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I'm thinking it's got to be nice to not have to attend classes or take time studying and focus just on football.
You know if LSU has cared enough and thought enough about you as a player in Seventh grade follow your career then when the defensive coordinator leaves that's absolutely normal instead of waiting to see and speak to the new guy then dude carry your ass...seriously adios
You know the committee set the teams up this way on porpose. Great job if both Alabama and Oklahoma win. If that happens look out should be highest rating ever. I work in Oklahoma but I went to LSU and live in Louisiana. Oklahoma I really feel bad for you if you meet Alabama. Just like I did.
Excuse me Dillon but who the hell are you to say anything to me. Look you SOB that's my 400 dollars that paid for those 4 seats my family were occupying in That's my 350 dollars that paid for a hotel room for my family at a jacked up rate because for some reason the hotel chains thought you guys were playing Saturday night. You have a lot of freaking nerve. I know football and I know LSU football and that was not LSU football. We came out flat which is understandable but just never got completely going. It was an ugly loss Brandon had a bad game but hey it happens. I always said next year was our year. Nobody could get by our November schedule I mean honestly and it gives Steele, Orgeron, and Cam Cameron one more year to fix everything and if Cam can't get the offense going against Alabama and some of the elite SEC hopefully he will step aside and let some fresh blood in that wants to kick Lane Kiffen butt.....you need to apologize for that egg you laid instead of popping off your mouth.
Unfortunately there are a lot of people that don't know football just like to hear themselves. Les is a top 3 to 5 coach and maybe the best recruiter in the country kids come here to play. I do thinks it's time to look at a new OC if we don't make the Playoffs next year. Lane is miles ahead of Cam right now.
LES LES LES I appreciate you stepping up and taking some of the blame. I was there and the boys came out flat and that's to be expected either way this was a trap game. Jamal Adams was the only player that had a fire in his belly and of course Fournette What I saw was Brandon making mistakes. The defense has let every team produce big plays and tonight was no exception. the offense has got to put together some drives to give the D a breather Les I know you don't want to do it but it's time to get a young offensive wiz to be the OC. Maybe one that can either recruit or groom a quarterback and build an offense to his skills. Cam was and is awesome but it's time. If we don't make the playoffs and beat Bama next year then it's absolutely time to change You know smash mouth let's learn misdirection 4 wide outs zone read vertical and screen passing to go with it. I was in the 8th row and I personally saw 6 passes 4 steps before Harris. I saw a missed touchdown to the tight end up the middle in the second. I also was begging for quick slants in the first because the middle was so open they finally came after halftime. Read progression and getting rid of the ball. He's inacurate but count up the 5 yard 10 yard 15 yard 20 plus passing numbers. He was off tonight even on the screen passes he was turning backs around negating any chance of the player making a move. It seems he is either throwing to a back or 20 yards. Does he not kn ok well that the 5 yarders set up the over the top big gainers that most linebackers can't cover? The truth is Lane is whipping Cams ass period. Average at best quarterbacks and Lane hands down won. Again tonight average quarterbacks and just a superior called game . Les let the players run and I have the utmost respect for the Superbowl winner but this isn't Joe Flacco or Ray Rice these guys are bigger and light years faster.