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It seems after the 2011 or 2012 class, Spurrier just got lazy with recruiting. I remember Nick Chubb (UGA) visited SCar twice and Spurrier was absent both times. Now I know it would have been a long shot to get Chubb to SCar but when a recruit of that caliber is on your campus, you have to be there. Spurrier’s response was something along the line of, “he is going to UGA anyway”. You can’t have that mentality with recruiting. You have to recruit.
Austin Peay, Middle Tennessee St. & UMass, until UGA eliminates those games and adds Power 5 schools your comment is irrelevant.
Yea the refs blew it. They called the play prior to this one dead when we punch it in the end zone to review the previous play where we clearly did not cross the plane. Poor officiating.
If it were called a fumble, it would not have been overturned. No fumble was called and there was just not enough evidence to overturn. The ball came out, that is obviously. But if you want to argue the defender clearly recovered the ball prior to the whistle blowing the play dead, I will argue the runner fumbled then recovered possesion and the ball was stripped out after the play was dead. Watch it again and look at the defender who “recovered” the ball and tell me where he had full possession of the ball.
The only reason the Gamecocks beat Missouri was because the rain storm because that was the only thing stopping Mizzou’s offense.
I bet you drink skim milk and collect unemployment.
Yep. Muschamp was DC and Fisher was OC on Saban’s LSU team.
Right. Or like how we rushed for 270+ yards against a Vandy defense, doesn’t mean we have a running game....
Michael Scarnecchia haha are you asking because of the tv show, The Office ?
It came down to Mizzou not taking care of business in the red zone
Serious contenders? I think every team in the East (except Vanderbilt) are contenders. Of course all underdogs to UGA. The SEC east if a$$, let’s be real. Mark richt’s UGA would win this SEC east.
Pushing new fan gear. Fans are going to buy the new scripted logos on hats and shirts instead of rocking the traditional logo gear they purchased over the last few years. The University wins, Under Armour wins.
Yeah they left off some info. The Gamecocks are 5-0 at home when both teams faced each other RANKED. Which means nothing.
The trash talk started with a Vols WR trolling on a hype video for one of our CBs. The same Vols WR has two catches this year for 21 yards, against UMass. That is worthy of a response. No one said SC is SEC top tier.