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So you just posted this within the hour, yet didn't see where Taylor eliminated OU and released a final 2 consisting of LSU and AU?
Yeah lol. LSU just seemed to have TAMU's number. Still can't help but shake my head at Manziel.. It's so easy to forget just how incredible he was. Such a shame he can't clean up.
Yeah it's about to hit the fan for them. Going to be interesting going forward. I have no ill will towards OM specifically, just hope they get due justice for whatever penalties and infractions they committed. Need to clean it up and make an example.
That is pretty sick... Oregon should consider themselves lucky to have a facility like that.
These are incredibly awesome!
I'm tempering my expectations for this year. The defense will be much improved I believe, but I don't think we will have a brand new offense that puts up 40+ ppg. Spreading out doesn't just translate to passing the ball more though, even adding a few more read options in for Harris would cause some headaches for the defense. The kid has wheels and is a more than competent runner, just not the best passer.. I hope he's improved, but not expecting a Mett like transformation.
Should have known I would find you here... Seems you spend more time on LSU articles than your own team. I guess you can say what you want though until we beat you guys this year!
I think that's more of a Les thing though. He's been adament about having someone with speed at the position for years. Cameron probably just wants someone who can hit the broad side of a barn with a football lol. Hopefully Harris has tightened it up some, but I'm not as optimistic as some other Tiger fans around here. Cameron needs to implement more of an option game though.. Still don't understand why they don't. Harris is a great runner when they actually let him do so.
D.J. Chark is the slot receiver... Colin Jeter is the TE.
I enjoyed watching the show.. At times it was painful though, as none of those guys really painted themselves as anything but selfish and entitled. JF3 acted like a prick most of the time and came off as really unlikeable, Wyatt had too big of a chip on his shoulder to continue to play anywhere except the SEC (guess it ended up working out for him though), not to mention the other players that blew off school and acted like they were above their current situation. I'm the same age as a lot of these guys and couldn't believe the way they were acting.
He's not even a 4 on the depth chart.. he got passed up by Chark and Anderson. He just didn't want to put in the work and slacked off in practice. He has nobody to blame but himself for lack of playing time. I wish him the best, as he is talented. Just has to learn he has to work for a spot.
We didn't offer from what I've read. Wish we would, but they have their eyes set on Akers. We already have 1 RB commit, and we only want 1 more. The staff is under the impression that offering Ettiene may push Akers away. Personally I think Akers is a long shot, but pulling him in would be pretty awesome.
This title makes no sense... if it was the last time EVERY SEC team WAS shutout then this article would look completely different... This shows the last time every SEC shut out their OPPONENT.. c'mon guys..
Well it seems to be the truth as of late. If you're just reading headlines, it would look like Sumlin is running a circus over there. Coaches being sexist on a large platform, players acting like brats and transferring, etc.
Fair assessment. What does returning starters mean for teams that underperformed? Not a lot at this point. Tennessee choked some games away, and LSU became weak mentally once Bama trampled them, leading to that 3 game slide. The talent level is there for both teams, we will just have to see how this season plays out. However, I don't think it's a really logical argument to use the Ole Miss game as a reason. Two completely different teams this year. Ole Miss has lost some of their key playmakers, and I don't really expect them to be as good as they were this past year. They may be able to still put up a lot of points, but it's hard to lose as many stars as they did and still keep the production that high.
The fact that it says Harris apologized to the woman shows that something happened. Harris obviously didn't have things going his way at UF and this likely was another reason he couldn't leave fast enough. Callaway isn't doing himself any favors by trying to fight this IMO. If she says they both did something and one of them apologized to her, then it's not a good sign for the one proclaiming innocence. Schools are taking this extremely seriously now and if he's guilty, then I hope he gets what's coming.
Still a waste of so many people's time.. Many people traveled for their jobs to be able to break news of his commitment and many people attending were anxiously awaiting. Not to mention there were thousands of fans and fellow athletes in his class refreshing their twitter feeds constantly to see what he decided. Count me as one of those fun suckers that thinks it was a pretty dumb move and one that is inconsiderate to everyone, with the exception of his high school, who probably didn't doubt his dedication anyways.
Well he never was seriously considering LSU anyways. Neither him nor Manny really wanted to stay and play for Les. Just easier for them to find their own way and do their own thing. Congrats to Ben on making his own decision and starting his own path!
Was considering going to the LSU-Bama game this year... however my wallet cries in agony at the thought..
Wow.. at first when I saw this article I figured it wouldn't be but some dumb pc sjw crap and would be something rather mild, but I can see how some people would be less than thrilled about this. Seems like someone was not thinking in the slightest when they decided to do this.
That's going to be somewhat of an issue overall with our LB'ing core. A lot of our guys are smaller framed than what you would expect for a typical 3-4 front. Beckwith, Bower have good size, and so does Devin White, but the other guys are a little smaller. Riley, Thompson, and Key need to bulk up some. Speed should help negate that, as a lot of our guys are extremely fast, but against Wisconsin, Bama, and Ark, the extra size would be nice to have.
How are you going to list Godchaux as LSU's most likely pass-rushing threat? He's good at getting to the QB, but the easy and most obvious choice here is Arden Key who had 5 sacks as a true freshman last year for LSU and is being moved to Dave Aranda's "Buck" position. The change of defensive scheme is what's setting him up for such a monster year. Godchaux has been moved to NT, and how often do you see NT's lining the stat column in sacks? Key'sgoing to be a nightmare to stop. One of the best young pass rushers in the SEC IMO.
This comment section is going to be so entertaining lol. He has the POTENTIAL, but he can't say that about his arm and throwing ability right now. Best team is debatable at least, as we do have a very talented team, but I do love his enthusiasm and his owning up to his play this past season. I see a great future for him, he just needs to focus on his development and let it come naturally. I know he has a ton of pressure on him for this next season, but I don't want him to take that and try doing too much and being even more of a liability. I just hope he plays smart football, and does what is asked of him. This team could have a very special year. He doesn't need to be GREAT, just good and reliable.
Exactly.. Dude is delusional lol. LSU on paper this year has it all. I'm not saying that we will be the greatest or anything lol. Just think it's laughable that he think they will CRUSH LSU after getting shut down for 5 years. The run defense isn't going to change into being great by adding some freshman players. They still have undersized linebackers who play scared, and adding a few new players isn't going to help the old ones develop into superstars in a year. LSU has one of the best rushing offenses in CFB, and them shutting down Derrick Henry after his 1st quarter has no correlation either.. Considering you played LSU at the end of the season and got obliterated by our run game.
LOL... Yeah.... If we lost Fournette then guess what, Guice would still mow you guys over. I don't expect you guys to improve the terrible run D that much in a year. Chavis is a great DC, and you have one of the best pass rushers in CFB, but they couldn't stop us this past season and unless you get some bigger LB's that aren't afraid of hitting, they will continue to get mowed over and made to look silly. Also lets not forget that you guys play right into our strengths. We will man handle you at the LOS, and we have a loaded secondary to contend with your WR core. Our defense in general is the most experienced we have had in years. Not to mention the MASSIVE upgrade at DC. Aranda is a top 3 coordinator according to stats, not just opinion, and I don't expect near the amount of coverage busts that occured under Kevin Steele. You guys haven't done anything to us in the past 5 meetings. A couple of those were close on the score board, but even when you guys had ole Johnny you couldn't touch us.
Yeah... That kinda was strange to me. Key over Godchaux IMO. Godchaux is good, but Key will have a breakout season this year and be one of the best pass rushers in the SEC.
This is great! Hopefully this one is obvious enough for the ones who lack reading comprehension.
Neal's an impressive guy both on and off the field! Hope he has a great senior season.
Just ignorant. The guy loves football and loves his team. He knows they can win a NC this year with all the talent. That's something that you can't miss. It's an experience all college athletes live for.