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No one said for the Gayturds to give up a home game...should have been played on Sunday or Monday
Not needed to play in a stadium with no fans, which was another suggestion. Miami was able to play Saturday night. NC State played in a torrential downpour. Florida hosted recruits Saturday. It couldn't have been that bad!
Which sucks. LSU should not be penalized for poor planning on Foley's part. He bullied Sankey and that's the bottom line.
Before Southern Miss. We want a bye before Bama, just like they have one before us. Just like UGA has one before Florida before the World's Largest Outdoor Douchebag, er, Cocktail Party
Why could this game not have been played Sunday or Monday in Gainesville? 1 inch of rain and 10mph winds. That's nothing. Even if Del Rio started, you're still down 4 DL. This game was never going to be played this weekend, even though every other game in Florida played that day.
Georgia still has an easier schedule than South Carolina
Jordan Jefferson has not been charged with anything...why wouldn't he play early in the season?
No LSU player has been charged with anything yet! What are they gulity of...being a college student and going to a bar?