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GT8, Miami does not have an AD. They fired him, they are waiting until they hire the next AD to make a decision on Manny Diaz. If he gets fired he may become Brian Kelly's DC.
I feel very confident that he would leave given that he played there and coached there. What I am not confident in is Oklahoma giving him a call. First off, he was fired as the play caller at OU. Secondly, he was fired by his head coach, Bob Stoops. The third thing is Stoops is the interim so he obviously has sway at OU, so he is not likely to recommend the guy he fired. Fourth and lastly, whose radar was Heupel on prior to Tennessee? No one, if White doesn't get the UT job, Heupel is not at UT. Now, I will give him the credit he has injected some life into the Vols program as did Butch and Pruitt, but time will tell the whole story.
Wow, really Hooker? This doesn't come off as journalism as much as it comes off as wait till next year comment from a UT fan. Alabama has fewer penalties called against its opponents than any team in the SEC. This has been documented and it has been that way for years. Auburn won two games last year due to officiating incompetence. The backward pass at Arkansas and the Ole Miss game where the player touched the kickoff. I will not even address the game this year where a review was completely wrong that benefitted Auburn. We will not discuss Rocky Goode calling UT games and tucking his flag in his pocket for the Vols multiple games in my opinion. You should just go be the sports information guy for the Vols or maybe go work for MSNBC/CNN and all the other fake news outlets.
Stacey, I don't know if you are punking Gus or not because you or I have a better chance of getting the LSU job than Gus does. He has zero chance of ever coaching in the SEC again. Nice guy, but he will be lucky to survive not getting fired at UCF.