshmen, Moreno had 1334, Gurley had 1385, and Jehov… I mean Walker had 1616. Chubb is the leading rusher on UGA’s roster with 1039 yards (6.8 yards per carry). As a starter, Chubb has averaged 163 yards per game (against formidable opponents, I might add). If UGA has four games left to play (Go Vols) and Chubb maintains his average per game he will add another 652 yards to his stat sheet; a total of 1691 for the season on far fewer carries than any of the elite UGA RBs on the list. Those are Herschel Walker kind of stats. He might not make it to 1600, but it’s certainly realistic. Looking forward, Joel
Overall C-??? A team favored by two touchdowns gets beat by three touchdowns- that is the dictionary definition of abject failure.
How about MissState center Dillon Day (aka the crotch-crusher) for an honorable mention? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfGUl89_OjI